Danette May's Lotus Journal - December 2019

Resolution for More Ease, Less Perfection, & More Fun

As I reflect on this year, I am so grateful I have worked on giving up the idea of trying to be perfect over the holiday season. No more perfectly decorated home, a tree that looks like it came out of the Hallmark store, and sugar cookies pretty enough you don’t want to eat them. I am fine with others who aspire to this and feel it is actually FUN for them. I just realized that wasn’t “me.” And more and more ... I am working on being a little more “me.” I’m the mom who is going to let the house be messy on Christmas and snuggle up in our PJs with a Christmas movie and some yummy Cacao Bliss. That’s what my kids want, and that’s what they need from me for the holidays. The years I spent trying to be the mom who “did it all” during the holidays were more exhausting than fun. I wasn’t living my truth, and I had to give myself the grace to not be the mom I thought I had to be. This holiday season, I want to challenge you to drop the image of perfection. You don’t have to wear the best holiday clothes. Your presents don’t have to be perfect, and your cookies can be frosted however you like. Your party doesn’t have to be the bash of the decade. Your family and friends will still love you if you burn the ham or turkey. You have value, my friend, regardless of how much ... or little you achieve during the holidays. This time is all about love; it’s all about connecting with our families and others. This time signifies celebrating whatever your religious beliefs are and the feeling of togetherness. After I made that change and became the mom I knew I could be, something amazing happened. The holidays became more fun and a little easier, too. I was like a little kid who learned a big lesson, taking each day as it came. Letting go of the expectation for perfection and, instead, focusing on your truth is the most vital tool for achieving the goals you set. You learn to value yourself, and you have more fun, too! Leave those worries at the door, love. It’s time to focus on your connection to life’s daily moments instead. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 ...

December 2019


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