Danette May's Lotus Journal - March 2020

March 2020


Women are an untapped resource. We have unparalleled strength, a beautiful power that history silenced for so long. I am so inspired by the women around me and those who have come before me. Every day, I walk in their light, empowered by their actions and ignited by their strength and courage. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and International Women’s Month this March, I’m brought back to Mek’ele, Ethiopia, on March 8, 2019. On that beautiful day, I had the opportunity to speak in front of women who are actively working to influence change in Mek’ele and use my voice to honor them and stand in solidarity with them. It was a profound moment I will

the time. Charles, believed to be the rightful prince of France, agreed.

Again, Joan won.

“Women are an untapped resource. We have unparalleled strength, a beautiful power that history silenced for so long.”

When she was just 18 years old, Joan had 70 charges brought against her, including witchcraft and dressing like a man. After a year of captivity and death threats, Joan admitted it wasn’t divine intervention that pushed her to lead an army into battle and defend her home country. Only one week later, she was burned alive at the stake for wearing men’s clothes. She was just 19 years old. Joan of Arc was a warrior. She spent her entire life standing in the fire, firmly planted in her truth and speaking the voice that grew inside of her. At such a young age, she knew what she was called to do, and she never wavered in her belief that a higher power was calling her to lead hundreds of thousands of people out of a captive hold. She may have been forced into recanting her claims just one week prior to her death, but she was searching for a way to survive. Even after this coerced confession, she still fought to live her truth. Today, she serves as a tremendous mentor for me. When it’s hard to stand in the fire of my truth, when it’s difficult to push forward on my own journey, when the voices of others muffle the voice pleading inside of me, I remember Joan of Arc. She didn’t let others keep her quiet, and she suffered for it. But still, Joan won.

Joan of Arc Most know Jeanne d’Arc for the violent way she died, but Joan of Arc — as she’s known in English — is a pivotal female figure who stood up for her rights during a time when women were punished simply for dressing like men. She didn’t let tradition, men, or laws limit her beliefs and prevent her from following her journey, and her decision changed the course of history. At just 16 years old in1428, Joan stood up against her family and tradition and fought against the marriage her father had arranged for her.

never forget. At that moment, we were encouraging each other to stand up in our power, to share our stories, and to stand boldly in who we are and what we are meant to

do on this planet. I shared my message of the strength

all women feel when we unite together, unapologetically rising for what our truth is on this planet. In honor of women everywhere this March, I want to share brief snapshots of the women who push me every day. They are women who have fought for their place in history, women who stood up, and women who decided to rise when the crowd was pushing them to sit down.

Joan won.

That same year, she traveled into enemy territory and demanded that Charles of Valois provide her an army to lead into battle against England, which was reigning over France at



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