officials on

With the arrival of a new year we look

forward to new possibilities.

low end of

can find nothing to complain about.

Dissension will rack RAGE when

In the newspaper business thatmeans it

The town’s new flag will bear a peace

members suggest the group develop a

is time to stimulate our prescient senses,

symbol and a green tea leaf. Vegetarians,

Facebook page.

dust off the crystal ball and try to predict

pay scale

art lovers, antique collectors and people

In April, Hawkesbury business owners,

what will be making headlines in 2012.

from Vankleek Hill and Hudson will visit


Remember that these forecasts are

Hawkesbury for the first time in years.


written with tongue in cheek, so take them

In July, new industries will begin

collection systems. Rain barrel sales will



popping up all over the place. The former


must always be closely monitored.

Amoco plant site will be converted into a

High water rates will give rise to a new

In January, in an effort to save energy,

diverse, totally organic, environmentally

Salaries and benefits paid to senior

clandestine night-time activity – collecting

school board officials will suspend

friendlywork space where a wide range of


water directly from the Ottawa River. The


products will be lovingly and personally

officials are low compared to the packages

municipality will create a special team of


crafted. Acoustic guitars, tie-dye shirts,

paid to other hospital administrators in the

investigators to crack down on the practice;

cavernous schools will be silent except for

candles and macramé, all fashioned from


the health unit will issue a warning about


recycled material, will attract throngs of


the dangers of untreated water.

lobbying efforts against draconian


Marc LeBoutillier, who received about



The former Canadian International

$235,000 in salaries and benefits in 2010, has


pay freeze. The boards will guarantee that

Paper waste lagoon will be stocked with


park, near the town hall. At first, municipal

the measure will have no appreciable

rainbow trout.

$3,000 per year to pay his gasoline bills.

officials will be leery and will consider


The municipality will begin planting


issuing eviction notices. But no action will

because childrenwill be encouraged to use

trees and putting down sod in the lots of

receive as much as $758,000 per year, and in

be taken once it will be learned that most of

e-mail and Internet to keep on learning


easternOntario, most top hospital managers

the campers are very good soccer players.

whatever they are learning in school these

to town now that the municipality is home

receive about $300,000.

War of 1812 bicentennial excitement will


to a wide range of species.

The release of financial details last week

begin to build, prompting tourism

In February, the EasternOntarioHealth

In August, RAGE will petition town

prompted Ontario New Democratic Party

promoters, clubs and museum committees

Unit will hold special relaxation sessions

council to join the movement to legalize

leader AndreaHorwath to repeat her call for

across the land to concoct some connection

for parents whose nerves will be frazzled

marijuana. In a 4-3 vote, town council will

a limit on public sector salaries. She has


after spending too much time with their

decide to forward the notion to MP Pierre


In Alfred, poutine vendors will receive a


Lemieux. Ourman inOttawawill refuse to


federal government research grant to


take a stance immediately, musing aloud

Dalton McGuinty.



that widespread legal pot production may

Hospitals across the province have made

had been used to supply British forces.

In March, schools will ban hard balls,

be good for farmers.

available new details on contracts they have

Hawkesbury council will be divided over

sharp-edged desks and recess, out of fear

Meanwhile, many will assume that the


whether to apply for a provincial grant to

somebody may get hurt.

potpetitionhashaditsdesiredeffect. There


find out why the town is named after

The health unit will offer meditation

will be a run on hydroponic equipment,

the Ontario Ministry of Finance when it

somebody nobody heard of. Ottawa will

and yoga classes to disgruntled senior

and potato chips. The number of UFO

publishes the list of public employees who

approve funds to Hawkesbury for the re-

citizens whose blood pressures will rise

sightings reported by bird enthusiasts will

earn more than $100,000 annually.

enactment of a battle. The municipalitywill

when they hear what is happening in

skyrocket, as will the number of sightings

The contract with LeBoutillier, who was

attempt to kill two birds with one stone,


of rainbow trout floating over the former


suggesting that the fictional skirmish be

Across eastern Ontario, a new seniors

CIP lagoon.

bonus, and a performance bonus of up to 15



In September, a sandal-making


balls could be used to demolish the eyesore.

Retired and Angry Grandparents of the

$175,000. In 2010, LeBoutillier was paid

factory will open in Hawkesbury,

The ingenious plan will be scrapped

East (RAGE) will gather at—where else? –


offering back-to-school specials to any

because of environmental concerns.

TimHorton’s outlets. RAGEmemberswill

$16,872.86. Information on three other

In June, Hawkesbury will officially kick

childwho can recite a line fromany Joni

plan “Wimp Buster” demonstrations.

administrators is also being made available

off the Summer of Love. The Été de l’amour

Snow will be trucked in and mounds

Mitchell song.

by the HGH. Luc Séguin, vice-president,

theme will be inspired by remarks by

will be created, enabling senior citizens to

In October, Halloween decorations


Councillor Marc Tourangeau, who in his

show how, back in the day, they had to

will be the most spectacular ever.

$137,052 in salary and $7,319 in benefits in

Christmas message, pointed out that we


InNovember, town councilmeetings

2010. Marielle Heuvelmans, vice-president


after they had chopped a cord of wood and

will be opened not with the customary

of clinical programs received $133,892 in

in the world.

milked 40 cows, by hand.

prayer but with a singing of “What the

salary and $7,277 in benefits while Jill

Hawkesburgers will embrace the whole,

A YouTube video of a 75-year-old


world needs now, is love, sweet love.”

feel-good, touchy-feely sentiment.

woman snowboarding in a Tim Horton’s

was paid $110,405 in salaries and $7,092 in


Strays cats will begin disappearing; the

parking lot, with a double-double in each

benefits. The president of the Montfort

feral critters will all be adopted by loving

hand, will go viral.

in its waterworks budget, the town of

Hospital gets about $390,000 per year while

families. Gardens of wild flowers will take

RAGE will put together a travelling

Hawkesbury will consider imposing a


over previously manicured lawns.


tax on rain barrels. Nobody will care.

Ontario is paid $330,000. As of January 1,

Yo Yo Ma music will be played over


So, there you have some of the items

Ontario’s hospitals were subject to the

downtown speakers where happy

novels, rotary dial telephones, photo

that may be getting your attention in

Freedom of Information and Protection of

townspeople will assemble simply to enjoy


2012. Remember, before you start firing

Privacy Act. Hospitals disclosed the

the synergy of other human beings.

surrender cell phones and any other

off e-mails, these predictions are not to

information “as a way of demonstrating

The Occupy movement will move from

annoying devices before they enter a time

transparency and their commitment to

be taken too seriously, however, as they

Alexandria to Confederation Park but will

capsule, where they will have the

accountability among the communities they

move on to Montréal because the zealots

say, anything can happen.

opportunity to speak to real people.


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