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It seems like everyone is talking about company culture these days. Companies are thriving not just because of their service or product but also because of the atmosphere they create for their employees. It seems a lot of that success can be attributed to a very relevant core value that AZCOMP also employs: “We Check Our Egos at the Door.” I have a story that’s a few years old now, but it resonates immensely with a lot of the company culture sweeping the globe. Sheldon Yellen is the CEO of a property restoration company. Every single year since 1985, without fail, he takes the time to handwrite over 9,000 employee birthday cards for everyone at the company. It started when he was hired to work for the company by his brother-in-law. Many employees saw this as an unfair advantage because it seemed like Sheldon’s hiring was special treatment rather than earning a position like everyone else. Sheldon aimed to show others that not only did he deserve to be there but that he would also do his best

to prove to everyone that he was a team player. He began writing birthday cards for every employee, and the recipients would always stop at his desk to say thank you. In this way, he got to know his employees, spend meaningful time with them, and show them who he was and what he was all about: creating an uplifting work environment. As a CEO, Sheldon shouldn’t have time to do this. But as a purposeful leader, he always makes the time. At AZCOMP, we practice the same tradition of writing and sending cards, both to employees and clients. I’ll admit that sometimes, it can feel like a bothersome chore to stop working and sign a card. But when I take a step back and really consider the act and all it means, I’m so thrilled we do it and so thankful to be a part of it. Checking our egos at the door means being team players and never thinking we’re above doing the little things. Small acts speak massive words, and that’s what building healthy company culture is all about: taking the time to care.

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