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IPM preparations

APeel man escaped serious injury but ended upwith a ticket after he lost control of this

tractor trailer last Thursday morning while driving eastbound on Highway 417 east of

Submitted photo

Hawkesbury. The accident occurred when John Hesselink, 53, fell asleep, reports

Bob Hammel (right) and Ray Dedman from the Ontario Plowmen’s Association (left),


stopped by the 2011 International PlowingMatch (IPM) office in L’Orignal, where they

The tractor trailer, carrying wood, plowed into the south ditch, levelling some trees

met, among others, IPM coordinator Bruno Lecot and Cecil Cass, one of the many

before it came to stop near an adjacent municipal road. The right-hand lane of the

volunteers helping to organize the event that will be held in September in East

highway near the tourism information centre was closed for about two hours while the

Hawkesbury Township. Learn all about the International Plowing Match by visiting

truck’s load and the vehicle were extricated from the ditch. Hesselink has been charged


with careless driving.


turnout rises


While the jury is still out on electronic

27,520 $ à l’achat. p.d.s.f.

voting, the system worked well in the

October municipal and school board


been told.

In the 2010 elections, the fourth time the

town has used phone and Internet voting,

there were no glitches with the service

provided by CanVote, of L’Orignal, town

clerk and chief returning officer Christine

Groulx writes in a report.

While the “non-traditional”mode has its

critics, voter turnout in municipalities

employing the new methods is higher than

those retaining the conventional ballot and

polling set-ups, relates Groulx.

In the most recent election, some 5,234 of

the 8,525 eligible voters in town took part.

This 61.4 per cent participation rate is better

than the 54.9 per cent turnout in 2006.


Système de UÊ traction intégrale symétrique à prise constante Subaru Moteur BOXER SUBARU UÊ Climatiseur avec système de filtration d’air UÊ De série sur la Impreza 2.5i et la Forester 2.5X 2011 À LA LOCATION ◊ : Comptant exigé : 1389,76$ (taxes en sus) ou échange équivalent UÊ Montant total exigé avant le début de la location : 1997,98$ UÊ (taxes incluses)

– 58.4 per cent of Hawkesbury voters went

2.5X 2011

online to register their selections.

No Signs?

While the current format works fine, the

town ought to revise its political campaign

sign policy, suggests the clerk. Updated

regulations provided for all possible

Subaru est le fabricant japonais ayant connu la croissance la plus rapide en 2010, au Canada, pour une troisième année consécutive.


required to intervene on several occasions.

Système de contrôle de la dynamique du véhicule UÊ Banquette arrière divisée 60/40, rabattable à plat UÊ

For the next election, the town should

“seriously consider” the green movement

and limit, if not ban, political signs, Groulx

À LA LOCATION 0 $ dépôt de sécurité km alloués : 24 000 km/année km excédentaires : 0,10$/km

Meilleur choix sécurité †


Again, there were problems with voter

identification and enumeration.

Gamme Subaru 2011

Some 600 letters erroneously issued to

electors were returned by Canada Post and

residents, a big improvement over the 900

letters that were returned in 2006.

22,520 $ à l’achat. p.d.s.f.



Disponible en version 5 portes

has its problems.


Jantes en alliage d’aluminium de 16 po UÊ Chaîne audio AM/FM évoluée avec lecteur de CD/MP3/WMA UÊ Système mains libres Bluetooth UÊ ® à activation vocale Adaptateur multimédia avec intégration audio iPod UÊ ® et USB Équipement supplémentaire sur la Impreza 2.5i 2011 groupe Commodité

few people ensured in advance that their

Groupe Commodité 2.5i 4 portes 2011

information was correct.

The enumeration process is complicated


À LA LOCATION ◊ : Montant total exigé avant le début de la location : UÊ 334,94$ (taxes incluses)

of tenants in town.

However, Groulx stresses, that nobody

et fonction d’audio en continu Bluetooth ® Levier de vitesse et volant gainés de cuir UÊ

loses the right to vote if he or she is excluded

from the list since revisions can be made up

to the end of the voting period.

Japonais et plus encore ! |

The elections cost $48,135. This sum

includes $33,400 for CanVote services.

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