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Overcoming Location In Hiring To Find The Right Candidate BY ROY OBERG For 35 years I’ve made a career out of taking the tough searches that companies were struggling with and finding the right person for them. What I do is not complicated. It’s incredibly simple, but that doesn’t

FBA: Shipments Jump In June

Industry shipments of corrugated products in- creased 7.8 percent, from 331.91 bsf in June of of 2019 to 34.39 bsf in June of 2020, the Fibre Box Association (FBA) reported. The increase is partially due to the fact there were two more shipping days in June of 2020. Average week shipments, however, decreased 2.0 percent, from 7.979 bsf in 2019 to 7.816 bsf in 2020. Shipments of corrugated products are up 0.6 percent year-to-date. Containerboard consumption increased 7.0 percent, from 2.6371 million tons in June of 2019, to 2.8208 million tons in June of 2020. Consumption is up 1.0 percent year-to-date over 2019, from 15.9772 million tons to 16.1361 million tons. Containerboard inventory at corrugator plants decreased 10.2 percent, from 2.3246 million tons in May to 2.0865 million tons in June 2020. Weeks of supply grew from 3.6 in May to 3.3 in June, or 13.2 percent. “Containerboard inventories at mills and box plants dropped by 237,000 tons in June, the largest monthly decline in 24 years,” not- ed Dick Storat in his Scoring Boxes news- letter. “This brought inventories into close

mean it’s easy. It requires someone to dig through the muck to find the hidden gems in the industry. And it all has to line up: it has to be a can- didate with the right skills and expe- rience, at the right time, in the right location. Why Can’t I Fill This Role?

If the role has stayed vacant for a long time, there’s always a reason. You can blame the economy, the candidates, or the recruiter, but the reality is that until you are honest about the challenges, you will not find the right candidate. So let’s run a series, taking a look at some of the biggest challenges to finding the right person, starting with: Location Challenges A lot of corrugated facilities are located in very small towns. Some are in the middle of bustling cities. A common challenge when trying to fill a role is that people can be very choosy about where they want to live. In a small town, you might miss some modern conveniences. Specialty stores for relatively obscure hobbies probably don’t exist and you might lose the community of people with those similar hobbies. If a candidate’s kid plays a sport, they may not have access to the same level of teams or trainers in a small town. If you, or anyone in your fam- ily, has a chronic medical condition, the support might not exist locally. The reality is that small town life is not for everyone. On the other hand, some people prefer the quiet of a small town. One can typically have land for their family to grow up and run around on, as opposed to cramped quarters in a city, not to mention less ag- gravating traffic. Maybe they just want to be able to breathe fresh air and see the stars at night! Not always, but I’ve found people living in small towns tend to take time to ask you how your day is and take a genuine interest. You can build a more tight-knit community in a smaller town than a faceless city. And a small town might give a new hire more convenient and im- Roy Oberg


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