Why Do Your Muscles Ache?

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“I Can’t Seem To Finish A Workout Without An Ache! ” Why Do Your Muscles Ache?

The most common causes are: • Injury or trauma including sprains and strains • Overuse • Tension or stress Muscle pain may also be due to: • Certain drugs, including: -Medicine lowering blood pressure -Medicine lowering cholesterol • Infections • Cold & Influenza (flu) • Electrolyte imbalances, such as too little potassium or calcium • Fibromyalgia

Call CENTRA REHABILITATION If: • Your muscle pain persists beyond 3 days • You have severe, unexplained pain • You have any sign of infection, like swelling or redness around the tender muscle • You have poor circulation in the area where you have muscle aches (for example, in your legs) • Your muscle pain has been associated with starting or changing doses of a medicine

“ Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.” - National Institutes of Health, 2010


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