2023 Community Report

Spotlight on Staff


Janice Wong – Classified Professional

“Hey, You!” If you hear that greeting, then it must be Janice Wong. You’ll find Janice to be easygoing, and a calming force in her job as a Senior Program Specialist in the Student Activities Office. She also has a fierce commitment to students that has never wavered in her more than 23 years at Fresno City College. Janice is part of the team that works to engage students and enrich their college-going experience at FCC. She helps plan a myriad of events both big and small, provides guidance to all the student clubs and their advisors, works with student government, and hires the 25 to 30 student aides who work in the office each year. Through the years she has seen many students develop strong leadership skills, grow academically and in their personal development. Janice is a graduate of UC Davis and was active in college organizing many of the same kinds of events and projects. She understands how engaging in extra-curricular activities goes hand in hand with academics to round out the student experience. “I think that’s what keeps me really energetic about what we do here. Each year is different because of the different students we meet. It’s how we impact the students who come in here. Some start off being quiet and very shy, but then they start to blossom and grow throughout that time,” she said. Janice remains friends with many of the students who have benefitted from her guidance and now have successful careers of their own. “It’s always great to see that something we’ve done here in Student Activities, whether it’s just the services we provide, or they’ve worked here in our department, or they’ve been part of clubs and student government, they move up to other bigger and better things. We’re proud to say that they all started here in Student Activities,” she adds. Janice’s work has not gone unnoticed. In 2011, she was recognized by the State Center Community College District as the Classified Professional of the Year, but she shares accolades with her Student Activities team. “I think overall what’s important to us is knowing that if the students are happy and that they are satisfied, they have gotten what they need. I’m a team player and whatever is best for the department and the students is what’s important. Seeing that the students and others have enjoyed the event, that’s the appreciation I welcome.”


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