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By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

I’ve always considered myself a “realistic optimist.” I’m always looking for the silver lining and I consciously avoid spending much (if any) time “worrying” about the negative, especially those things over which I have zero control. I refrain from yelling, “Chicken Little, Chicken Little, the sky is falling!” But … if anyone tells you we’re not heading into a deep recession, they’re either in denial or they have their head in the sand.

told him it was one of the best questions I’ve been asked in many years. See his question and my answer, below.

the way, but as I look into my cloudy, cracked, smudged crystal ball, I am trying to prepare for the future. That is pretty funny when you think of it. After all, what did the future look like in February? I could be wrong, of course, but I am trying to be as complete in my analysis as possible.


The Wall Street Journal, 4/3/20:

At the outset of this situation, when a date of early April was given, it seemed reasonable to prepare for business as (un)usual with that date. As this stretches now to the end of April, and possibly May or June, I am wondering about strategies to deal with what will likely be a slow reboot as people remain shell-shocked from the loss of jobs, savings, retirement funds, etc. In other words, while I previously imagined a kick-start with the shorter hiatus, I am trying to wrap my mind around, and prepare my team for, something other than merely plugging in the appointments from last month into the start. Our continued communication efforts will no doubt be of great value, especially as we continue to provide support along

“Hope Isn’t a Strategy for Coronavirus Economic Forecasts. Wall Street economists believe the U.S. economy is in the midst of its sharpest downturn since the end of World War II. The risk is that they are underestimating how long it will last. “In the space of a few weeks, economists have gone from saying that the U.S. would skirt recession to forecasting the deepest economic contraction in most Americans’ living memory. At BofA Global Research, they say gross domestic product will fall by an annualized 12% in the second quarter.” Yesterday I received the following question from one of our Gems family members, Dr. Jim Ferris. Jim was the first to ask me a question that should be on all of our minds. I

Remain positive, breathe (through the nose).

–Jim Ferris

NAVIGATING UNCHARTED WATERS – TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR FUTURE Our Gems family will be working on this nonstop in the coming weeks and months. But if you'd like a head-start ... ask yourself how and why GG12 member Dr. Cindy Wolt and manager (Wizard) Abbie can do $5,000,000 in one location. Then, ask yourself what they are doing RIGHT NOW to stay alive ... and what they are going to

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