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Live 6-Week Course Begins Wed. 5/6/20, 8:30 pm EDT "Deploying the 17-Step Plan for a Rapid Practice Recovery" During this live, members-only, interactive program, I'll walk you step-by- step through the process of implementation of each of the 17 steps.

By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

I’ve always considered myself a “realistic optimist.” I’m always looking for the silver lining and I consciously avoid spending much (if any) time “worrying” about the negative, especially those things over which I have zero control. I refrain from yelling, “Chicken Little, Chicken Little, the sky is falling!” But … if anyone tells you we’re not heading into a deep recession, they’re either in denial or they have their head in the sand.

told him it was one of the best questions I’ve been asked in many years. See his question and my answer, below.

the way, but as I look into my cloudy, cracked, smudged crystal ball, I am trying to prepare for the future. That is pretty funny when you think of it. After all, what did the future look like in February? I could be wrong, of course, but I am trying to be as complete in my analysis as possible.


The Wall Street Journal, 4/3/20:

At the outset of this situation, when a date of early April was given, it seemed reasonable to prepare for business as (un)usual with that date. As this stretches now to the end of April, and possibly May or June, I am wondering about strategies to deal with what will likely be a slow reboot as people remain shell-shocked from the loss of jobs, savings, retirement funds, etc. In other words, while I previously imagined a kick-start with the shorter hiatus, I am trying to wrap my mind around, and prepare my team for, something other than merely plugging in the appointments from last month into the start. Our continued communication efforts will no doubt be of great value, especially as we continue to provide support along

“Hope Isn’t a Strategy for Coronavirus Economic Forecasts. Wall Street economists believe the U.S. economy is in the midst of its sharpest downturn since the end of World War II. The risk is that they are underestimating how long it will last. “In the space of a few weeks, economists have gone from saying that the U.S. would skirt recession to forecasting the deepest economic contraction in most Americans’ living memory. At BofA Global Research, they say gross domestic product will fall by an annualized 12% in the second quarter.” Yesterday I received the following question from one of our Gems family members, Dr. Jim Ferris. Jim was the first to ask me a question that should be on all of our minds. I

Remain positive, breathe (through the nose).

–Jim Ferris

NAVIGATING UNCHARTED WATERS – TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR FUTURE Our Gems family will be working on this nonstop in the coming weeks and months. But if you'd like a head-start ... ask yourself how and why GG12 member Dr. Cindy Wolt and manager (Wizard) Abbie can do $5,000,000 in one location. Then, ask yourself what they are doing RIGHT NOW to stay alive ... and what they are going to

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have served us well during good times and bad, and I’m confident they will help you, too.

Personal Gems Concierge for a link to my special report on Assisted Hygiene, “The $500,000.00 Hygienist.” ☑ Create a Senior Courtesy Shuttle! Buy a used vehicle and repaint it, then apply a full ad wrap that says, "[Your Practice Name] — Senior Courtesy Shuttle." Offer to pick up seniors for their dental appointments and then drop them back at home (check with your attorney and insurance, of course). I did this and they LOVED it! And they tell all their friends! Look under Advanced Marketing Brain Trust on our members’ website and you'll find several examples of members' wrapped cars. As I mentioned above, I'd combine the new "ad wraps" with what I did with a complimentary shuttle for seniors. Use a little (lot) of imagination … Time permitting, I even had my driver offer to take them to the grocery store or pharmacy on the way back from their dental visits! You can’t begin to imagine the appreciation and relationships we built by going the extra mile (literally) for our patients! Check first with your attorney and insurance company. ☑ Do Daily Follow-up Calls. Have your team make a follow-up CALL to every patient who was injected each day. Ditto for every patient who had even a single unit of prosthetics seated. The wording is very important. Keep it positive. Always say, "Just calling to say you did great today and to check to see all is well, and that you are comfortable?" ☑ Send “Bun Warmers.” You and your team members choose two patients each, every day, to send "Bun Warmers" to. These Continued on page 3 ... "WSJ — In the space of a few weeks, economists have gone from saying that the U.S. would skirt recession to forecasting the deepest economic contraction in most Americans’ living memory."

" Some will do better than they ever have before. It's going to be a small number ... but as long as it's going to happen ... shouldn't you be in that number?!"

As you read down through this checklist, for each item, ask yourself how many of your local colleagues would be willing (or even think) to deploy. You can take action or make excuses … but the two cannot co-exist. ☑ Add Extra Days. At LEAST Saturdays if not also Sundays. Add one or two weekend days, take a weekday off, and see what happens to your schedule! ☑ Add Extra Hours. Open your practice during more of the hours patients won’t need to take time off from work (nights, early mornings!). ☑ Practice "Doughnut-Hole" Hygiene. Offer DOUBLE or TRIPLE hygiene (with the Doctor only doing re-exams, NOT seeing restorative) from 7–10 a.m. and 5–8 p.m. And yes, eliminate hygiene from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. if you find that patients are not scheduling or scheduling then blowing you off (because last-minute, they fear for their jobs and forget they scheduled for a recall visit). ☑ Use a Dedicated Hygiene Assistant. If you haven’t already, this is the time to facilitate your hygienist working out of two chairs at once (assisted hygiene). That's how you take maximum advantage of the doughnut-hole schedule and jam it full of hygiene recall. Assuming your state allows a dental assistant to rubber cup prophy children, you can easily run THREE HYGIENE CHAIRS SIMULTANEOUSLY during peak hours with just one hygienist, a dedicated hygiene assistant, and another assistant taking care of the kids in the third chair. Imagine the productivity of the PATIENT- CENTRIC convenient hours … e.g., six peak hours each day, 7–10 a.m. and 5–8 p.m., during which you’re seeing three hygiene patients per hour! That’s 18 hygiene patients every day during hours your patients will truly appreciate (and take advantage of). Schedule your retired seniors during the middle of the day.

do in the coming months. We have many like them, but they stand out because they have a TAKE NO PRISONERS, do-whatever-it-takes attitude. Does a practice have to be massive to survive and thrive in hard times? Nope. Ask yourself what GG12 members Dr. Terrie Cribbs, Dr. Luanne Curatola, Dr. Jo Zagami, and Dr. David Hanle (and many others) are doing right now in order to ensure their best shot at coming back strong PC (post-corona). What actions did GG12 member Dr. Ken Rasbornik and Crystal take a few short years ago to turn their brink-of-bankruptcy practice around and increase over $800,000 in less than 10 months?


Many older Dentists who were already on the fence will simply give up and retire.

VC will pull out of and simply shut down some DSO offices to cut their losses (already happening). Most don't care about the Doctors or the patients ... they never did.

Many Dentists will go bankrupt.

Some will do better than they ever have before. It's going to be a small number ... but as long as it's going to happen ... shouldn't you be in that number?!

PLANET GEMS CHECKLIST FOR SUCCESS Nobody can guarantee your success. But you can take proven-effective steps to ensure you have every possible shot at coming out on top when this mess is in our rear-view mirrors. The following are the first nine steps of a short (not really) list of just some of the strategies and tactics I developed for my practices. I’ll share the final eight steps in June’s edition. They

For a detailed explanation of and sample schedule for assisted hygiene, ask your

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are short, hand-written notes touching on something special you know about them or how they did during the visit, and/or just to express your appreciation that they are your patient. When each of you takes just five minutes per day to touch two patients, the resulting goodwill is immeasurable. By the way … I’d urge you and your team to commence this today . Just begin reaching out to your patients with personalized hand-written notes, each and every day. During the crisis, while you’re not seeing patients (or many), you have more time to get more than two per team member and Doctor written and mailed each day. ☑ Offer Internal Long-Term Financing. Internal long-term financing for your "A" patients is a win. Follow every risk- mitigation step (including the four parameters to determine your "A" patients) as defined in GoldMine Team Training Toolkit 015, "Huge Profits: Financing the Unfinanceable." If you follow what I've

on your Gems family. Utilize your coaching calls, speak with your Personal Gems Concierge, your community of Gems Family Members, plus Elizabeth and me.

"You can take action or make excuses … but the two cannot co-exist."

In your service,

outlined, you will on occasion lose a few dollars. But you'll make far more money as a result of being more flexible with internal long-term financing. Watch the video. Speak with your Personal Gems Concierge or coach. Your patients will need this level of flexibility more now than ever before. Be sure your Gems ratio is <1.2:1 prior to commencing. Which brings me to ... Stay tuned for Part 2 in next month’s newsletter! NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO ISOLATE … Stay tuned for the final nine steps in my 17- step plan next month. Remember, the worst thing you can do emotionally and financially at a time like this is to try to go it alone. Lean


P.S. Elizabeth and I would love to see you at our home for a family dinner on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020. It’s our way of kicking off the Gems Family Fall Retreat and Mastermind events. For more information and registration go to and click on the Fall Retreat banner at the top left of the home page. Call us at 1-888-880-GEMS (4367) or outside the USA and Canada, dial 001-508-872-0066. P.P.S. Register for the retreat prior to 5/15/20 and you’ll receive an additional bonus … a 20-minute one-on-one personal phone consultation with me, Dr. Tom, about any topic of your choice. Limit one per practice.

What Should You Do When the Sky Is Falling?

By Tom Rich, MBA, GG12 Senior Practice Analyst

During times of upheaval and turmoil, regardless of whether it comes from an economic crisis, natural disaster, or personal tragedy, people tend to react in one of two ways: 1. They hunker down, hiding in their basements eating canned beans, sitting on a mountain of Costco toilet paper waiting, hoping, and praying the apocalypse will quickly blow over, or 2. They see opportunity in the chaos and proactively look for ways to overcome the fear that cripples so many others and, instead, harness the power of the howling winds.

To quote Warren Buffett, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” In other words, the people who keep calm and collected and strategically look for ways to not just weather the storm but actually look to thrive are those who will come out ahead. So, in this world full of upheaval and disruption, what can you do — right now — to ensure you and your team don’t just try to survive … but actually prosper? Well … it starts with separating what you can do from what you can’t (i.e., “control the controllables”).

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Fortunately, most states have deemed dental offices as “essential for emergency care,” which means you can help your patients with certain specified emergencies. Unfortunately, most patients have also been given a shelter-in-place order, furloughed, or lost their jobs entirely, which means dental care is the last thing on their mind … EXCEPT when there is an emergency. If you are open for emergency care, now is the time to strategically market for emergency patients.


During any economic downturn, the immediate knee-jerk reaction is to cut anything considered “discretionary.” Sadly, most business owners think marketing falls in that category, so they cut marketing to the bone. While that approach might temporarily alleviate some financial pressure, it’s a short-term strategy with severe long-term consequences. That’s not to say you should be trying to attract patients with free exams; instead, in the words of Dan Kennedy, “You need to step into the conversation your patients are having in their heads.” Right now, they’re driven by emergencies and pain … so focus on the emergencies and pain. Dial in your marketing on the things they are 100% convinced they need because when you help a patient in their time of need, they often become a patient for life.

add capacity as quickly as possible and begin prepping for the pent- up demand. One simple way would be to extend your hours/days of operation. Regardless, you need to communicate that you are there for your patients and are anticipating their needs.


While new patients are essential for every practice, don’t neglect the goodwill you have with your existing patients. Now is the time to focus on connecting with your patients. You can send them emails, texts, videos, etc. Talk about how to brush, show them how to floss, remind them of ways to keep their teeth white and healthy. In short, remind them about why they stay loyal to you and your team. They may benefit now more than ever from improved (and more frequent) homecare. This strategy pays a lifetime of dividends for your patients and your practice.

"To quote Warren Buffett, 'Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.'”



Right now, almost every practice could do with a little belt-tightening. But you can’t save your way to profitability. Sure, you might be able to cut 3%–10% in discretionary spending, but that’s not enough to save a struggling practice. Also, you can’t have a practice without a team. Fortunately, congress just passed a massive relief package including SBA loans of up to $10 million, some of which can be forgiven, specifically money used to keep employees, pay rent, etc. There are some limitations, but in many cases, this should be enough to get over the economic vacuum this virus has created. These are a few things you can be doing right now to help your practice thrive. Now is the time to focus on community and connect with your patients in new and more meaningful ways. This economy won’t define your future, but the people with whom you surround yourself will determine where you are now and years down the road. Take a moment to remember you are not alone. You are part of a community that believes in the importance of supporting one another. We will come out of this stronger because we supported each other, shared ideas, and walked the path together. When you are part of our family here on Planet Gems, you don't just have one practice ... you have thousands of dental practices all working together to innovate, share best practices, and thrive.

With so many people at risk of losing their jobs (and with it, their dental insurance), consider true dental emergency services available to those who might not be able to see you in another month or so because they no longer have dental insurance or a job. You have a very small window to leverage this group of patients, but rest assured, the dental pain, swelling, or fractures they are experiencing are nothing short of an emergency, and they’ll appreciate anyone who can help them.


Every week that goes by creates a longer list of patients who missed their semiannual visit (there are actually 29 classifications of patients who should be seen more often than two times per year, but that’s a Gem for another day). That means as soon as the madness is over, many of your patients are going to be anxious to maximize their insurance benefits and get on the schedule as quickly as possible. Also, remember another important point: Not only is this affecting your practice now because of the semi-annual rhythm of most dental practices, but unless this is properly planned around now, it will also carry significant implications six months from now. So, look for ways to

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GEMS INSIDERS’ CIRCLE™ QUARTERLY Q&A WEBINARS: Four times each year, I’m available in the evening for up to 90 minutes to answer your questions about any topics of your choice regarding dental practice management.

Live 6-week course begins Wed. 5/6/20, 8:30 pm EDT "Deploying the 17- Step Plan for a Rapid Practice Recovery" Join me for an interactive members-only program. We will walk together, step-by- step, through the process of IMPLEMENTING the 17-step Plan


For the latest up-to-date information about what’s happening on Planet Gems, go to and click on “Calendar” (menu bar, top left of homepage). If you have questions, please contact your Personal Gems Concierge or call 1-888-880-GEMS (4367). 90-MINUTE GG12 TEAM TRAINING ONLINE EVENTS: GG12 Dental Practice Transformation members, please block out this monthly program on your calendar. These occur just once each month, but they could easily be the most important 90 minutes you and your team will ever invest. GG12 OFFICE HOURS: Twice each month, my office door is open for your visits. This is an opportunity for GG12 Doctors and team members to speak with me directly with questions about dental practice management.

Register today for your Fall Gems Family retreat in Boston starting on Wednesday night, Sept. 23, 2020, with dinner at my home. Doctors and team members often tell us they have never experienced anything like our retreats in all their years attending dental continuing education. Gems Family and GG12 Mastermind Members will form lifelong bonds with their fellow members. The retreat ends at 5:00 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020. EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS: Doctors registering for the fall event prior to 5/15/20 will receive a one-on-one 20-minute personal consultation with me, Dr. Tom. PLUS … your CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THE EVENT UNTIL 7/1/20. FULL MONEY BACK for cancellation up to 40 days before the event.

May 8: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EDT — GG12 Office Hours

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May 19: 12–1 p.m. EDT — GG12 Office Hours

May 20: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EDT — GG12 90-Minute Monthly Team Training Webinar

Dr. David Elter, Isreal Dr. Matej Pirtovsek, Slovenia Dr. Lanny Jacob, Canada Dr. Sandra Engelson, NY Dr. Oliver Canon, UK Dr. Farshad Farhoumand, VA Dr. Robert Wadden, IA Dr. Linda Batista, PA Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi, WI Dr. Joseph DeLapa, NY Dr. Richard Neuman, MI Dr. Jim Dores, MA Dr. Dianne Applegate, OR Dr. Tavinder Arora, CT Dr. Charles Field, MT Dr. Thomas Taylor, TX Dr. Salvador Munoz, TX

Dr. Judy Barber, FL Dr. Christopher Lefebvre, IN Dr. Anthony Lordo, OH Dr. Ron Greif, MO Dr. Corie Rowe, IL Dr. Greg Okoniewski, MI Dr. Rosita Law, CA Dr. Greg Wych, SC Dr. Alan Sasson, MA Dr. Tran Nguyen, NC Dr. Brent Dupper, CA Dr. Erick Nolting, MN Dr. Wesley Hanson, WA Dr. Edward Camacho, TX Dr. J. Keith Smith, GA Dr. Raja Aghabi, NY Dr. Dwight Roepcke, PA Dr. Ed Clark, OR Dr. Steven Yang, SC

Dr. Yuri Krainov, NY Dr. John Viviani, NY

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my suggestions involve asking team members to be present for regular meetings, role play, and light “office” work. You must ensure you are compensating your team members appropriately and you comply with all local, state, and federal employment regulations. Check with a human resources lawyer before getting started. If you don’t have a relationship with an HR Attorney, you may want to consider using CEDR Solutions. Many of our members use and are very happy with CEDR. Reach out to your Personal Gems Concierge if you would like an introduction.

Let’s dive into what you CAN do.


After your HR attorney gives you the go- ahead, it’s time to get to work. Before you connect with your team, update your Online Action List with what you want to accomplish during this period. As always, break each big picture strategy down to the individual actions required to deploy. Who will be responsible for each action item? By what date would you like to see it completed? If you don’t yet have an Online Action List from Gems, please contact your Personal Gems Concierge. Assign ONE team member to be in charge of each action item. This person won’t be solely responsible for the task because now more than ever, your team must come together! However, this person will be responsible for ensuring the task gets done prior to the target date. They will lead the charge. Among other goals you designate, your action list should contain the following points in order for this time to be successful for your practice.

Can’t Work IN the Business? Work ON the Business

By Chuck Nemitz, Certified GG12 Coach

One of the most common things we hear as GG12 Coaches is that there just isn’t enough time to implement new Gems. Members, especially those who are new to Planet Gems, frequently ask, “How can we possibly do all of this?” It’s a fair question. Caring for patients, ensuring the day-to-day work of your practice is complete, and implementing new Gems is a lot to stack on your plate during normal times. This is an unprecedented time for most of us. Dental practices across the nation and around the world are shut down for weeks or, in some cases, months while health care workers battle COVID-19. We’ve been asked to limit our time outside of our homes, forcing workers to set up shop in their home offices, living rooms, and even laundry rooms if they’re fortunate enough to be able to work from home.

The clinical aspects of your teams’ jobs just aren’t possible outside of the practice. Technology has afforded us many advantages, but the prospect of remotely administered digital restorative dental care is still science fiction. However, technology does have some perks you NEED to utilize today if you want to return to your practice stronger than ever. Take advantage of this downtime, when you’re forced out of the practice, to work ON your business. Now is the time to do all those Gems you “just don’t have time for.”


Emergency Treatment: In many states, it is still legal for you to perform specified emergency treatment on patients in need. Many patients may not know this or will fear going out in public for something “as minor as a toothache.” But as dental professionals, we know just how important oral health is to our


You may have team members who are temporarily laid off from their jobs while we wait for stay-at-home orders to lift. Many of

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overall well-being and, ultimately, the health of a patient’s pocketbook.

advantage, pick up the phone, and fill in your calendar. Once this dark cloud passes, you will be booked and won’t scramble for income after weeks (months?) of pause.

locations without ever having to meet face to face. Conferencing software, video chatting, and shared-user platforms allow you and your team to continue working ON the practice while you are unable to be IN the practice. I have a few of my favorite options for connecting digitally, and I’ve also included a few I know have worked well for other teams. Whichever you choose, take a moment upfront to test it with your team to ensure it works well for your needs. Make this technology work for you during this unique time. SECURITY NOTE: By now you have likely heard of the hacks and ransoms associated with online meetings. If you have a cell phone, computer, or even your refrigerator or garage door hooked up to the Internet, YOU ARE VULNERABLE. Prior to using any online meeting platform, remote access to your office software, etc., be certain to have your IT security specialists analyze and upgrade your security. Although there is never a guarantee you can’t/won’t be breached, it’s prudent to have your IT folks do everything they can to protect you.

If you remain available for emergencies, get the word out to your patients. Use more than one means of communication: email, text messaging, and social media. Put it front and center on your practice website. It’s a great way for you to support your patients during a very anxious time. 2. Hygiene Recall: Although relatively few people may be thinking about their next dental appointment while they are forced to be home, now is the perfect time for your team to call to them help them schedule a post-COVID-19 visit. a. Develop Your Plan: Don’t give up your weekly team meetings just because you are all remote. Hop on videoconferencing software (more on that in a moment) and run your team meetings as if you were all together in the office. Develop your plan and role-play together! Have each member of your team run through the script for phone and in-person hygiene recall success. Meet with your team using video chat through the resources I’ll talk about soon. It’s vital that you see how body language and facial expressions play a critical role in how you communicate with your patients. Use this time to hone the skills needed to ethically persuade your patients to get their next appointments scheduled now . b. Determine a Start Date: Nobody knows exactly when we’ll get the all-clear. For now, just pick a date (e.g., May 1, 2020). Start filling your May schedule with both hygiene recall and restorative. When the time comes closer, you’ll need to move that date and your patients up or back … but it’s far better than doing nothing now, and then starting from scratch, struggling to catch up from behind. c. Deploy: Your patients are home! They just might answer the phone out of sheer boredom. Use this to your

3. TOBI: The One Big Idea! Your PRIMARY FOCUS. Your list has to include that one trouble spot item (opportunity), your biggest rock that holds your practice back from MAXIMIZING its potential. This is the perfect time to scroll through our GoldMine Team Training Toolkit, or Advanced Marketing Brain Trust, or Strategic Documents, and more. Identify what you need to work on. Go to ( Pro Tip: Not sure which would be your best TOBI?

Connect with your Personal Gems Concierge and your Gems Coach!)

Don’t dive into hygiene recall empty-handed. To learn more, visit SITE MAP GOLDMINE UNDERGROUND TEAM TRAINING TOOLKIT 009 HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR HYGIENE RECALL. It’s a great refresher for your team and for you!

1. This is my current go-to for online meetings. A key benefit of this one is in the name: It’s FREE! I can connect to various audio and phone lines, share my screen, record audio and video, and more without being charged for anything , not for additional lines, minutes, or recording abilities. can be the perfect way for you and your team to stay in touch during this time. It’s a zero-cost way for your entire team to meet, discuss plans, and role-play. This platform is compatible with smartphones although larger screens from laptops and desktop computers are best when visual information is involved.

"This isn’t a vacation; it’s an opportunity! You cannot stick your head in the sand and wait for this rain cloud to pass. Get to work ON your business so you have a business to return to when this does end."


You know that now is the perfect time to work ON your business, and you know WHAT you need to work on. Now, let’s dig into how you can go about getting all this done without stepping a foot inside your practice for the next few weeks or months. We’re fortunate we’re living in the year 2020 instead of 1920 during this quarantine in our homes. We may not be able to go in public or work in our practices, but it’s easier than ever to connect with others from remote

2. Google Hangouts: This platform is perfect for those who use Google’s suite — Calendar, Docs, Sheets, etc., as their main hub. Hangouts is Google’s chat feature, which allows your team and you to communicate via instant message, audio call, and video chats.

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Gems Inside

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p.1. The Deepest Recession of Our Lives: Part 1

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p.3. What Should You Do When the Sky Is Falling?

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It also allows screen-sharing during your conversations, so no one misses a second of what’s being presented. Hangouts is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. 3. Zoom: One of the more popular platforms during the COVID-19 remote work period is Zoom, a digital phone and meeting system. Through Zoom, you can host various “meetings,” which users only need a link to access. In addition, a phone feature can connect to the phone back at your practice. This means when patients call in, your team can answer from a safe remote location. Zoom’s extra features, such as longer meeting times and audio recording, do come with a fee, but the ease of access and use does put this platform above others. This platform is also compatible with smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. 4. We often use here on Planet Gems! Ranging from FREE to low-monthly-fee accounts, connects the many platforms we use as a team together. We can connect it to our Google Suite, share email threads, and communicate in one customizable location. The most innovative part of this tool is its customization capability to make this space your own, and it’s

5. GoToMeeting: Last but not least is GoToMeeting … the baby brother of the tool Dr. Orent uses, GoToWebinar! GoToMeeting is one of the more advanced online collaboration tools that connects you to your team from anywhere. Like, all of your data and work can be collected and pulled from one location with this communication platform. Like the others, GoToMeeting is compatible with smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

like in the coming weeks and months, you CAN position your team and your practice to optimize your chances of a successful comeback. You don’t have to return to a backload of patients, empty or missed appointment slots, and uncertainty. Rely upon and work with your team. Focus on what you can control … Your team can contact patients, perform hygiene recall calls, schedule restorative patients, perfect your techniques and verbal skills from various Gems, and MORE. This isn’t a vacation; it’s an opportunity! You cannot stick your head in the sand and wait for this rain cloud to pass. Get to work ON your business so you have a business to return to when this does end. If you need help connecting with your team, creating your action list, and deploying the techniques needed to accomplish what’s on your list, the Gems team can help. Contact your Personal Gems Concierge to get started today!


also compatible with smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers.

Al though you cannot accurately predict what the economy or the world will be

"Take advantage of this downtime, when you’re forced out of the practice, to work ON your business. Now is the time to do all those Gems you 'just don’t have time for.'"

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