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We live in a world where technology grows and changes a lot faster than some of us can manage to keep up with. But the one thing about technology that doesn’t change is the concept behind it: It’s a tool we can use to make what we’re doing both easier and better. When it boils down to technology in the workplace, if you’re not using that tool in the most effective way, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of lost productivity. A large field that AZCOMP serves is medical practices and offices. It takes a lot of tech to efficiently run these organizations so they can provide the care their patients need, and we recognize the importance of this delicate cause and effect. Many doctors value technology and the ways it can help them run their business, and they understand the importance of finding a technology partner to help them set up their systems to run as efficiently as possible. To this end, AZCOMP regularly helps these offices discover how to use technology to their best advantage and helps them take further steps in achieving their business goals. Take this recent client as an example: A new OBGYN client recently came to us because they had a security breach. We were able to help them solve the issue, but when we took a closer look at their operations, our relationship became about more than patching up a problem. They realized how having us as their technology partner could help them reach higher levels of productivity, as well as keep them secure. We didn’t need to just be a source to patch up problems as they occurred. We could be much more than that, and we were ready to show them how. They had been experiencing slow and dysfunctional computer operations for a long time. This created frustrated employees, which translated to lackluster services for their patients. Not to mention,

they were susceptible to a security breach, which compromised things further. They would sometimes replace their computers with brand new computers in an effort to address their problems, but nothing was changing. We helped them realize that even though their equipment was new, it wasn’t appropriate for running the programs needed to operate their specific type of business. We actually reduced the number of computers they were using while setting them up with the tech they needed to function properly. We helped them figure out how to use their technology at an optimal level, and it’s since led to hassle-free operations, happier employees and patients, and increased productivity. Time and time again, we see prospective clients suffering from similar issues and misunderstandings of technology, and they don’t realize what working with a technology partner can do for them. They often view it as a necessary evil that will suffice at the minimum threshold. While that may have been true at some point in the past, with the way the industry is rapidly progressing, this is no longer the case. Our goal at AZCOMP isn’t to figure out how to make your systems as flashy and expensive as possible — it’s to strategically work with you to figure out what kind of system can make you operate on a level that will help you achieve your business goals. Technology exists as a tool for us to utilize to our advantage. Most, if not all, businesses these days function on some type of technology. We’re here to help you understand the relationship you can have with technology and how it can truly benefit the great work you do. Our goals align with yours because we want your business to succeed, just as you do. –Benson Bashford

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WHAT IS 5G? And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

The recent rollout of 5G for mobile networks and internet-based devices means that things are going to start running faster than they currently do. Even though the implementation is new and limited at the moment, it’s something to keep on your radar as you reconsider your cellphone and internet plans. WHAT IS IT? The fifth-generation (5G) of mobile networks has been designed to meet the exponentially large growth of data and connectivity in today’s world. With billions of connected devices around the globe, a network that can handle and perform all the tasks requested of it in a reasonable amount of time is a necessity. Initial 5G services launched in many countries in 2019, but widespread availability isn’t expected until 2025. HOW DOES IT WORK? Most 5G implementations are currently working in conjunction with the 4G networks that have been in use since about 2010. They use a range of macrocells, small cells, and in-building systems to successfully communicate across networks. 5G will focus more on the essential small cells because their frequencies have a very powerful

connection over short ranges. So, the more small cells implemented, the stronger the 5G connection. Work is already underway to continue building more and more small cells across the globe. WHAT IS IT FOR? The prime benefit of 5G is that the speed of data access, downloading, and streaming content will be significantly faster. Increased computing power means the response time between devices will decrease, providing instantaneous connections. Whereas 4G operated on the latency of roughly 30 milliseconds, 5G will be as low as 1 millisecond. This means faster communication between devices, better service while on the move, and more ease of connecting in remote locations. The prospective increased potential for businesses, emerging technologies, and small communities in remote locations is exciting. 5G opens up unfathomable possibility because it creates even more opportunity for the entire world to connect, and do it quickly. But for now, be on the lookout for your cellphone and Wi-Fi providers to make it available for your devices so you can keep up with the exciting world we live in. MEDISOFT, LYTEC, NEXTGEN, & APRIMA SUPPORT PLANS FOR HOSTING, BACKUP, AND MORE Need Support? Call 480-497-7480 if you have a support contract. Don’t Have Support? Plans start at just $99/month. Call us at 855-455-5035 to get started with support, training, electronic claims, electronic health records (EHR), hosting, backup, and more. We have so many tools and services to help your business become more efficient, keep its network protected, and remain a thriving independent practice. We want to help your practice perform at the highest possible level by providing services that help you get the most out of your software. Be sure to check our website often at to learn about upcoming trainings and other events we host. DON’T FORGET TO UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE!


With over 20 years of experience working in IT, we were thrilled to add Dave Wormell to our team in October 2019. As a systems engineer, Dave spends most of his day problem-solving. “It’s fun to hear about what our clients do and come up with a solution to fill their particular needs,” Dave says. “A lot of people know what they should have but aren’t sure how to implement it. That’s where we come in.” Dave has seen some unique ways of operating, but he’s never worked in an atmosphere quite like ours. “Not only is this place filled with incredibly intelligent people that I get to learn from, but it’s also such a fun and friendly environment.” When Dave first experienced our laid-back yet exciting atmosphere, he knew he’d never get bored.

Outside work, Dave’s life is all about family. Married with four kids, he loves to learn new hobbies based on what his wife and kids are interested in. When he gets time to himself, Dave likes the high adventure of hiking, rock climbing, and wakeboarding. But his rejuvenating getaway is cruising the neighborhood on his longboard, if only for a few minutes.

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If you’re one of the many millions who stream any sort of video content on your smartphone, whether it’s YouTube videos or feature films, then this new gadget is a must-have. The ease of streaming on your phone is often dampened by the minuscule screen size, but the Dizaul Pro screen magnifier is a simple and affordable solution to that problem. There’s really not a lot of science behind it — it’s a sleekly designed wooden stand that holds your phone horizontally. A platform extends out just a few inches in front of your phone screen and holds a thin sheet of magnifying material. It works like a small projector screen by amplifying the image on your phone screen to double its size. It’s compatible with most smartphones and requires no batteries. THE DIZAUL PRO SCREEN MAGNIFIER A Simple Solution to Small Screens

By the age of 3, 85% of a child’s brain is already formed, and the biggest impact on this formation is the child’s interaction with their parents. BabySparks in an innovative smartphone app that recognizes the importance of this relationship and supports it by focusing on the early development of children through meaningful play with their parents. With over 1,300 video-based activities and over 500 developmental milestones to achieve, the app is a fountain of information and know-how that first-time parents will find especially helpful. What makes BabySparks unique is that it is distinctly not one- size-fits-all. They use a proprietary smart adaptive technology that learns each child’s development profile through continued use of the program. This way, it identifies specific needs and provides parents with a customized program to support those needs. As each program is used, the child’s progress is automatically recorded, and while there are a lot of metrics at work, for the user, it’s a simple and clear snapshot of their child’s progress. Achievable milestones are set based on studies from child-development authorities like the American Academy of Pediatrics because BabySparks values real science when it comes to nurturing young minds. However, they value the role parents play above all else. That’s why they consistently implement feedback from parents who actually use the program. Over 3.5 million downloads in 180 countries means suggestions come from parents all over the world, and this is especially useful for bettering the adaptive technology. BabySparks understands that no two children are completely alike and no two parenting styles are completely alike. Their recognition of diversity in their users allows them to develop programs that are useful for all types of parents and children. While there may never be a definitive guide for perfect parenting, BabySparks isn’t afraid to test creative thinking and meaningful interaction in order to give the children of the world a chance at reaching their full potential. How BabySparks Is Changing Parenting THE POWER OF PLAY

The Dizaul Pro is lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere you’d take your phone. If you do a lot of gaming, you can play through the amplifier by way of a Bluetooth keyboard connected to your phone. It’s available in multiple colors to fit your preferences and is a simple and affordable replacement for a computer screen or tablet screen.

KIM SCOTT’S ‘RADICAL CANDOR’ Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

“Radical Candor” is all about caring personally while still challenging directly. It teaches readers how to effectively solicit criticism from peers in an effort to improve their leadership skills while providing steps for helping those around them grow, as well. It demonstrates the important balance between praise and criticism, which are both seen as necessities by author Kim Scott. Since publishing her book, Scott has earned international fame with her approach to effective leadership. She worked as a leader at Google and Apple, where she developed and taught

management classes. After publishing her book, she co-founded the Radical Candor executive education company, which puts the book’s philosophies into practice for every type and size of business. Her basic philosophy is that you don’t have to choose between being a pushover or a jerk. Using the lessons spelled out in this book, you can be kind and firm at the same time. “The way you ask for criticism and react when you get it goes a long way toward building trust — or destroying it,” Scott says. Proper avenues for helpful criticism are the baseline for what she outlines as a leader’s three core responsibilities: creating a culture of compassionate candor, building a cohesive team, and achieving results collaboratively. The effects of this philosophy have raised the bar for management practices worldwide.

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It seems like everyone is talking about company culture these days. Companies are thriving not just because of their service or product but also because of the atmosphere they create for their employees. It seems a lot of that success can be attributed to a very relevant core value that AZCOMP also employs: “We Check Our Egos at the Door.” I have a story that’s a few years old now, but it resonates immensely with a lot of the company culture sweeping the globe. Sheldon Yellen is the CEO of a property restoration company. Every single year since 1985, without fail, he takes the time to handwrite over 9,000 employee birthday cards for everyone at the company. It started when he was hired to work for the company by his brother-in-law. Many employees saw this as an unfair advantage because it seemed like Sheldon’s hiring was special treatment rather than earning a position like everyone else. Sheldon aimed to show others that not only did he deserve to be there but that he would also do his best

to prove to everyone that he was a team player. He began writing birthday cards for every employee, and the recipients would always stop at his desk to say thank you. In this way, he got to know his employees, spend meaningful time with them, and show them who he was and what he was all about: creating an uplifting work environment. As a CEO, Sheldon shouldn’t have time to do this. But as a purposeful leader, he always makes the time. At AZCOMP, we practice the same tradition of writing and sending cards, both to employees and clients. I’ll admit that sometimes, it can feel like a bothersome chore to stop working and sign a card. But when I take a step back and really consider the act and all it means, I’m so thrilled we do it and so thankful to be a part of it. Checking our egos at the door means being team players and never thinking we’re above doing the little things. Small acts speak massive words, and that’s what building healthy company culture is all about: taking the time to care.

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