Discussing What Contributes To Good Health


April 2017

“ When is The Right Time To Seek Treatment For My Health? ” Discussing What Contributes To Good Health

When you’re asked, “What is the definition of good health?” what comes to mind? Maybe you think about eating well, having a healthy weight, or a strong heart. Certainly good health is a broad term and can relate to many different systems in our body. People often think of the cardiovascular system as one’s heart, arteries, and veins and certainly, this system is central to good health. Yet, I believe without too much effort I can make a case for why you should give your musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints, and related tissues) first priority in your definition of health. It is a fact that nearly every other system in our body (we have seven major systems – nervous, vascular, hormonal, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, and elimination systems) gets the attention of your physician more so than your musculoskeletal system. There is often a proactive approach about the health of your heart with the use of blood and stress tests. In fact, specific tests can tell your doctor a great deal about how well many of your systems are working. The central idea to these tests and regular checkups is to identify problems in their early phase and to get them handled when they’re simpler to solve. (continued inside)

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