Danette May's Lotus Journal - March 2020

March 2020


Women are an untapped resource. We have unparalleled strength, a beautiful power that history silenced for so long. I am so inspired by the women around me and those who have come before me. Every day, I walk in their light, empowered by their actions and ignited by their strength and courage. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 and International Women’s Month this March, I’m brought back to Mek’ele, Ethiopia, on March 8, 2019. On that beautiful day, I had the opportunity to speak in front of women who are actively working to influence change in Mek’ele and use my voice to honor them and stand in solidarity with them. It was a profound moment I will

the time. Charles, believed to be the rightful prince of France, agreed.

Again, Joan won.

“Women are an untapped resource. We have unparalleled strength, a beautiful power that history silenced for so long.”

When she was just 18 years old, Joan had 70 charges brought against her, including witchcraft and dressing like a man. After a year of captivity and death threats, Joan admitted it wasn’t divine intervention that pushed her to lead an army into battle and defend her home country. Only one week later, she was burned alive at the stake for wearing men’s clothes. She was just 19 years old. Joan of Arc was a warrior. She spent her entire life standing in the fire, firmly planted in her truth and speaking the voice that grew inside of her. At such a young age, she knew what she was called to do, and she never wavered in her belief that a higher power was calling her to lead hundreds of thousands of people out of a captive hold. She may have been forced into recanting her claims just one week prior to her death, but she was searching for a way to survive. Even after this coerced confession, she still fought to live her truth. Today, she serves as a tremendous mentor for me. When it’s hard to stand in the fire of my truth, when it’s difficult to push forward on my own journey, when the voices of others muffle the voice pleading inside of me, I remember Joan of Arc. She didn’t let others keep her quiet, and she suffered for it. But still, Joan won.

Joan of Arc Most know Jeanne d’Arc for the violent way she died, but Joan of Arc — as she’s known in English — is a pivotal female figure who stood up for her rights during a time when women were punished simply for dressing like men. She didn’t let tradition, men, or laws limit her beliefs and prevent her from following her journey, and her decision changed the course of history. At just 16 years old in1428, Joan stood up against her family and tradition and fought against the marriage her father had arranged for her.

never forget. At that moment, we were encouraging each other to stand up in our power, to share our stories, and to stand boldly in who we are and what we are meant to

do on this planet. I shared my message of the strength

all women feel when we unite together, unapologetically rising for what our truth is on this planet. In honor of women everywhere this March, I want to share brief snapshots of the women who push me every day. They are women who have fought for their place in history, women who stood up, and women who decided to rise when the crowd was pushing them to sit down.

Joan won.

That same year, she traveled into enemy territory and demanded that Charles of Valois provide her an army to lead into battle against England, which was reigning over France at


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But we can keep speaking for her, shouting the embodiment of the message she stood for when she was burned: Women’s truths deserve to be heard. Mary Magdalene She was vilified as a prostitute, a whore, and someone the church should deem unworthy because of her rumored profession. Her role in Jesus’ life was downplayed and leveled to a label intended to demonize her, reducing her story to another tale of the mercy men could show women. But Mary Magdalene was powerful. Mary Magdalene was a confidant, a leader, and a strong woman who never faltered in her support and belief in what she thought to be true. While historians don’t know the full scope of Mary Magdalene’s life, ancient texts and modern research make it clear that Mary was more than the rumors early Christian scholars spread about her. She was one of the closest and most trusted confidants to a man who led thousands of followers in the Middle East. She’s one of the few women mentioned as a disciple in the Bible. She was one of the last people to remain at the cross when Jesus was killed. She discovered his empty tomb and spread the message days later. Mary Magdalene is an iconic religious figure, but she’s also a powerful role model for women everywhere. She deserves so much reverence and honor for the power she exuded. Mary never quit believing, never let others control how she should think, and never stopped in her dedication to what she knew to be true. Today, she serves as a reminder of holding steadfast to our belief in who we are and our power. She’s an image of strength, even as others built walls and cells intended to trap her and diminish the impact she had on our lives. She’s a pillar of silent power and of believing our worth is greater, more profound than those who wish to silence us want it to be. Oprah Winfrey Everyone knows Oprah Winfrey. Her influence, TV show, opinions, and contributions to history ripple throughout society every day. But her beginnings are humble, torrid with loss, grief, and struggle.

to bear all our wounds, proclaim and live within

Oprah was born in Mississippi, but she was left to live with her grandmother when she was still a little girl. The sexual abuse began when she was 9 years old, and she suffered into her rebellious teen years, bouncing from home to home. She fought for her education, earning a scholarship and becoming an anchor for a CBS TV station when she was just 19 years old. After being dragged around and fired from another job, Oprah landed at A.M. Chicago, where, within a year, she turned the show around and founded the Oprah Winfrey Show. “We are pouring compassion into the fabric of who we are, sewing kindness and love into ourselves and others.” Oprah’s show went on to be a mainstay in many American homes. She ran a daytime talk show from 1986–2011, which skyrocketed her influence over books, fashion, dieting, and mental health. Oprah’s opinion continued to shape cultural tides, change the way network TV functioned, and influence the scope of American politics and storytelling. She fostered honest, real, raw conversations, blurring the lines of what’s “accepted” on television and pushing for our truest expressions and stories. She became one of the most influential, if not the most influential, women to ever live, pushing us all to be ourselves and push beyond the limits set before us. women. Her path was paved in shame, guilt, abandonment, and betrayal, and she rose from it all. The path she created, fought for, and grew out of continues to grow because she’s given us permission to stand on top of our stories, to become who we are meant to be in the most unapologetic sense. We’re allowed Oprah continues to be one of the most integral figures in our modern representation of The rest is history.

our survival, and continue to evolve into the women we are meant to be. My Fit Rise Sisters Yes, all of you. All of the women who

–Danette May Happy International Women’s Month, love. Never stop seeking your truest expression, sister. Never let anyone else tell you who you should be. Fight for your journey on this Earth and live the truth your soul needs you to hear. Listen to it. Live for it. Believe in it. Better yet, believe in you. This March, celebrate you. Celebrate the tribe of women who are supporting you on this journey. Celebrate the women who encourage you every day. Celebrate the strength, the dignity, the beauty, the power that comes from being a woman. consciously decide to love themselves more every day, fighting for radical self-love and healing. All of the women who have stood in the fire and climbed their way to the cliff’s edge, daring someone to knock them over and off the path on their way to their truth. All of the women who still move their bodies toward healing when they feel beaten down. All the women who offer their shoulders for other women to lean on, even when they are tired themselves. All the women who choose to heal through the power of foods, nourishing the very core of their beings with real, whole ingredients. You are all women of strength, of light, of love. I am so honored to be part of a group of women who are growing each day and truly speaking loving words to themselves. We are pouring compassion into the fabric of who we are, sewing kindness and love into ourselves and others. It’s your love that fuels my voice. It’s your voice that empowers my strength. It’s your power that inspires me to grow.

2 Danette May’s Lotus Journal

Easy Sweet Potato Toasts

3. Bake the slices for about 20 minutes until they’re a bit soft but not completely cooked. 4. Let the potatoes cool until you can touch them safely. Then, if you want to have a toast right away, just pop a slice in the toaster until it’s crispy on the edges. Remove from toaster, add your desired toppings, and dig in! If you’d like to save your toasts for later, stash the baked sweet potato planks in an airtight container in the fridge over the next 4 days.

We can’t say enough good things about sweet potatoes — they’re nutritionally dense, versatile, and best of all, delicious! Plus, they can be as savory or dessert-like as you want to make them. If you’re feeling a little creative when you do your next batch of food prep, give these quick and easy sweet potato toasts a try. Yes, that’s right; we said toasts! You don’t have to give up bread to stick to your healing foods meal plan, but this is a fun alternative to the Ezekiel and sprouted grain breads we favor. Try topping your toasts with goat cheese, smoked salmon, and pickled onions for a savory twist, or raw

peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon for something sweeter. Ingredients

• 2 large sweet potatoes

• Toppings of your choice

Directions 1. Heat your oven to 350 F. While it heats, find a baking sheet and an ovenproof wire cooling rack. Place the cooling rack on top of the baking sheet. 2. Cut off the ends of your sweet potatoes, then slice them lengthwise into 1/4-inch planks. Lay the slices out on the wire rack.



Meet Elida Kusha!

“My advice to Fit Rise members is this: You did not gain the weight all in one day or get health problems over a short period of time. It’s going to take time to become healthier, so be patient

In the last few years, more and more people have found our tribe through social media. It’s amazing how much of a gift Facebook has turned out to be for our sisterhood! Not only does it keep us connected with the Fit Rise 365 group, but it also helps incredible ladies like Elida Kusha find us and get started on their rise. Elida discovered Danette and our movement two years ago when one of Danette’s 30 Day New You Challenge videos popped up on her Facebook feed. She clicked, and after doing a bit more research, quickly fell in love with our philosophy. After that, it wasn’t long before she joined the sisterhood. “I love everything about this program,” Elida says. “I’ve learned so much. I know what foods are good for my body, and the mindset piece has been a game-changer. I love that it’s actually sustainable, and it’s easy to make I have an exciting announcement to share with you, and I’m going to preface it by saying this: If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that I’m constantly on a quest to find the most powerful and impactful ways to step into ultimate health. More often than not, this means tapping into ancient foods and ways of healing and bringing them into today’s world. Despite all our modern-day advances, there is still such deep health and wisdom in the ingredients sourced straight from Mother Earth, and I feel it’s both my passion and responsibility to share these incredible resources with you. This is how and why Cacao Bliss was created, and it’s why I always keep that door open. So, when I realized that so many of the supplements on today’s market did not meet the standards I demand for myself and my family, I did what I had to do: I set out with

it fit everywhere you are. I recently went on a mini-vacation with my family, and I made great choices, whereas before I would not even bother. I did not gain a single pound.” During that trip, Elida and her family journeyed from their hometown of Humble, Texas, to

with yourself and your body. The mindset piece that we are offered is helpful to stay focused and achieve our goals. This is a lifestyle that is sustainable and easy to adapt to.”

So far, Elida has released 30 pounds following our lifestyle!

“I’m so blessed to be part of Fit Rise 365 with an amazing group of sisters and with an amazing mentor in Danette,” Elida says. “I love the wisdom and knowledge she shares with us and the world.”

Las Vegas. She was mindful for the entire trip, and she even brought prepared smoothie ingredients and a blender along to make sure she stayed on her plan. All we can say to that is wow! Elida’s determination is inspiring, and she agreed to share a quick tip with our other members.

Elida, we’re so proud of how far you’ve risen. Keep living your truth.

Would you like to be featured in an upcoming issue? Go here: danettemay.com/tribe-stories.

Introducing Earth Echo Foods YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE

incredibly nutrient-dense products, including 50 Billion Probiotic, Turmeric Plus Ginger Capsules, Collagen Peptides, and of course, our beloved Cacao Bliss (which will soon be shipping in new

my husband, Craig, on a journey to create our own products. But there was a catch … no way would Craig and I develop, manufacture, and distribute products at the expense of our planet. That would go against everything we believe in. So, we decided right then and there that Mother Earth would be our true CEO and that every ingredient we sourced and every piece of packaging we put our products in would need to honor our planet rather than harm it.

Earth-friendly packaging!). These products will take your health, energy, vitality, and mood to the next level while leaving the planet better than we found it. I’m so excited to offer these supplements and superfoods to you, and I invite you to visit our store, read about our products and initiatives, and see how shopping Earth Echo Foods not only fuels your body with high-quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients but also supports a movement toward better health and wellness for you and our planet. Shop now at earthechofoods.com and please share in the movement by spreading the word.

And so, Earth Echo Foods was born.

Earth Echo Foods offers the highest quality, most bioavailable supplements and superfoods on the market, all while being kind to our planet and its resources. We’ve raised the bar on what it looks like to offer

4 Danette May’s Lotus Journal

Danette’s Top 5 Ways to Connect With the Outdoors

3. You could also try being a literal tree-

If the weather is gloomy where you live, it might be tempting to stay inside until summer, cuddled up with a hot mug of delicious Cacao Bliss. We get it! But even when it’s cold, or raining, or snowing, Danette feels it’s so, so important to take time to connect with nature every

hugger. As silly as it sounds, this is a great way to connect. “I always touch trees

every day,” Danette says. “There is profound energy in touching

trees . To me they’re ancient — some are hundreds of years old — and we’re honored to be able to touch them!”

day. Nature is the reminder that we are connected to something higher than ourselves, and it helps us keep our struggles in perspective. This spring, don’t let your connection with Mama Earth fall by the wayside! Instead, try one of Danette’s five tips to connect.

4. If you’re far away from the woods, deep breathing can help you stay in tune with the universe. “First thing in the morning, go outside of your house, look up at the sky, and just take a big, deep breath in and out,” Danette recommends. “The beautiful thing about doing that is it will put your mind and your cells back into perspective, reminding you that you’re part of something so much bigger than yourself.” 5. Last, but certainly not least, a great way to connect with nature is to eat it . As Danette puts it, “I make sure every day that I eat something dark green, whether that’s spinach or kale or another dark leafy green. To me, that’s the cellular way I can connect with nature, by bringing it inside my internal system.”

1. The most important way Danette connects with nature every day is by earthing , or touching the earth directly. “I take off my shoes and put my feet on the earth, whether that’s snow, sand, dirt, rock, or grass,” she says. Earthing has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and pain and make it easier to sleep. 2. Another easy way to enjoy nature is simply to step into it and listen . “I connect just by closing my eyes and hearing the sounds of nature, whether it’s the wind, or the birds, or the trees swaying,” Danette explains. “I just listen and feel what nature is trying to say.”

What are you waiting for, sisters? It’s time to head outside!




a continuous journey and constantly evolving into our truest expressions, and one of my adventures in Costa Rica proved that I still had so much more to learn. I was leading retreats in Costa Rica when I met a great healer whose teachings were renowned and transformative. I was curious, albeit skeptical, but I decided to immerse myself in his teachings for the next seven days. We drove hours into the Costa Rican wilderness and found ourselves completely shut off from the world on an island just offshore from the mainland, our sleeping area in huts on raised stilts in the middle of the ocean. As the healer was teaching me about the various areas where our bodies store emotions, clenching into tightness and hurting our bodies, he stopped in the middle of a thought and told me I had to work on my self-love. I was thrown off. I didn’t want to hear about myself. I was there to learn. I wanted to help others heal, just as I had before thanks to a Colombian healer, an ancient vine, and a Costa Rican beach. This gentle, soft healer explained to me that if I could not fully learn to love myself, my ability to lead others to do the same would be impossible. I had to be accepting. I had to be open to the possibilities. This wasn’t the last revelation I had that week. Throughout his teachings, perspectives, and mindful mannerisms, I discovered four lessons on self-love.

Connecting With My Soul and Growing Through Travel

F or me, the best part about traveling is that it expands us and forces us to realize that there is so much more within ourselves, that we are so much more than the limits we set before ourselves. Every place I visit creates more growth within me, fostering a new perspective on the world around me and my path within it. Travel reminds me the Earth is my home as the world gets smaller and my connections within it grow. Sometimes, travel pushes us in profound ways we never thought possible — at least that’s what happened when I first went to Bali. I chose Bali as a place for healing and acceptance. I was plummeting into a downward spiral after my son’s passing, and I felt a calling to honor him and his life, and ultimately my daughters’ lives, by doing something with my ever-present grief. I felt compelled to help at orphanages across the island, and I found so much deep healing. I was safe to grieve. I was safe to seek comfort in holding children, offering them the warmth of a mom, if only for a short period of time. The healing I felt was powerful enough that I was compelled to bring my daughters back with me years later. We lived in Bali for two months with the idea that every week, we would go to a new orphanage and give back in the same beautiful way I had done years prior. It was profound to watch my girls offer love, care, and compassion to children halfway across the globe, children whose only connection to us was coincidence and timing.

Of course, Bali itself opened up many opportunities for us to serve beyond the orphanages, too, and today, we look back on that time as a beautiful experience we had together. It’s an experience we would never hold dear today if it hadn’t been for our willingness to step outside the comforts of our home and explore.

I owe so much of my life and my journey to travel. It has given me a path to healing and a path to my calling. Without it, I would not be the woman I am today. Much of this is in no small part thanks to the many adventures and opportunities for true reflection I’ve had in Costa Rica, a place close to my heart and the origin of my cellular calling. Discovering Radical Self-Love and Cacao Bliss I had experienced profound healing and connection on previous trips to Costa Rica, but my path to total acceptance and radical self-love was far from complete. We are on “I owe so much of my life and my journey to travel. It has given me a path to healing and a path to my calling, and without it, I would not be the woman I am today.”

And they changed my life forever.

Accepting Your Imperfections Three days into the trip, my face broke out with terrible acne. White and red throbbing zits

6 Danette May’s Lotus Journal

explained that I had allowed myself to run away from the irritants in my life. I avoided the bad, rotten parts and ignored the feelings that stirred up ugly emotions. The healer continued to bury me until just my head was sticking out of the beach. At that moment, I was forced to face my irritants. I learned to confront the toxic relationships and acknowledge the pieces of my life that were weighing me down. I found comfort in the pressure and pushed out of the sand, renewed for a chance at resolving my irritants beyond the sandpit I was buried in. My Cellular Calling The fourth lesson I learned led me to one of my greatest callings. We left for a hike through the wilderness, and I soon discovered we were going to participate in a sacred cacao ceremony. I had heard about these ceremonies and their time-honored healing qualities, but I never participated in one myself. We started by meditating together, and then the cacao was passed around. We each were given a chance to radiate our love, our gratitude, our intentions, and our strength in the now and the future into the cacao. Together, we sipped on the luxurious, raw, sweet drink, soaking up the healing, power, and strength it encompassed that we had poured into it. Afterward, we were given a tour of the grounds, and it was there, as they were explaining the growth of cacao and we were looking at this little bean, that I felt my cells calling me to act. I knew it was my mission to bring the healing, transformative properties of cacao to the mainstream world. I was being called to introduce the cacao’s ability to stimulate cognition, foster healthy emotions, rejuvenate mental health, and aid in immunity to others who were starving for it. It had been shown to increase feelings of love, and it was such a finite, healing, powerful tool that I had to share with the world.

littered my face. It was the worst breakout I had experienced, and still my worst breakout to this day. When I finally caught sight of myself in a mirror, I was ashamed, far too embarrassed to let this be the impression others had of me. As I reached for makeup to cover my face, the healer caught sight of me and stopped me dead in my tracks. “Don’t cover up your face,” he said to me. Picking a fruit, he showed me how its skin was covered in scrapes, blemishes, and bumps. It was imperfect and damaged in every way, but when you opened it up, you were treated to some of the world’s most viable healing nutrients. “Why won’t you accept every blemish as part of you?” By the time I returned home, my face had cleared, and I had learned to accept my flaws as part of my journey. Let Your Soul Speak That same day, my throat caught, and I suffered from a coughing fit. I couldn’t go very long without having to cough, reaching for water to soothe my throat. I could tell the healer was worried, checking in on me periodically throughout the night. I felt like a burden, a problem he had to deal with when he should be sleeping. Finally, he explained to me that my incessant coughing was my soul begging for attention. It wanted to be heard. It craved my listening ear. For so long, I muffled out my true spirit, hid my blemishes, and shied away from what my soul wanted. My soul was finally speaking, and it was time for me to listen. I had to give it this moment, opening my mind to its true calling. Confront the Parts You Don’t Like Later that week, we did yoga in the sand, and by the time we finished, sweat was pouring out of me. I didn’t want to finish our session with a meditation on the beach, where coarse sand would cling to my entire body. I headed toward the grass, but the healer stopped me. Irritated, I asked if we could just move our meditation. But the healer led me back to the beach, laid me down, and began to bury me in the sand. My mind flashed with panic as my feet and legs were submerged. Calmly, the healer

source. It’s a tool on the path toward radical self-love, pushing our souls to the very essence of their being. Every time I drink or eat Cacao Bliss, I’m reminded of this powerful week I spent in the wilderness with a healer. I’m pulled back into the lessons, and I confront my own journey. So much has changed since I sat wild-eyed, covered in pimples and sand on a beach in Costa Rica, but my connection to this part of my journey continues to thrive. Each journey I take across our great Earth fosters a connection, regardless of how powerful or small it is. Every trip isn’t as transformative as my Costa Rican adventures and journeys, but each one leaves me feeling just a little bit more connected to our great source. Each land I visit, every tradition I’m part of, every culture I learn about, fills my soul and pushes me to grow.

And I already can’t wait for the next adventure.

And that was the birth of Cacao Bliss.

Today, I have a line of products infused with cacao and superfoods, designed to empower us and our bodies toward healing. It repairs and restores on a cellular level, honoring our souls and their connection to the

–Danette May



Preparation Is a Girl’s Best Friend!


Spring break is just around the corner, so odds are there’s a trip in your future! Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week-long stay with friends, it can be tricky to maintain a healthy, whole-food diet while you travel. Luckily, Danette is a pro at keeping her healing journey going while she hops on planes to new places, and she has some tips to share with you. Here are a few of her suggestions for staying on-plan while you’re on the go. Stock Your Purse Preparation is a girl’s best friend, followed up by a big purse! When you know you’ll be on a plane or somewhere without a lot of healthy options, the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success is to plan ahead and stock your bag with healthy snacks like nuts, Earth Echo Bovine Collagen Peptide powder for shakes, and no-bake Cacao Bliss balls. To make sure you get enough water, bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up. As long as it’s empty when you go through

mind focused on the whole, healing foods around you. If you look for it, 99% of the time there will be a healthy option available. When you choose what to eat, always choose to honor your spirit and honor your body. Make Your Choices for Yourself It can be hard to make healthy choices while you’re surrounded by friends and family eating differently, but remember, you’re doing this for you , not for them. Keep your goals, the importance of your journey, and how powerful you’ve been feeling in mind, and do your best to ignore that social pressure. Only indulge if you want to treat yourself. For more of Danette’s tips, follow her on Instagram @thedanettemay and on her personal Facebook page.

security, you can even use it in the airport to stay hydrated. Focus on the Positive Instead of seeing nothing but the junk at every restaurant and snack bar, keep your eye and

INSP IRAT ION 8 Danette May’s Lotus Journal


3 Ways to Move in Mother Nature

Y ou’ve already discovered how to turn your home into a gym with Danette’s videos, but have you taken advantage of the giant gym beyond your doorstep? There’s nothing better than the great outdoors — nature is beautiful, and it’s full of positive, healing energy. If you can immerse

up through the sidewalk is a little bit of nature waving hello! Stretch in the Sun

Who says you have to do yoga in a tank top and yoga pants? Or even inside? This spring, try taking your practice outdoors and having an invigorating stretch in the sun, whether in your own backyard or a local public park. If it’s still chilly, bundle up. Your movement will be just as healing in a pair of comfy sweats and a hoodie. Put the Playground to Work

yourself in it for your healing movement, so much the better.

You heard from Danette about her favorite ways to connect with Mother

Earth on Pg. 5, but if you’re feeling really inspired this month, here are three more ways to incorporate fresh air into your daily routine. Whether you live in the mountains or a big city, these options should work for you. Take a Long Walk

If you’re really ready to bust out of your comfort zone, you can get creative and use playground

equipment in your next strength training workout. Try indulging your inner kid by swinging from the monkey bars and doing a few pull-ups if you can, doing jump squats or reverse lunges with the help of a park bench, or doing jackknives with a swing instead of a balancing ball. If you’re still on the hunt for more workout ideas, we can help! Visit DanetteMay.com or reach out to your sisters in the Fit Rise 365 Facebook group for suggestions on what to try next.

This is a simple idea, but it’s one of our absolute favorites. Taking a long walk and breathing in the fresh air is a great way to clear the cobwebs from your soul and make your body sing. If you live near the mountains, you could turn this into a hike for an extra challenge, and if you’re in a city, keep an eye out for greenery as you stroll through the concrete jungle. Every little sprout coming



It’s Time to Spring-Clean Your Soul! 3 STEPS FOR DECLUTTERING YOUR MIND THIS SEASON way back, take these three steps to start decluttering. 2. Let Go of What Isn’t Serving You

W e’ve all heard about the traditional kind of spring- cleaning — you know, where you dump everything from your closet onto your bed and go through it piece by piece, just like Marie Kondo. But what about all the thoughts cluttering our minds? Can we clean those out, too? If you’ve been feeling bogged down in negative, counterproductive, or uncomfortable thoughts, know that it is possible to let them go. It’s not easy, but by focusing your mind and practicing every day, you can let go of any thoughts that don’t “spark joy.” Three of the most effective tools to help you declutter your thoughts are daily meditations, affirmations, and visualizations. Your body will go where your mind takes it, so making sure you’re in a positive headspace is so, so vital for your success. If you’ve lost your healing mindset and are ready to find your

Once you’ve recognized these thoughts, it’s time to sort through them. Negativity, self-criticism, and other things holding you back need to go into the “throwaway” pile. Now that they’re sorted, you can target them in your meditations, affirmations, and visualizations and let them go entirely over time. 3. Commit to Carrying On This is the most important step: Practice! You can’t declutter your mind or scrub your soul in a single sitting, but by using the meditations and other tools at Members. FitRise.com regularly, you can rewire your brain and change the stories you tell about yourself. If you falter at any step in this journey, never forget that you can turn to the sisterhood. This spring, let’s rise together.

1. Acknowledge the Clutter The first step to tossing those negative thoughts out of your head and into the figurative donation bin is acknowledging that they’re there. You can’t clean if you can’t find the clutter! Take the time to look deep inside yourself and identify what is in your mind.


Looking for more inspiration and behind-the-scenes peeks into Danette’s life and mission?

Be sure to catch the brand-new The Danette May Show, where Danette and her guests share candid insights on how to live your best life and show up as the fullest expression of yourself. New episodes post every other Thursday, so be sure to head over and click Subscribe so you don’t miss a single one. YouTube.com/danettemay

10 Danette May’s Lotus Journal


Consider Composting!

can take a month to break down, and its nutrients end up wasted, trapped in the landfill liner! Composting — the process of using food scraps to create rich soil — is faster, and you end up with lovely, nutrient-dense earth to use for your houseplants or your garden. If your city has a public composting program, take advantage of it. And if it doesn’t, consider starting your own backyard compost pile. The kids in your life would love to help out, and you’ll end up living a bit lighter on Mother Earth. Head to your city’s website or visit EPA.gov/Recycle/ Composting-Home to get started.

Did you know that Americans throw away between 30% and 40% of the food in their food supply? According to the USDA, that’s more than 130 billion pounds of food that goes into landfills every year! It’s sad to think that good food, which takes so much energy and work to produce, is being dumped in trash heaps instead of feeding families. The best things you can do to avoid food waste are 1) buy only what you need, 2) eat what you have, and 3) donate what you can. If you’re already doing that, you can go a step further by composting. We think that when we throw our apple cores and banana peels into the trash can, they’ll go back to the earth right away, but it’s a slow process. Sealed away from the air by a pile of trash, a banana peel

Your Path to Radical Self-Love

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