2023 Community Report

Transformation through Education. As California’s first community college, Fresno City College has provided 113 years of quality education to the Central Valley. Our expert faculty and classified professionals have a commitment to providing services and opportunities for all our students. With more than 250 majors and certificates, our courses and programs are as diverse as the nearly 23,000 students we serve each semester.

REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY 2022-2023 Transformation through Education

Message from the President

On behalf of Fresno City College, it is my honor and privilege to present the college’s 2022- 2023 Community Report, which highlights our many accomplishments and achievements during the academic year. As California’s first community college, Fresno City College has provided 113 years of qual- ity education to the Central Valley. Our expert faculty and classified professionals have a commitment to providing services and opportunities for all our students. With more than 250 majors and certificates, our courses and programs are as diverse as the nearly 23,000 students we serve each semester. Our commitment to providing workforce training and transfer degrees has enabled many of our students to begin careers in nursing, law enforcement, automotive technology and others to attend the four-year college or university of their choice. Since 2020, the college has broken ground on five construction projects totaling more than $255 million. With these new facilities, the face of the college has made historic progress in providing more access to higher education for students. The long-awaited West Fresno

Center, the much-needed Parking Structure, and the new First Responders Campus are all open and serving students. Still under construction are the new Science Building and new Child Develop- ment Center. You can find more details in this report. As the college president, I am committed to providing my support to our students, employees and the community for years to come. We are excited about what the future holds for the college and the region. Go Rams!

“ As the college president, I am committed to providing my support to our students, employees and the community for years to come. ”

Dr. Robert Pimentel President, Fresno City College

Mission Statement As California’s first community college, Fresno City College provides access to equity- centered, quality, innovative educational programs and support services. Committed to a culture of anti-racism, we create dynamic communities of respect and inquiry which encourage student success and lifelong learning while fostering the sustainable economic, social, and cultural development of our students and region. Vision Statement Fresno City College aspires to build upon our equity-centered mission and further our commitment to normalize a culture of racial equity and anti-racism. As a community of educators and learners, we will use our individual and collective positions of influence, power, and privilege to foster a community of belonging, affirmation, and validation. We will courageously join as faculty, staff, and students in upholding our core values to transform lives in the Central Valley and beyond.

Spotlight on Administration


DR. GHADA AL-MASRI Interim Vice-President of Instruction Dr. Ghada Al-Masri was selected as the new Vice President of Educational Services and Institutional Effectiveness in October. She is currently serving as the interim Vice President of Instruction. Dr. Al-Masri has over twenty years of experience in higher education. She joined the California Community College system as an Equity and Student Success research analyst in Institutional Planning and later moved to administrative

leadership. She comes to FCC from Ohlone College where she served as Dean of Social Sciences. At Ohlone, she also served over the college’s eCampus and lead Equity and Guided Pathways programming. Prior to Ohlone College, she served as a professor of Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin.

DR. OMAR GUTIERREZ Vice-President, Administrative Services

Dr. Omar Gutierrez started with Fresno City College May 2019. As the Vice President of Administrative Services he oversees the fiscal health of the college. In conjunction with District Services, he oversees college construction and facility modifica- tion projects for the three FCC locations. He oversees the Business Office, Building and Grounds Services, Print-Media and Communications departments.

DR. LATARIA HALL Vice-President, Student Services

INSIDE THIS REPORT President’s Message. ....... inside cover Mission Statement, Vision Statement Spotlight on Administration. .......... 1 Dr. Ghada Al-Masri, Dr. Omar Gutierrez, Spotlight on Faculty – Lee Herrick...... 2 Spotlight on Staff - Janice Wong. ...... 3 Spotlight on Students.................. 4 Dean’s Medallion Recipients Spotlight on Students.................. 5 Angela Grantham, Amarisa Gonzalez Commencement..................... 6-7 New Era................................ 8 UC Merced Promise, Men of Color Summit Ram Athletics.......................... 9 Community Engagement............. 10 Construction Updates Program Spotlights................... 11 Dental Hygiene, Tiny Homes Dr. Lataria Hall, Dr. Donna Cooper, Dr. Kurt Piland, Kerry McCutcheon Student Demographics. ........... 12-13 2022 Giving Tuesday......... back cover

Dr. Lataria Hall was named the Vice President of Student Services in January 2018. Dr. Hall has stood firm on the belief that student success in higher education is not merely measured by academic achievements, but by the holistic growth and transformation of each student. She firmly believes that every student, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves equal access to opportunities, resources, and support. DR. DONNA COOPER Interim Vice-President, Educational Services & Institutional Effectiveness Dr. Donna Cooper has worked in California Community Colleges since 2002 and is the interim Vice President of Educational Services and Institutional Effectiveness. She is also the Dean of Instruction, Student Success and Learning and strives to live her life and provide leadership with a deep understanding of GRACE, “Grace Requires a Second Change Every time,” and her favorite phrase is, “Student Success Lives Here!”

New Deans

DR. KURT PILAND Dean of Counseling

KERRY M c CUTCHEON Dean of Academic Services and Humanities Pathways

Spotlight on Faculty


Lee Herrick – California Poet Laureate

On a warm November afternoon, Governor Gavin Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom made a special classroom visit to let English instructor Lee Herrick know that he would be the next California Poet Laureate. He is the 10th California Poet Laureate and is the first Asian American to serve in the role. Over the course of a two-year term, the Poet Laureate provides public readings in urban and rural locations across California, educates civic and state leaders about the value of poetry and creative expression and undertakes a significant cultural project, with one of the goals being to bring poetry to students who might otherwise have little opportunity to access it. In addition to organizing readings all over the state, Herrick hopes to build bridges between poetry and social justice. “I am deeply honored, humbled, and excited to be named California Poet Laureate,” he said. He plans to use his platform called Our California to bring together poetry with a social justice or civic engagement organization in each city that he visits during his term as the state’s Poet Laureate. “As a teacher, poet, and father, Lee writes movingly about his identity as a Californian and encourages others to reflect on what the state means to them,” said Governor Newsom. “Lee’s dedication to highlighting the diverse experiences of Californians, and making them so accessible through his poetry, makes him a perfect candidate for Poet Laureate. I look forward to his work to inspire communities and individuals across the state through the power of the written word.” Herrick has been teaching at FCC for 27 years and is the author of three books of poems: Scar and Flower, a finalist for the 2020 Northern California Book Award; Gardening Secrets of the Dead; and This Many Miles from Desire. In February, the college proudly celebrated his appointment with a special evening of poetry readings that included former and current students, colleagues, community members and Herrick himself. Herrick’s poetry canon explores the diversity and vitality of the California experience and the exhilarating success of the American experiment. Born in Daejeon, South Korea and adopted as an infant, he grew up in Modesto immersed in literature, art and various cultural influences. He served as Fresno’s poet laureate from 2015 to 2017. He is also a co-founder of LitHop, a literary festival in the city. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from California State University, Stanislaus. His master’s thesis was entitled: “Aristotelian Theory in Presidential Rhetoric.” He compared writings by the Greek philosopher Aristotle with President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address plus speeches in times of crisis.


Spotlight on Staff


Janice Wong – Classified Professional

“Hey, You!” If you hear that greeting, then it must be Janice Wong. You’ll find Janice to be easygoing, and a calming force in her job as a Senior Program Specialist in the Student Activities Office. She also has a fierce commitment to students that has never wavered in her more than 23 years at Fresno City College. Janice is part of the team that works to engage students and enrich their college-going experience at FCC. She helps plan a myriad of events both big and small, provides guidance to all the student clubs and their advisors, works with student government, and hires the 25 to 30 student aides who work in the office each year. Through the years she has seen many students develop strong leadership skills, grow academically and in their personal development. Janice is a graduate of UC Davis and was active in college organizing many of the same kinds of events and projects. She understands how engaging in extra-curricular activities goes hand in hand with academics to round out the student experience. “I think that’s what keeps me really energetic about what we do here. Each year is different because of the different students we meet. It’s how we impact the students who come in here. Some start off being quiet and very shy, but then they start to blossom and grow throughout that time,” she said. Janice remains friends with many of the students who have benefitted from her guidance and now have successful careers of their own. “It’s always great to see that something we’ve done here in Student Activities, whether it’s just the services we provide, or they’ve worked here in our department, or they’ve been part of clubs and student government, they move up to other bigger and better things. We’re proud to say that they all started here in Student Activities,” she adds. Janice’s work has not gone unnoticed. In 2011, she was recognized by the State Center Community College District as the Classified Professional of the Year, but she shares accolades with her Student Activities team. “I think overall what’s important to us is knowing that if the students are happy and that they are satisfied, they have gotten what they need. I’m a team player and whatever is best for the department and the students is what’s important. Seeing that the students and others have enjoyed the event, that’s the appreciation I welcome.”


Spotlight on Students


2023 Deans Medallion Recipients Angela Grantham Tony Cantu President’s Medallion Applied Technology Division

Dominick Callahan Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Division Dean, Dr. Cyndie Luna Theatre Arts for Transfer (AA-T)

Dean, Dr. Becky Barabé HVAC Technology II (AS)

Sunshine Derek Allied Health, Physical Education and Athletics Division Dean, Ms. Lorraine Smith Dental Hygiene (AS)

Melinda Radilla Humanities Division

Dean, Ms. Kerry McCutcheon English for Transfer (AA-T) Psychology for Transfer (AA-T)

Anthony Ramirez Business Education Division Dean, Dr. Timothy Woods

Amarisa Gonzalez Math, Science and Engineering Division Dean, Ms. Shirley McManus Biology (AS) Biology for Transfer (AS-T)

Computer Information Technology – Computer Information Systems (AS)

Maria Rivera Counseling and Guidance Division

Patricia Gonzales Social Sciences Division Dean, Ms. Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby Anthropology for Transfer (AA-T)

Dean, Dr. Kurt Piland Human Biology (AS) Pre-Allied Health (AS) Psychology (AA)

Psychology for Transfer (AA-T) Public Health for Transfer (AS-T)


Spotlight on Students


Angela Grantham

Angela Grantham has come a long way from the days of facing struggles as a child and making amends for bad choices as an adult. The single mother of two daughters has created a new life that includes graduating in Spring 2023 with a degree in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Her accomplishments earned her the Dean’s Medallion Award from the Applied Technology Division. Her story so impressed Fresno City College President Dr. Robert Pimentel, that he awarded her the Tony Cantú President’s Medallion, the highest honor a student can earn. The journey to this point was a challenge for Angela. She was an adopted child who later became part of the foster system and then an unwed mother. Angela initially came to Fresno City College 15 years ago as a Social Work major, but with a 3-year-old daughter, she couldn’t give college her full attention. What followed was not the life she had hoped for her daughter and herself.

After dropping out of classes, life got worse for Angela. She went into survival mode after losing her job and housing. It wasn’t until getting arrested in 2019 and signing a plea agreement to get out of jail and back to her daughters, that Angela realized that returning to her old life was no longer possible. She found support in the Rising Scholars program for formerly incarcerated students. First, she earned a certificate in HVAC and then completed her Associate in Science degree. Today, Angela is now the mother of two daughters, ages eighteen and five. She says she’s proud to be a good example to them. “I’m proud to show them the last couple of years have been worth it. That we, as women, can work in this trade.” Angela eventually wants to own her own business and plans to take more classes at Fresno City College in electrical and construction, then business classes. Amarisa Gonzalez

Amarisa Gonzalez, a molecular and cell biology student has a strong passion for the sciences and takes every opportunity to expand her knowledge. Amarisa was awarded the Dean’s Medallion Award in the Math, Science and Engineering division this spring. She earned two degrees in biology from Fresno City College, an Associate in Science degree and an Associate in Science Degree for Transfer. During her last semester at FCC, Amarisa was accepted into Project PoSSUM at the International Institute for Astronauti- cal Sciences (IIAS) at Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL. Only ten students get accepted, internationally, per class. The program prepares its candidates for suborbital human space flight to build unprecedented models of this region of our atmosphere through tomographic imaging and in-situ sampling of nocti- lucent clouds.

This impressive FCC student graduated from Leon S. Peters Honors program last May, was president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society’s FCC Chapter, Vice President of FCC’s Science and Engineering Club and a biology and chemistry tutor. She is a first-generation college student who is now attending UC Berkeley.




Year-end Success for Class of 2023 Through the efforts of faculty and staff, the college once again increases the number of students earning degrees

Despite the warm May evening, a record number of students and their families attended the 2023 FCC Commencement Cer- emony that was held for the first time at Ratcliffe Stadium. Over 13,000 family and friends attended the graduation ceremony filling up the stadium. After opening remarks from FCC Presi- dent Robert Pimentel and Academic Senate President Michael Takeda, diplomas were then distributed to the graduates. “ …our students are resilient and continue to move through their educational pathways to accomplish their career goals. ”

“We’re proud to have another record-breaking graduation for Fresno City College. Despite having gone through two years of the COVID-19 Pandemic and statewide shutdowns, our students are resilient and continue to move through their educational pathways to accomplish their career goals,” said President Pimentel. The Class of 2023 earned a total of 2,547 degrees.This was the third straight year there was an increase in the number of degrees awarded. The degrees earned by students included Associate in Science and Associate in Arts degrees and Asso- ciate Degrees for Transfer.




Eighty-three of the graduates were Dual Enrollment students. These students earned both their high school diplomas and an associate degree in the same year. There were 49 seniors from Design Science Middle College High School, 33 from Career Technical Education Charter High School (CTEC), and one from Hallmark Charter School. Established in 2005, Design Science

has a 100% graduation rate with 100% accepted to a 4-year university or college. Design Science is located on the Fresno City College campus. FCC continues to remain competitive. The college’s programs, offerings and free services to our students provide a multi- pronged approach to completion and transfer. Many students in this graduating class had their world changed with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, they started their col- lege journey virtually and never stepped foot on campus. For others, they came back to in-person classes with restrictions and mandates. By offering free tuition and other incentives like free textbooks hundreds of students persisted and succeeded. Other free non-academic assistance, like providing food at the Ram Pantry, also helped to increase the completion rates. The college is unlocking the future for thousands of Central Valley residents.

Ratcliffe Stadium May 19, 2023


New Era


UC Merced Promise Pathway

On October 31, Fresno City College President Dr. Robert Pimentel hosted UC Merced Chancellor Juan Sanchez Muñoz for the signing of the Merced Promise Pathway Program memorandum of understanding. The transfer partnership further extends access for FCC students by providing a dedicated transfer counselor with expertise in UC Merced transfer admissions and knowledge of FCC’s support services. Dr. Pimentel says the Merced Promise Pathway Program will provide better access to FCC students to continue their education and will provide them with many great opportunities. “We are excited to strengthen our partnership with our neighbors to the north. This agreement will help provide a clear path for our students to transfer to UC Merced and stay closer to home,” he said. “Our goal is to send 1,000 students to UC Merced in the next five years.” “In signing this agreement, we honor that original purpose that impelled (the) UC system to place its newest campus in the Central Valley,” Chancellor Muñoz said.

Men of Color Summit For the second year, the Men of Color Summit was held at FCC on March 24, 2023. Fresno City College, Reedley College, Clovis Community College, and Madera Community College partnered and organized the summit to bring more than 300 local high school male students of color to the summit. With a nationwide decline in college enrollment of men of color, the pres- idents of these colleges found a need to offer this summit once again to help curb that decline and show men of color that there is a place for them in higher education. The summit included special speakers and sessions designed to present information to help the students learn about higher education and how to successfully meet future goals. Students were greeted by Fresno City Col- lege President, Dr. Robert Pimentel; Madera Community College President, Dr. Angel Reyna; and SCCCD Chancellor, Dr. Carole Goldsmith. Attendees heard from Dr. Kent Willis, CSU Fresno Vice President, Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management; and Dr. André Stephens, Fresno Pacific University President. The keynote speaker was Richard “TJ” Jennings, Reed- ley College head men’s basketball coach.


RAM Athletics


Championship Athletics

Linda Garza, Softball

The 2022-23 athletic season started out with the addition of women’s wrestling The Women’s Wrestling Team started their inaugural season with newly hired Assistant Coach Gracie Figueroa in February for a historic, new era in women’s athletics at Fresno City College. All 12 California women’s teams competed in their first-ever state team champi- onship title on April 22, 2023 at Cerritos College. Men’s Wrestling • Captured fifth state championship since 2016 on December 10, 2022 • 10th State Championship title for head coach Paul Keysaw at FCC • 18th state championship title in school history • Coach Keysaw, and Assistant Coach George Moreno were awarded top honors as Coach of the Year, and Assistant Coach of the Year, respectively Women’s Soccer • Women’s Soccer team captured the 2022 Central Valley Conference (CVC) Championship • Head Coach Oliver Germond was named coach of the year and the team ranked #7 nationally • United Soccer Coaches selected Jazmin Mora (Buchanan) for the Division III Women’s All-America First Team with Bre Mello (Hanford) who was named to the Second Team Men’s Soccer • Men’s soccer finished the season as co-Central Valley Conference Championship title • Roman Gonzalez was named to the Division III Men’s All-America First Team • Ranked #9 nationally Football The Ram football team finished their season capturing the Northern California Champion- ship Bowl on December 3. The team provided Coach Tony Caviglia his 200th win and also reclaimed the historic pump in the Battle of the Pump game against district and conference foe Reedley College. The team notched their 4th straight Valley Conference Title and Coach Caviglia earned his 8th Coach of the Year award. Volleyball • Won 17th consecutive Central Valley Conference championship • 14th consecutive CVC championship • Coach Kieran Roblee earned Coach of the Year Men’s Golf • Hosted 2023 Men’s Golf State Championship at Dragonfly Golf Club in Madera • Placed fifth Baseball

New head softball coach Linda Garza was wel- comed to Fresno City College on September 6 at a news conference by FCC President Dr. Rob- ert Pimentel and Associate Dean of Athletics Dr. Derrick Johnson. Coach Garza is the fourth softball coach since the program began in 1983 (apart from interim coaches). She will officially begin on October 9. The Fresno native and Hoover High graduate comes with 21 years of Division I experience. Garza spent five seasons as head coach at Fresno State before moving to the University of Nevada where she has coached for the past two years. She says she is excited to be coming home to Fresno. Mitch Karraker, Baseball

• Won the Central Valley Conference (CVC) Championship • Seeded sixth in Northern California at Super Regionals

• Finishing the season with an impressive overall record of 34-12 • First-year Coach Karraker was named Coach of the Year for CVC Softball • Clinched Central Valley Conference • Former Head Coach Haley Janzer’s 3rd CVC Championship 27th Torch of Excellence Awards A total of 178 student-athletes were recognized for their academic and athletic achievements: • 6 Chancellor level with a 4.0 GPA for two semesters

New head Baseball Coach Mitch Karraker is a native of Clovis and a Fresno City College alum- nus. He played baseball at Buchanan High School in Clovis before playing as the starting catcher in 2008 for the Rams under legendary head coach Ron Scott. Mitch took over the program follow- ing Scott’s retirement as the winningest community college baseball coach. Mitch is only the third FCC baseball head coach in the history of the program which began in 1948. At FCC, he is also teaching kinesiology classes.

• 104 Presidents level with a GPA of 3.51 – 4.0 spring or fall • 68 Deans level with a 3.2 – 3.5 GPA for the spring or fall

Badminton player and nursing student, Uyen Napier, was named the Female Athlete of the Year and Kevoni Walker from the men’s soccer team was named the Male Athlete of the Year.


Community Engagement


Construction Updates Parking Structure Since 2020, Fresno City College has had five major construction projects funded by Measure C which was approved by voters in 2016. The long-awaited parking structure was the first project to be completed and opened in December 2022. For decades students, employees and the community have asked for a parking structure to help alleviate the lack of parking at the college. Now, it is a reality! The structure includes: • 5 parking levels • 862 total parking stalls • 126 additional adjacent surface parking stalls West Fresno Center Opens The opening of the West Fresno Center on August 7 was historic and successful with 1000 students attending classes. The center sits on 39 acres with 110,000 square feet of state-of-the-art academic and automotive lab space located at Church and Walnut Avenues. The West Fresno Center will provide much-needed access to higher educa- tion and offer diverse training opportunities in the automotive industry.

The $87.1 million project is funded by $70 million from facilities bonds and $16.5 million from the City of Fresno’s Transformative Climate Community (TCC) allotment. TCC funds are given to disadvantaged communities to provide local economic, environ- mental and health benefits while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the City of Fresno is providing off-site improvements, a new neighborhood park and improved public transportation services to the new campus with its electric transit buses.

First Responders Campus The First Responders Center is on approximately 40 acres at Willow and North ave- nues in Southeast Fresno. The Police and Fire Academies share the campus. In late August, the academies began moving in. The $46.1 million campus houses fire training structures, a scenario village for police training and simulation spaces. Funding for the campus came from Measure E (2002) and Measure C (2016) bonds. The design of the First Responders Campus is unique with modular construction. The American Modular Systems design team worked with the Fire and Police academies in planning the space at the new campus. New Science Building The new $88 million science building will feature modern labs across several science disciplines and will also house Design Science Middle College High School, tutorial spaces and flexible student study areas. The new building is being built along Black- stone and Weldon avenues. When it opens, it will help alleviate some of the parking demands on campus and will serve as a new front door to the college. Construction began in June 2021 with an anticipated opening in June 2024. Child Development Center Increases Size The $16.8 million Child Development Center is a two-story facility and will offer an engaging environment that promotes both early childhood development as well as higher education in early childhood development. With over 24,500 square feet of space, it will more than triple the amount of space at the current center. The current facility, built in 1985, consists of roughly 5,326 square footage in modular buildings. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.


Program Spotlights


Dental Hygiene Receives Green Light for Bachelor’s Program In March, FCC received provisional approval for the first bachelors’ program for the Dental Hygiene program. Traditionally, community college offer two-year associate degrees, but since the 2017-18 aca- demic year, the state has moved to pilot four-year bachelor’s degree programs at community colleges. According to Lorraine Smith, the Dean of Instruction, Allied Health, Physical Education & Athletics Division, a bachelor’s degree is not required to work in the dental hygiene field, students need 107 units to earn an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. “They only need 13 more units to earn a bach- elor’s degree. This degree recognizes the work that students currently complete; we believe that not awarding a bachelor’s degree disadvantages students from future opportunities,” said Smith. The profession is moving towards awarding bachelor’s degrees – 27% of statewide awards in 2020-2021 were bachelor’s degrees. Dental offices surveyed prefer students with a bachelor’s degree. “The bachelor’s degree opens opportunities for students in closely related fields like dental education, corporate health, public health, and other leadership roles in the community,” she added.

The California Community College Chancellors Office DataMart reports that 500 students, represent- ing 27% of all program awards, were awarded bachelor’s degrees in dental hygiene over the last five years, demonstrating strong student interest in the programs.

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Program Awards Summary Report – Dental Hygiene Annual 2017 – 2018

Annual 2018 – 2019

Annual 2019 – 2020

Annual 2020– 2021

Annual 2021 – 2022 Total

Percent of Total

Baccalaureate of Science (B.S.) degree Associate of Science (A.S.) degree




116 326

137 214


27% 58%



62 37


Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree














Source: CCCCO DataMart; Note: total does not include certificate completions

Student Transfers Student transfers reflect the commitment of students to obtain advanced degrees. Over the past ten years, 31 students who graduated with an Asso- ciate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from Fresno City College transferred to other institutions. Tiny Homes Project

Students in the FCC construction program will be doing their part to help alleviate the City of Fresno’s critical need for affordable housing and help the unhoused population. Construction classes will be working on the City of Fresno’s Tiny Homes Project. Students will be building 24 tiny homes over the next five years that the city will then place in areas to be announced. The City will provide $849,209.00 to fund the construction of these special homes. The tiny home grant comes from the city of Fresno’s American Rescue Plan Act money, which is federal funding approved by Congress and President Joe Biden to aid economic recovery during the pandemic. The college is using design plans supplied by California Tiny House, a Fresno based tiny home builder. Each tiny home includes one-bedroom, 8 -by- 20-foot homes built on wheels and includes a bathroom and mini kitchen. The homes are being constructed on campus by students in two construction courses, foundations and framing, and interiors and exteriors.


Student Demographics


FCC Provides Access to Educational Success


Private College In-State

Out of State College



AA/AS/ADT Degrees

67% Increase from 2018-19 to 2022-23





11% Decrease from 2018-19 to 2021-22 due to COVID

7% Increase from 2021-22 to 2022-23






1% 1%



Average Age 26

49% Students Received BOG Waiver in 2022-23 1,735 Students with Disabilities

First Generation Students 36%

396 Veterans

High School Students 5,160 13

2022 Giving Tuesday This year’s event raised over $42,000 for the Ram Pantry!

Thank you to our matching gift donors! Assemblymember Esmeralda Soria ‑ $10,000 Chris and Michelle Moerse - $4,000 Gina Cuttone and Shawn Patty - $2,000 Barry and Peggy Maas – $2,000

Other generous contributions include: Richard Spencer – $5,000 Richard Caglia – $2,500 Nelson Esparza – $2,000 Patrick Milutinovich – $2,000 Mike Betts – $1,000 Rosemary and Jerry Waters – $1,000

We appreciate the support of our faculty, staff, students and the community for supporting this valuable fundraiser that benefits FCC students! Please support students at Fresno City College for 2023 Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023 Make a difference today! Donate through State Center Community College Foundation at (559) 324-6484 or www.scccd.edu/foundation Text: ALWAYSFIRST To: 44321 Gifts from private sources are financially administered through the State Center Community College Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.


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