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A lot of people are getting ready for Florida’s summer weather. For some, that means taking some time off and heading out on vacation. For others, it means finding ways to beat the heat a little closer to home. For myself, you can count me among the latter. Our family doesn’t typically take a vacation or anything quite like that. This year, we do have some end-of-summer plans to head up to Virginia for a family reunion on my wife’s side. Other than that, we’ll be sticking closer to home. It is always good to get away when we can, though, and take a break from the heat and humidity, especially later in the summer. Of course, living in Florida, there’s no shortage of things to do. That’s one of the benefits of living in a seasonal tourist hotspot. People from all over the country and all over the world flock to Florida in the summer to take advantage of our many attractions, but living in the state means we have access to some pretty nice deals and discounts, so in many ways, it can pay to stick around. We do try to get to Disney World about once a year, though not necessarily in the summer. Standing in line in the heat is not my definition of a good time. But a trip to the Disney parks is always a welcome one. It’s been a lot of fun to go with our daughter, who is becoming more and more familiar with the world of Disney. When we do take her to the parks, she is more aware each time of what’s going on around her, and she really takes it all in. It’s great to try out different rides and attractions to see what she likes. She can’t get enough of the Nemo or the Frozen rides at Epcot. Then there is the Dumbo ride, which she finds absolutely thrilling. The last time we went, she got the chance to drive Dumbo, which made her day.

Hangin’ with Mr. Mouse

indoors and hang out (with the air conditioner keeping us comfortable). It’s a time for a hibernation of sorts: watching movies, sipping on cold drinks, and doing what we can to stay cool — especially on those days when it’s too hot even for a swim. When it comes down to it, though, I would gladly take three months of heat in the summer as opposed to six months of what feels like unending winter in the north where I grew up. As much as the heat can get to you, it doesn’t quite compare to several months of snowy, rainy, and cloudy weather that seems to follow you around wherever you go. And Florida may be hot in the summer, but you’ll never end up with a vitamin D deficiency, that’s for sure.


–Matthew Konecky

But, when it comes to summer, our family tends to look at summer as “winter” — not in terms of temperature, but rather as a chance to stay


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