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Dans le canton d’Alfred-Plantagenet, les enfants Lajeunesse découvrent qu’un fossé profond avec un peu d’eau gelée au fond fait une très belle piste de patinage de vitesse à la taille d’un enfant. La grand-mère Sylvie Quinty et sa fille Sophie Lajeunesse regardent les enfants trouver leur propre façon de s’amuser à la maison pendant un confinement partiel. —photo Gregg Chamberlain


under the watchful eyes of their mother, Sophie, and their grandmother, Sylvie Quinty, and the family dog, Café, spent most of a sunny and crisp Friday morning, and part of the afternoon, January 7, zipping up and down the ditch. They had a few spills every TPPGUFOCVUUIFOKVTUHFUCBDLVQPOUIFJS GFFUBOETLBUFPOUPUIFàOJTI During the months of January and February, many Canadians may suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The long, EBSLOJHIUTBMPOHXJUITPNFHMPPNZHSFZ days can result in mild depression for some people. Health professionals recommend that people try to get outside during the daytime as often as possible during the winter. Sun- light can provide both a cheering effect on a person and also help create natural vitamin D in the body which will help with maintaining physical health. The Lajeunesse children were quite happy with their homegrown solution to being SAD.

The partial lockdown situation for Ontario is a depressing way to begin the new year but four children over in Alfred-Plantagenet do not let that stop them from having fun. Charles, Mathis, Lea, and Adrien Lajeu- nesse live in a wooded area of the township CFUXFFOUIFWJMMBHFTPG8FOEPWFSBOE$VS - ran. The sparse amount of snow so far this winter season, combined with the steady TVC[FSPUFNQFSBUVSF JOTQJSFEUIFNUPNBLF some changes to an old Canadian winter TQPSUTUSBEJUJPOQPOEIPDLFZ The drainage ditch running along the road past their house and their grandparents’ house nearby is nice and deep, with just enough water left at the bottom from last BVUVNOTSBJOUPNBLFBDIJMETJ[FETQFFE TLBUJOH USBDL XJUIB MJUUMFTIPWFMXPSL UP clear off the snow cover. 5IFTQFFETLBUJOH-BKFVOFTTFRVBSUFU 



response and better protection. i8FEPIBWFQFPQMFDBMMBOEBTL BOE when they hear we only have Moderna they do go elsewhere,” an employee at the Rus- TFMM1IBSNBDZTBJEPWFS UIFQIPOFi8F EPOUVTVBMMZHFUQFPQMFXBMLJOHPVUCFDBVTF XFSFCZBQQPJOUNFOUPOMZ BOEXIFOXFCPPL them, we’re very clear that we only have Moderna.” Pfizer is

Misinformation about the Moderna vac- cine have led to some people refusing it in favor of Pfizer. Amid the fourth wave of COVID-19, some people are refusing to get their second and

third shots if they can’t receive the Pfizer brand of vaccine. This pheno- menon, referred to as “vaccine shopping”, has led to a negative impact on vaccination rates, and may have disas- trous consequences down the line.

Les informations erronées concernant la marque du vaccin ont un impact sur les taux de vaccination dans tout le pays.

currently expe- riencing shipping delays, and there is an ample sup- ply of Moderna, so that’s what’s being offered at

NPTUNBTTWBDDJOBUJPODMJOJDT8IBU1à[FS vaccines are available are being rationed for the 18-to-29 age group, as Moderna carries BSJTLPGTJEFFGGFDUTGPSUIBUBHFHSPVQ This misinformation may be why there have been significantly less 5-to-11-year-olds receiving their vaccinations.

Moderna supply interruptions in the early days of the pandemic led to most people receiving Pfizer as their first and second EPTFT/PX TPNFQFPQMFBSFSFMVDUBOUUP get Moderna for their third dose, even though mixing vaccines shows a higher immunity

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