Now that we have settled into the New

and titanium joints.

Year, and have broken most of our New

Remember how fortunate we are.

Year’s Resolutions, we ought to resolve to

Remember war veterans, of today and

make resolutions that we can actually keep,


according to an expert in everything, a.k.a.

If you do not live in Hawkesbury, stop

“Noah Ital,” which, surprisingly, is not his

criticizing the town. Hawkesburgers dump

real name.

on their own municipality already without

“Noah” observes that it is very easy to

any help from outsiders.

stick to resolutions — if we select pledges

Everyone should do something to help

that are relatively easy to respect. It is also

organize and promote the International

The new, improved you!

fun to make resolutions for other people,

Plowing Match and Rural Expo that will be

who could use all the free advice they can

held in September in East Hawkesbury

elected representatives are praised.

a recent report.


Township. This is our chance to show the


Volunteer more because it is better to

For starters, “Noah” urges that everyone

world, or at least about 100,000 strangers,

water tested, be less sensitive about dusty

give than to receive, and the warm fuzzy

must fight the urge to get sucked in by

just how wonderful this unique part of the


feeling you will give will help you sleep at

hyperbole, particularly when it comes to

planet is.

the price and/or the lack of high-speed



Remember: If you are not part of the

Internet service.

Become more involved in something,

By January 2, the “average” person had

solution, you are part of the problem.


because people are always being told they

ditched all those promises to quit doing

Do not preach, unless you own a pulpit.

to do this to other people’s animals without

have to become more involved.

something bad and start something good.

Avoid clichés, and repetition.

their permission.

Take up bird-watching. There are plenty


As for economic development, all the

Recycle more of our waste electronics

of great spots to view the wonders of nature

that tout a “magic bullet,” a special pill,

“stakeholders” ought to keep in mind that

and other doo-dads such as computers and

and many of them are just outside your

fruit, machine, exercise or ashram that will

this is a team sport, and the quest for

TV sets. We no longer have excuses since


magically transform us into the people we

prosperity is a marathon, not a dash.

local recycling programs are expanding to

Start snowshoeing and walking.

see in all those “after” pictures in self-

And we should resolve — all together



betterment ads.

now — to find the courage to improve the

Sleep more. If your eyes are not blood-

by revealing scars or explaining in great


things we can, the serenity to accept the


detail your latest medical procedure. Wait

that drive us crazy. So try to forget that by

things we cannot alter, and the wisdom to

tired because, for several different reasons,

until you know the stranger a little better,

2:30 p.m. January 3, the first working day of

know the difference.



the year, Canada’s topCEOs had earned the

averageworker’s annual pay. The best-paid

chief executives get an average of $6.6

A lasting tribute to "real" pioneers

million, or 155 times the average income of

$42,988, the Canadian Centre for Policy

Alternatives said in a report. In the past 20

the Esligers managed to reveal the

years, one-third of all income growth in



Canada went to the richest one per cent of

The Esligers and Delisle hope that the


municipality will support their efforts to


Resolve to keep repeating this mantra:

acknowledge the contributions of long-

McEvoy had for an elegant tribute to her


established families. “We would like to see

family at the Pointe-au-Chêne library.


public places, or perhaps streets or a lake,

A group of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge

equipment. (But really, how many of us

named after pioneers,” reiterates Tom

citizens hopes the gesture is just the

actually do operate heavy equipment?)


beginning of a program to recognize the


“real pioneers” of the region.

how the average person is so much poorer


Pay attention, drivers!

than the best-paid executives.

after politicians,” says Tom Esliger. “It is



Avoid the term “wellness;” stop using

Drivers are being reminded that they

pioneers,” adds the McEvoy Road resident,

“outline” as a verb; cease the sharing of the


who along with his wife, Claudette, and

over-used “sharing” and “man-up.”


Normand Délisle have formed a committee


bus collisions in eastern Ontario, reports

to preserve and promote local family

latest “app” on your electronic gadgets.

the Ontario Provincial Police. Motorists


Try to engage in a real-live conversation,

are failing to stop for flashing red lights

The three initiated the McEvoy family, a

with another person who is actually in the




bus, usually when they are carrying

was unveiled at the library.

an electric gizmo.

children. Fortunately, injuries have been


Avert all clichés.


in the Pointe-au-Chêne area, says Jean

Slow down. There are already too many

O.P.P. officers will be out ensuring that


bad drivers out there. Besides, unless you

motorists are reminded of the rules of the

and Kathleen, were among those attending

are an emergency service worker, you are

road in regards to school buses.

the unveiling ceremony. “There are still

not that important; they will wait for you.

Section 175(11) of the Highway Traffic

many members of the family living in this

We should become more interested in

Act states, “Every driver or street car

area. It is hard to leave the Pointe,” remarks

our governments, but at the same time, we

operator, when meeting on a highway,



other than a highway with a median strip,

that was settled in 1847 by James McEvoy,

our personal lots in life.

a stopped school bus that has its overhead

the first of a long line of Irish pioneers who

We should emulate all the involved



taxpayers in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, where

reaching the bus and shall not proceed

Photo Richard Mahoney


the taxpayers watch their elected

until the bus moves or the overhead red



representatives like hawks.

signal-lights have stopped flashing.”

who arrived from King’s County, Ireland


At the same time, we should cut our

The fine for failing to stop for a school

in the 1840s, raised eight children on a 200-

with his wife, Joan.

elected representatives some slack because

bus with lights flashing is



RayMcEvoy recalls that at one point, the

they perform difficult duties, carry out

accompanied by a victim fine surcharge.

of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.

Esligers, armed with a shovel, water and

thankless jobs for very little pay and are


doing the best to serve their communities

the headstone of James McEvoy’s wife,

while you lazy taxpayers are sitting at home

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had been covered in moss and the top had

best-paid executives.

been broken, but with a little elbow grease,


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