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Take a deep dive into our annual and evaluation report for 2022. You can see the impact our mentoring programs made; find out about partners, schools, mentors and people that made it all possible and read all about the insights and findings from our rigorous evaluation.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Annual Report 2022 The impact of hope

The power of showing up raise.org.au

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


“I’m thoroughly enjoying the Raise program, and I’m glad I signed up for it. My mentor is so kind and caring and I believe they have helped me a lot. My mentor was the first person in my life that I could tell everything to - they were always there for me

and helped me achieve so many things just by talking to me one hour a week.” - Lachlan, Mentee

Raise acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as traditional custodians of the lands and waterways on which our programs are delivered. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging and acknowledge the ongoing contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in mentoring and nurturing our young people. Raise acknowledges and honours the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge to create and maintain an environment that celebrates diversity and equality and is inclusive for all.

Disclaimer: Some mentee and match photos featured throughout this document are real, and names have been changed for privacy reasons. The quotes and names used on the images are not related to the person(s) pictured.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au



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Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Letter from the Chair and CEO

So many young people across the country needed support to strengthen their hope, resilience, help seeking skills and engagement with school in 2022. They needed a mentor to show up for them. That’s why we’re thrilled we could provide 2,088 young people with a Raise mentor and that over 90% graduated from our mentoring program. This year, we screened and trained 915 new volunteer mentors and retained a record 1,107 experienced mentors. Over the past 14 years we have provided a Raise Mentor to almost 11,000 young Australians and trained over 7,200 volunteer mentors across the country. We are proud of the impact our mentoring program has and our outcomes are detailed beautifully in our enclosed Evaluation Report, which I know you will enjoy reading. But our work was not without obstacles this year. On the ground, there were tough challenges for young people, schools, mentors and our team. The challenges schools are experiencing are unprecedented – staff shortages, oversized classes, student disengagement, behavioural issues and challenges with students’ social and emotional wellbeing. It was particularly tough in New South Wales and Victoria, where our biggest footprint is, due to their extended lockdowns. The transition back to face- to-face learning after two disrupted years was extraordinary. We work with mostly Year 8 students, most of whom have not attended school regularly in-person since they were in Year 5. Two very different developmental stages. For our organisation, sourcing volunteer mentors was and continues to be a challenge. Volunteering Australia reports that volunteering across the country has declined by up to 40% and it is a testament to all in our Raise village that we were able to maintain our mentoring match number above 2,000. Attracting increased funding to propel our growth strategy towards supporting more young people requires continued focus. Typically, we recruit our mentors first, then source the schools and funding required to bring those programs to life. However, in mid-2022, after seeing the urgent need, we decided to focus on offering our program to schools as the priority for 2023.

We received 87 new school applications in addition to our current 180 programs, so our plan to support more young people was in action. However, it became a stark reality in October that we did not have enough funding to meet that demand. For the first time ever, we had to turn schools and young people away. It was a confronting situation for us, and one we hope to never face again. It became obvious that we needed to re-strategise for 2023. We determined that we could raise enough funding to deliver 218 programs for 2,605 young people, rather than the planned 263 programs. However, we will keep stretching towards our goal of offering mentoring programs to all public secondary schools. Ultimately, 2022 was our hardest year yet, but we are inspired by the impact of hope for the future. We are energetically recruiting new mentors, even within the tough volunteering market, to fulfil our 2023 commitment and beyond. So, if you’ve thought about becoming a youth mentor, now is the time, as young people need you more than ever. Our commitment to maximising cost efficiency, particularly as we expect economies of scale as we expand, is something we continue to balance out with the required investment to deliver quality programs as the priority. Since we enacted our Strategic Impact Plan, we have tripled our impact from delivering 66 programs for 726 young people per annum, to delivering 180 programs that supported 2,088 young people in 2022. We are delivering early intervention mentoring programs that provide social and emotional wellbeing support in 21% of secondary schools nationally, compared to 8% in 2017. Our extraordinary staff team and volunteer mentors continue to demonstrate incredible commitment, and their show of heart for our mentees is inspiring to witness. All our supporters give us hope, and they give hope to young Australians. We would like to thank each one of you who continues to support us in so many generous ways. We need and appreciate every donor, every volunteer, every partner. You mean the world to us.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


What fuels us and keeps us working tirelessly is mentee feedback like this:

“When I started this program, I was recovering from suicidal ideation and depression, and I still am, but [mentoring] was one of the little things that I looked forward to and a reason to get out of bed and continue on. I will definitely miss this program, but it has been a great journey full of self-growth and patience.” We feel encouraged every time we read it, and a profound feeling about the impact of hope. It’s been a trying time, but we know our program can change the course of a young person’s life. That’s why we get up, look forward, embrace the learnings and continue to show up..

Vicki Condon Founder and CEO

Leon Condon Chairman

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


About Raise Foundation



Young people across Australia are experiencing challenges that impact their wellbeing, and so many don’t have someone they can go to for support.

Raise offers early intervention, evidence-based mentoring for young people in high school with trained and trusted independent adults.



Young people can get through adolescence, believe in themselves and others, and are equipped to shape a purposeful life.

To create thriving communities by delivering mentoring programs across Australia, prioritising younger students in public secondary schools who are most at risk of disengagement or poor wellbeing.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Why do we focus on young people?

Young people are the least likely group to ask for professional help 1

3 in 10 young people would find it hard to turn to friends and family if they needed help 2

1 in 4 young people feel lonely all or most of the time 3

1 in 6 young people feel negative or very negative about the future 4

1 in 12 young people are disengaged from education and work 6

1 in 4 young people will experience bullying at school 7

Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people 5

This is an urgent crisis, and the economic impact of these problems is substantial. At Raise Foundation, we believe it is within our power to do something about these social issues.

Stress, mental health, school problems, body image are the top issues of concern 8

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Our Values

Be Courageous

Show Heart

Give Respect

– we are imaginative, driven, progressive, confident

– we are kind, passionate, sincere, empathetic

– we believe in acceptance, equity, inclusivity

Apply Integrity

Bring Vitality

Deliver Excellence

– we operate with authenticity, accountability, transparency

– we are positive, fun, energetic, inspiring

– we are evidence-based, responsive, consistent, experts in our industry

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


A solution built on strengths

We put young people first Understanding the issues they face and providing the support they want, we empower young people to manage and cope with their challenges today and in the future. We are youth mentoring experts Devoted to being an early intervention and prevention solution, we provide industry leading mentor training to deliver best-practice programs that meet or exceed industry benchmarks. We are trusted, safe and reliable Based in schools, we give young people access to a trusted, independent person who shows up every week, just for them, in a safe space and supervised by a degree qualified professional. We deliver programs that work Using a rigorous approach to monitor and evaluate our programs, and prove and improve our impact, we see positive growth for young people in resilience, school belonging, help seeking and hope for the future. We bring everyone together Connecting with schools, businesses, government and donors, we deliver innovative solutions for the greater good by creating thriving communities across our country. We find better ways With a collaboration and innovation lens, we are constantly developing new approaches, exciting initiatives and efficient ways to mentor as many young people as possible. We are people people Priding ourselves on listening, caring and working openly with everyone, we proactively build strong relationships and successful partnerships.

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Thank you to our partners

First and foremost, our work would not be possible without our valued partners, who make a world of difference at Raise.

Principal Partners

Private Donors

Boyer Family John and Nicki Caliguri Fuchs Family Graf Family Liz and Walter Lewin Moller Family Foundation

James and Kathy Ajaka Mary Alice Foundation Bishop Family Chris Bond Crookes Family Foundation Kristina Giuffre Jun Bei Liu Pass Foundation Alexander Small The Swift Family Foundation

Geoff and Carly Lloyd Peter & Elizabeth Moore Foundation Reede Family Kate and Dom Roche Dominic and Emma Stevens David Thodey Cooper Tuxen Foundation David and Michele Southon Sandi and John Szangolies

Steve and Carrie Bellotti Garry Browne AM CHEP Australia Helping Hand Coolaroo Foundation Su and Morrice Cordiner Wayne Pascoe and Julie Doyle Roxanne and Jeremy Dunkel Stuart and Emma Fox Bruce Fink David and Jaclyn Gazal Halstead Family Belinda Hutchinson & Roger

Shemara and Ed Wikramanayake

Wade Family Walker Family

Geoff and Karen Wilson Mel and Simon Wright Plus 3 x Anonymous supporters

Massy-Greene David Knowles Mervyn Levin Justin Liberman

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Corporate Partners

Trusts and Foundations

In Kind Partners

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Executive summary

We remain unflinching in our resolve to help more young people navigate their challenges and find the path to a purposeful life – it all starts with a little bit of hope.

The power of showing up – and the impact of hope We do one thing, and we do it really well – youth mentoring. Why? Because we know that giving young people a trusted person to talk to is empowering, it builds resilience, it gives young people hope. Hope can change the course of a young person’s life. Hope provides a future, hope drives change. Hope spreads from one person to the next – it’s infectious. Some may have picked up this report asking ‘Is it working? Does youth mentoring make a difference?’ We know that it does – because we thoroughly measure and monitor our best practice programs to ensure they deliver lasting positive change. Often not just for our mentees, but mentors as well. Safety remains paramount and trust is everything. We attract and train high quality mentors and match them with young people who need a supportive and caring adult who is just there to listen to them.

Leading the way since 2008

7,273 mentors trained since inception

10,954 young people mentored since inception

110 passionate and professional staff

116,368 training modules delivered to mentors

251,942 hours of mentoring support provided

Continued involvement in the Together for Youth collaboration with 13 other NFP organisations to deliver the pilot initiative across 3 states.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


2022 was a year filled with hope Supporting mentors • Recruited, trained, screened and onboarded 915 new mentors • Retained 1,017 experienced mentors (an all-time record) Beneficial partnerships & funding • Continued our partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health, achieving all delivery requirements • Secured additional major funding from existing and new Principal Corporate Partners • Successfully hosted our first Formal Gala Ball since 2019 for over 250 guests

Driving impact • Achieved statistically significant outcomes for young people in 3 out of the 4 key impact areas • Delivered Phase 4 of our Raise Digital Village technology project on time and on budget • Delivered a state-based conference roadshow for our teams across the country, and an online conference for our whole team Taking our organisation to the next level • Launched our new website with fresh brand guidelines, creating a better user experience for our volunteer mentors • Commenced Independent Evaluation with University of Melbourne and Soulab to evaluate the process and impact of our program • Held our first Youth Summit with 35 mentees and staff from 6 different schools as a way to incorporate the voices of young people

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


How did we drive change in 2022? We have so many achievements to celebrate – this is a snapshot of our program delivery numbers in 2022.

180 mentoring programs delivered across 6 states

161 face to face 7 online 12 group

1, 941 young people graduated from our mentoring programs 2,088 young people commenced our mentoring programs



Match retention rate (compared to 65% industry standard)

Overall attendance rate across our mentoring programs

Statistically significant improvement in mentee outcomes and mentor outcomes as outlined in separate Raise Foundation Evaluation Report

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


School partner feedback

Norwood Secondary College Byron Street Ringwood Victoria 3134 Telephone (+613) 9871 0400 Facsimile (+613) 9879 6061 Email norwood.sc@edumail.vic.gov.au

17 November 2022

Raise Youth Mentoring – Norwood Secondary College

Norwood Secondary College was lucky enough to be a part of the Raise Mentoring program in 2022. The students who participated in the program not only reported enjoying the program and wishing that they could continue the program next year, but also developed more self-confidence and greater resilience. The students expressed how helpful it was having someone to speak with weekly, guide them with difficult situations and to have fun and laugh with them. I highly recommend this program to other schools, as the mentoring program has provided our students with the opportunity to connect with a trained mentor who listens and supports them. The mentors developed rapport and built trust with the students through providing a safe space to talk through a range of different topics. The guided sessions provide the students with time to resolve conflict in their lives, work through goals that they set for themselves and focusing on improving their wellbeing. The students who have been a part of the Raise Mentoring program speak very highly of the program, stating how helpful they found it, reflecting on the positive connections they made with their mentor and the other mentors and students involved. One student reflected in the graduation ceremony “I took a lot more away from this than just food”. Staff have observed the positive changes in the students who participated in the program, reporting students were making more connections with fellow students, an increase in their sense of wellbeing and greater resilience and confidence. The program is extremely valuable and highly relevant for young people. The program structure covers important topics, is well organised and run by fantastic staff. We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Raise Mentoring Program again in 2023.

Yours sincerely, Miranda Maginness Wellbeing Counsellor

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


How our program works for mentors…

Screening Application review and eligibility check

Checks Submit your Working with Children and Police Checks

Application form

Online training 8 modules completed in your own time

Enrolled Qualified and mentoring location confirmed

Group training 1 day, virtual or face to face

Orientation Intro at school with the team of mentors and your Program Counsellor

Evaluation Participate in research to prove and improve impact

Jitters Group workshop to meet and be matched with your mentee

Graduation Program concludes with celebration event



23 weeks • Involves 1 hour mentoring and 1 hour support session each week.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


…and mentees!














Stand Up

Making friends

Managing Stress


Gift of goodbye!




School Community


Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Young people are at the heart of everything we do at Raise – which is why we ensure young voices are at the centre of our program’s design and delivery. How we listen We engage both current and alumni mentees to capture the impact of our program. We have also established a Youth Ambassador program to provide an outlet for other young voices. In addition to the voice of our mentees, we actively engage our Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) regularly. Our YAC is made up of six young people aged 18-25 who are highly-skilled, ambitious, and passionate about the wellbeing of young people. Our YAC is always eager to share their ideas and experiences, and have been pivotal in not only shaping future Raise programs but implementing a by-youth design mentality in our organisation. The role of the YAC The YAC collaborates on projects with various teams across the organisation by providing insights from the young perspective. With the support of our Youth Engagement Facilitator, YAC advocates for the young voice in our ever-evolving best practice mentoring programs. Advocating for the young voice

Thank you 2021-22 YAC members We’d like to thank our 2021-22 YAC members, who completed their role with us in June 2022: Angelica Olinnaka, Cassandra Bentley, Ciaran Foster, Layla Eatber, Leonie Nahhas, Lisa Lewis, Gabi Stricker Phelps, Teyarnea Griffis and Vince Chen. You have all made invaluable contributions to Raise. Welcome to our new YAC members We’d like to welcome our new YAC members for 2022- 2023: Amira Skeggs, Tianna Jones, Lilian Meyer, Leah Page, Milena Shvedova and Toby Caro. We are so excited to have you with us. Some projects our new YAC contributed to in 2022 include: • developing a panel episode for our podcast, The Power of Showing Up, • collaborating with our Curriculum Team to design mentor resources, • supporting the Programs Team to create more inclusive and accessible documentation, • providing feedback on our new Mentee Handbook design, • advising our Strategy Team on how to attract younger mentors through marketing and volunteer engagement, • and supporting our Youth Summit event in November. These members will continue to be an integral part of the organisation for the duration of 2023.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


In November 2022, Raise piloted our first ‘Youth Summit’, co-hosted with our new Principal Partner, Salesforce. The summit hosted 35 young people from six different schools for a one-day design-thinking workshop. The Data and Youth Insights team piloted this event as a way to capture feedback from young people, and embed their voice in the ongoing design and improvement of our program delivery. Six Sydney School Partners participated in the summit – Turramurra High School, Randwick Boys High School, Marsden High School, Rouse Hill High School, North Sydney Girls High School and Newtown Performing Arts High School. Our 35 young participants were in Years 9 and 10, some Raise graduate mentees and some new to the organisation. The group were given real mentee onboarding, mentor training and program curriculum challenges faced by Raise. Working together, they applied design- thinking to develop creative solutions with invaluable mentoring and input from the Salesforce experts. The day ended with a ‘Shark Tank’ exercise, where each group had the opportunity to pitch their idea back to the cohort. Our first ever Youth Summit

Salesforce, alongside our Youth Engagement Facilitator, played a fundamental role in making the summit a fun, engaging, supportive and well- structured day. A true collaborative partnership was formed during the significant preparation in developing the content, agenda and materials. Engagement was extremely high, with unanimous positive feedback from participants. It made evident what we know to be true – creative initiatives like this inspire and empower young people. Simply put: it was a great success – and the team can’t wait to run another Youth Summit in 2023. Plans are underway with the support of Salesforce and other possible corporate partners.

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


People – because it takes a village

Building a positive and inclusive team culture We are proud of the positive, supportive and inclusive team culture we have at Raise. Our values of Show Heart, Deliver Excellence, Be Courageous, Give Respect, Apply Integrity and Bring Vitality guide how we operate and collaborate. Leadership Team: • Vicki Condon AM • Alison Hall

Our Raise team consists of extraordinary people, personally aligned and committed to positively impacting the lives of young Australians. Our employees We employ over 110 (63 FTE) talented individuals who dedicate their expertise, skills and ideas to Raise to ensure we deliver high-quality programs with a positive impact and expand our reach to spread hope to more young people – all in a sustainable way. Our volunteer mentors We partner with over 2,000 volunteer mentors who generously give their time, skills and experiences to empower the young people in our programs. We are very proud that we have been able to maintain our volunteer numbers year-on-year despite the challenges of COVID-19 and research suggesting that adult Australians are volunteering less. Volunteers play an integral role in our Raise village. While we hope to engage more volunteers as we continue our vital work, we feel lucky to have so Our team is guided by the expertise of our Board of Directors, Advisory Councils and Ambassadors. We are fortunate to have the support and connections of a remarkable team of people on our Patron’s Advisory Council, chaired by David Gonski AC, Youth Advisory Council chaired by Lucy Snowball, Fundraising Advisory Council, chaired by Andrew Birch, Research Advisory Council, chaired by Professor Lucas Walsh, and School Advisory Council chaired by Kathleen Vella. many willing to support our mentees. Councils with a purpose

• Karen Kennedy • Allison Salmon • Lucy Snowball • Fiona Treweeke • Kathleen Vella Board of Directors: • Andrew Birch • Tim Bishop • Leon Condon (Chair) • Vicki Condon • Jun Bei Liu • Leanne Ralph

Right: Our Leadership Team (clockwise from top left) Lucy Snowball, Karen Kennedy, Alison Hall, Vicki Condon, Kathleen Vella, Allison Salmon, Fiona Treweeke, Lucy Snowball. Far right: Some of our Board of Directors and PAC members (left to right) Leon Condon (Chair), David Knowles, Vicki Condon, Jun Bei Liu, David Gonski AC (Chair). Inset, on-screen (clockwise from top left) Lisa Paul AO, Emma Flowers, Ilana Atlas AO, Chris Bond and Leslie Loble.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


In our most recent team culture and engagement survey, our people told us:

99% believe that we positively contribute to the wider community 98% believe that we are committed to best practice in our industry

98% believe that their work is extremely or very meaningful

97% feel engaged with our vision and mission

96% believe our leaders act with integrity

92% a re happy working for Raise

Patron’s Advisory Council: • Ilana Atlas AO • Chris Bond • Emma Flowers • David Gonski AC (Chair) • David Knowles • Leslie Loble • Lisa Paul AO Fundraising Advisory Council: • Andrew Birch (Chair)

Research Advisory Council: • Rachel Christie • Carolyn Curtis • Penny Daikin • Suzie Riddell • Professor Lucas Walsh (Chair) Youth Advisory Council:

Ambassadors: • Mark Beretta OAM • Ryan (“Fitzy”) Fitzgerald • Mia Freedman

• Georgie Gardner • Ellia Green OAM • Tommy Herschell • Jean Kittson • Pat McCutcheon • Hugh Sheridan • Erik Thomson • Jacinta Tynan

• Amira Skeggs • Tianna Jones

• Lilian Meyer • Leah Page • Milena Shvedova • Toby Caro

• Cedric Fuchs • Michael Graf • Dr Matthew Miles • Rachael McLennan • Bronwyn Winley

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


We couldn’t do what we do without our Raise mentors – young people are the heart of our organisation, but our mentors are the lifeblood of our team. Raise mentors are extraordinary people – their commitment and generosity is unmatched. They know that the time they invest gives hope that can last a lifetime, that they have the power to change the course of a young person’s life. Our mentors don’t take that lightly and neither do we. How does Raise ensure high quality mentors? Raise Foundation is the only youth mentoring organisation in Australia that offers comprehensive mentor training. Our commitment and passion to mentor training ensures highly qualified volunteers with outstanding mentoring skills. These skills are also transferable to paid employment, parenting, leading and mentoring in the workplace, as well as community involvement with young people. Mentor training

Our commitment to growth and safety Our commitment to continually review and further develop our Raise Youth Mentor Training resulted in the introduction of two new additional online modules, allowing more time for interactive activities in group training. The safety of our young people is at the forefront of what we do. Alongside completing our best practice Raise Youth Mentor Training Course, Raise mentors complete compulsory Working with Children Checks and National Crime Checks. Our mentors select preferred schools and through careful screening we match them with a suitable choice, where they dedicate up to two hours each week for two school terms. Helping other organisations We support other organisations in mentor training across the private, public and NFP sector whether it be training their staff and/or volunteers. We believe by upskilling more people to mentor formally and informally, we are creating thriving communities built on hope and empowerment right across Australia.

“Can I just say that this is one of the most well thought-out and engaging learning programs I have attended! I’ve attended many over the years and the Raise training would be in my top 3.” - Lisa, Mentor

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Feedback from our mentors on the completion of Raise Mentor training is consistently favourable

of mentors rated their Training Facilitator favourably (good or excellent)

of mentors rated Raise Mentor Training favourably (good or excellent)”



Online Training Our mentors rated the effectiveness and engagement of our online training as 9 out of 10

Group Training Mentors rated their knowledge and skills about youth mentoring as an average: 5.6 out of 10 before

the Raise Mentor Training Course, and 8.7 out of 10 afterwards

of university students said the skills covered in our Raise Mentor Training were complementary to their studies


Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


The power of showing up | raise.org.au


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Raise training and was inspired by the other trainees and our trainer, James, who led the session with respect and consideration. I am committed to the ongoing process and look forward to the mentoring

journey ahead.” - Nicole, Mentor

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022



Private Philanthropy and Community Fundraising “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

We know it takes a village to raise a child – but not every young person has a village. That’s where we, the Raise Village, show up. But we can only do so thanks to our Raise Village donors, supporters and partners. Our growth is built on the foundation of their kindness and generosity. It’s because of them that we’re able to give young people hope.

We thank those supporters who have been with us since the beginning, who ensure that each year, their philanthropic giving includes Raise. It is their consistent commitment that allows us, year-on-year, to increase the number of programs and mentees we can support. We sincerely thank all the people, families and partners listed at the front of this report – you enable us to show up and give young people hope, an immeasurable gift.

Fundraising by numbers

66 Major Donors $2,000 or above

287 Community Donors $1 – $1,999

Average gift $20K

Average gift $120

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Regular Giving Thank you to our generous supporters who give every month through regular giving, either by signing up via our website or through workplace giving. Regular giving is vital for our sustainability, enabling us to plan ahead. We thank all our corporate partners who promote Raise to their staff and enable payroll donations. Events Many individual gifts come through our events. In 2022, we held the following events: Bishop and Macquarie Private Dinner Generously hosted by Tim and Stacey Bishop, and supported by Macquarie Foundation with remarkable matched funding. This event recognises the importance and generosity of our individual donors. This is a major fundraiser for Raise, and we are incredibly grateful to the Bishop family and Macquarie.

Patron’s Lunch Our annual Patron’s Lunch in May celebrated a number of our partners and supporters. We heard from our patron David Gonski AC and keynote speaker, mindset coach extraordinaire Ben Crowe from Mojo Crowe, who inspired the crowd with his uplifting attitude and ability to use mindset to achieve goals. Tribeca Lunch Hosted by our enthusiastic new Board Director, Jun Bei Liu, with the support of Tribeca Investment Partners, David Aylward and his team, the inaugural Raise Spring Luncheon was an outstanding afternoon. Thanks to our guest’s generosity, enough funding was raised for 25 young people to participate in our program. Back To School Formal After 3 years of cancellations, we were thrilled to host over 250 members of the Raise Village at Luna Park for our major fundraising event of the year, the Back to School Formal. The wonderful November event raised enough funds – through ticket sales, a live auction and a raffle– for 50 young people to join the program.

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Fundraising continued

Corporate Partnerships Our strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our corporate partners is thanks to their willingness to share their: Time – critical volunteers in a time of volunteer scarcity in Australia Treasure – program sustainability through fundraising and donations Talent – sharing best in class resources and creative commercial solutions Our Principal, Major, and Corporate partners are an intrinsic part of our organisation. Their holistic approach and long-term investments have enabled us to grow sustainably and to drive maximum impact. The special support from our In-Kind Partners, including our friends at JCDecaux and Foxtel, has been pivotal in giving us access to out-of-home and TV media opportunities to help build brand awareness. Existing Principal Partnerships Goodman Our long-term partnership with Goodman has gone from strength-to-strength since its inception in 2015. During 2020-21 they provided critical emergency pandemic funding, and we are thrilled to announce that in 2022 a multi-year agreement to support 765 young people over the next three years was formed. We thank Goodman for their continual support and dedication. Future Generation Australia Future Generation’s extraordinary gift to Raise is one- of-a-kind unrestricted funding and we’re extremely grateful to have a supporter who understands the benefit of versatile funding. FGX funding increases each year due to the success of the fund, and we receive invaluable mentoring from their team.

Macquarie Macquarie is the epitome of a generous partner. As one of our first major partners, they have provided hundreds of mentors, supported our technology build, and taught us commercial acumen. Macquarie is a founding supporter of the Together for Youth Collaboration initiative – an Australia wide collection of purpose-driven organisations delivering critical wellbeing support in high schools – and in 2022, Macquarie hosted the inaugural Together 4 Youth Summit. We know that by collaborating with our peers we can achieve more and we’re grateful that Macquarie understands this too. Zurich The reliable and generous support of the Zurich Foundation during our long-standing partnership has enabled us to forecast each year and achieve long- term goals. Our Mental Wellbeing Grant runs from 2020 to 2025 and has helped us to expand into more states as part of our Strategic Impact Plan. Priceline Priceline Sisterhood Foundation’s support in helping us implement parts of our Strategic Impact Plan has driven transformational change. Their financial gifts over many years enabled us to bring new programs into new locations across the country, while their thought leadership helps us solve business problems, such as building a mentor waitlist to reduce the burden of annual recruitment.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


New Principal Partnerships Salesforce

Government Support We are forever grateful for our partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health. Their investment in early intervention and prevention is encouraging, and their willingness to match the support we get from private and corporate partners is incredibly valuable. This year, thanks to their funding, we commenced our Independent Evaluation with the University of Melbourne (outcomes) and Soulab (process and economic) and we are very excited to share the outcomes with you over the coming year.

Raise and Salesforce created a multi-faceted partnership which has provided holistic and transformative support. Salesforce is funding nine programs nationally over two years, and their inspiring CEO Pip Marlow is part of our Elevate program, where we match C-Suite executives with sought after business mentors. Over the past three years, 95 Salesforce team members have mentored. They’ve also given their space and time for special projects, such as our groundbreaking Youth Summit. Securing great spaces is vital to the success of these activities as they drive creative thinking and build room for strong connections. Canaccord Many Canaccord team members are parents and, after two years of lockdowns, learnt firsthand the difficulties young people experience. This has made them passionate about mental health and prevention programs for young people, which led to a two year financial commitment to support 100 new matches each year. Along with critical funding, this partnership- in-action includes fundraising initiatives, many team members signing up to mentor, as well as access to boardrooms and engaging their clients to support Raise or sign up to mentor. While only 8 months into our partnership, Canaccord have already had a significant impact, with more exciting plans ahead.

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Raise-ing the brand

2022 was a big year for the Raise Marketing team and the growth of our brand. We launched our new website – packed with great content and using our effective new branding. We worked on improving the user journey, particularly with our new quick-and-easy application form. We also decked out the office in our new branding, making our space a reflection of Raise and our values. Our Raise Digital Hub (below), previously known as the Raise Digital Village, also had a makeover and some significant functionality improvements. Returning applicants and qualified mentors can now simply log in and sign up for the next intake, and mentors can choose program preferences that suit them. Improving the experience for our mentors is a key way to help with recruitment and get mentors to reapply.

We’re always working on new ways to grow our brand and spread our message of hope and empowerment. In 2022, we tested targeted local level tactics through paid social media, street posters, direct mailers and local advertorial and PR. Based on results, we have a springboard to work from in 2023 and will continue to elevate the Raise brand. A huge thank-you to our wonderful partners JCDecaux, Sydney Airport and Foxtel for their ongoing support with in-kind media, allowing us to continue to build brand awareness and spread our message on a national level. Opposite page, left to right: Top row JCDecaux bus shelters, social media, 2022 Mentee Handbook; Middle row , our branding bright to life in our Clarence Street HQ, Recruitment Collateral; Bottom row Recruitment advertisement, JCDecaux screens at Sydney Airport, Guerilla recruitment advertising in Parramatta.

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Mentee Handbook Your personal mentoring guide

The power of showing up raise.org.au

The power of showing up | raise.org.au 1

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17/3/22 5:48 pm

At Raise, we do one thing and we do it really well – youth mentoring

More than 10,703 young people supported

Founded in 2008

More than 7,206 mentors trained

867 mentoring programs delivered

A solution built on strengths

Mentoring works Research shows that young people who are mentored have lower levels of depression, higher sense of wellbeing, know where to go for support. The Raise Youth Mentoring Program provides young people with a caring, independent volunteer mentor to empower them to talk through life’s challenges.

We put young people first.

We are youth mentoring experts.

We are trusted, safe and reliable.

We bring everyone together.

We deliver programs that work.


17/10/2022 10:49 am

The power of showing up

Can you help young people build resilience and feel hope for the future?

Teenage years are tough, with 1 in 4 unhappy with their lives. Support from an independent, caring adult during this time can change the course of a young person’s life. Volunteer to mentor and you’ll work one-to-one with a teenager in your local high school, helping them to cope better with life’s challenges. Training and full support is provided and the impact you make could last their lifetime.

Volunteer to mentor find out more at raise.org.a u

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Summary KPI results 2018 to 2022

Raise Foundation organisational goals Blue Deliver a high-quality program that has a positive impact Orange Expand that impact to more young people Green Ensure we do it sustainably KPI Target 2022 Actual 2021 Actual 2020 Actual 2019 Actual 2018 Actual Number of mentoring matches Increase yoy 2088 2124 1321 1027 1016 Number of programs (schools) Increase yoy 180 155 74 86 82 Match retention rate (within program) >90% 88% 74% 94% 94% 95% Mentees enjoyed the program >90% 99% 98% 98% 99% 99% Mentees would recommend Raise >90% 96% 94% 93% 97% 97% Statistically significant impact on help seeking skills Y/N Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes Statistically significant impact on resilience Y/N Yes Yes Yes* Yes Yes Statistically significant impact on hope for the future Y/N Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes Statistically significant impact on school belonging Y/N Yes* Yes* N/A N/A N/A Mentors enjoyed the program >90% 98% N/A 98% 98% 98% Mentor likelihood of referring Raise to a friend 8/10 9.8/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 9/10 Mentor training rated favourably >90% 93% 99% 99% 98% 97% School satisfaction with program >90% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Mentor retention rate (yoy) >50% 51% 52% 48% 31% 33% % Increase reach (schools) Increase yoy 16% 61% 22% 5% 4% Schools requested program again >95% 98% 95% 98% 100% 99% Staff team engagement with vision and purpose >90% 91% 97% 99% 88% 85% Staff team retention rate >90% 75% 80% 93% 83% 92% Expense budget maintained <100% 94% 87% 93% 93% 107% Fundraising budget achieved >100% 82% 94% 95% 92% 108% Fundraising growth >20% 4% 7% 42% 16% 37% Direct match cost $2,000 $2,932 $2,547 $3,374 $3,818 $2,807

* Only for mentees who started with a low score in the outcome at the start of the program Note 1: industry standard Match Retention Rate is 65%

Note 2: purposely held steady at ~1000 matches in 2018 and 2019 while capacity building in preparation for reaching more young people Note 3: Match cost blow out between 2018-2020 is as a result of capacity building in preparation for reaching more young people

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Strategically driving hope

Our Strategic Impact Plan ensures we remain true to our organisational vision, values and core principles. It helps us achieve best practices as we expand our reach by:

Maintaining quality and not compromise for the sake of quantity

Staying true to our purpose and vision

Enabling our staff with the tools to perform their roles

Optimising our operating model as improvement and growth are equally important

Keeping young people at the heart of all we do

Collaborating where possible, as we cannot be all things to all people

Continuing to deliver on our promises to our key stakeholders

Managing risk for youth safety and reputation

Remaining committed to our core competencies

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


2023–2027 Strategic Impact Plan summary

Purpose – Young people across Australia are experiencing challenges that impact their wellbeing, and so many don’t have someone they can go to for support

Intent – Raise offers early intervention, evidence- based mentoring to young people in high school with trained and trusted independent adults

Purpose and Intent

Young people can get through adolescence, believe in themselves and others, and are equipped to shape a purposeful life


Mental Health Support – Help Seeking

Social and Emotional Wellbeing – Resilience

Social and Emotional Wellbeing – Hope

School Engagement – School Belonging

Organisational goals

Deliver a high-quality program that has a positive impact

Expand that impact to more young people

Ensure we do it sustainably

People and Culture

Data and Youth Insights Marketing Fundraising Operations



Apply Integrity

Show Heart

Be Courageous

Give Respect

Bring Vitality

Deliver Excellence


Transitional Goal – Up to 5,000 young people Mentor 5,000 young people pa with an efficient match cost, supported by an optimised operational structure and scalable technology platform


2023 2,605

2024 3,107

2025 3,705

2026 4,422

2027 5,139

Mentees Programs







Strategic Impact Goal – Up to 1,000 schools and 15,000 young people Create thriving communities by delivering mentoring programs across Australia, prioritising younger students in public secondary schools who are most at risk of disengagement and poor wellbeing

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Strategic Impact projects

Data and Youth Insights


People and Culture

• ‘Always-on’ model • Online mentoring • Group mentoring • Workforce design

• Building diversity and inclusion • PCs as Mentors • Commercialisation of mentor training (Raise as a social enterprise RTO)

• Independent evaluation • Embedding child safe standards • Co-design with young people




• Five year growth strategy • Community campaigns • Pay what you wish (Sponsor mentee, training)

• Building a waitlist of mentors • Local community- based Initiatives • Recruitment of online mentors • Community campaigns

• Raise Digital Village consolidate and Phase 5 • Self-service model •  Efficiency project • Together for youth

Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Raise Foundation – income and expenses summary 2022

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


% Income Summary

56 Corporate


26 Government 17 Private and Community


Income %


Total Income


% Expenses Summary

81  Personnel expenses


Technology expenses



7  Administration expenses 3 Other expenses

$563k $244k

Expenses %

Depreciation expenses

1  1 


Cost of charitable activities


0 Net finance cost 


Total Expenses


Raise Foundation | Annual Report 2022


Audited accounts 2022 Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income For the year ended 31 December 2022 2022 2021 Note $ $ Revenue 2 7448221 6,189,717 Other income 3 — 475,595 Cost of charitable activities (85,576) (48,224) Personnel expenses (6,531,320) (5,103,629) Depreciation expense (90,940) (56,301) Administration expenses (562,707) (271,113) Technology expenses (567,387) (363,219) Other expenses (244,555) (208,490) Net finance cost 4 (6,044) (4,075) Surplus/ (deficit) before tax (640,308) 610,261 Income tax — — Surplus/ (deficit) (640,308) 610,261

The notes on pages 12 to 24 are an integral part of these financial statements.

Thank you Our sincere thanks to KPMG for conducting our Audit

The power of showing up | raise.org.au


Audited accounts 2022 Statement of financial position For the year ended 31 December 2022 2022





Assets Cash and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables

5 6





Other assets



Total current assets



Property, plant and equipment

7 8

16,551 172,711


Right-of-use asset

259,067 279,833

Total non-current assets


Total assets



Liabilities Trade and other payables

9 8

543,338 96,489 570,037


Lease liability


Deferred income


209,000 106,306 785,850

Employee benefits provision



Total current liabilities


Lease liability




Employee Benefits Provision Total non-current liabilities






Total liabilities



Net assets



Settlement sum



Accumulated surplus



Other reserves



Total Members’ funds



The notes on pages 12 to 24 are an integral part of these financial statements.

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