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Meet Chiro1Source’s Unofficial Mascots HAPPY ADOPT A SHELTER DOG MONTH!

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Since 1981, October has been considered National Adopt a Shelter Dog

through a local shelter’s Facebook page one day when she saw a dog that she thought looked a lot like Hershey. Of course, when she discovered videos of the same cute pup, she got glued to the screen and watched about 40 of them. Right away, I knew I was in trouble. I was against having a second dog, but Marah wheedled her way until I went with her to the shelter to meet Rock. We played outside with him for a bit, then took him back into the shelter. The moment we sat down, he hopped right up and laid across both our laps. The lady working at the shelter told us we could take him home “just for the day,” and, well, here we are four years later.

Month, and there’s a good chance the designation has helped thousands of pups across the country find

homes. In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d share a bit about my own rescue dogs, Hershey and Rock, who have changed my life for the better since they showed up unexpectedly years ago.

“The moment we sat down, he hopped right up and laid across both our laps. The lady working at the shelter told us we could take him home 'just for the day,' and, well, here we are four years later.”

Hershey was the first to crash-land into my life, and I actually have Chiro1Source to thank for bringing us together. One morning in 2013, my stepmom Julie — who happens to work in our office — found Hershey huddled outside of the Chiro1Source building. He was still a puppy then, and he was in bad shape, skinny and hungry. Julie scooped him up and took a photo of his cute little

Though they look a bit alike, Hershey acts like a Lab mix, while Rock has the mannerisms of a boxer. Hershey loves to bark at everything, and he’s all about gobbling up treats and chasing tennis balls. We call him the “Chief Treat Inspector,” while Rock is the “Chief Security Officer.” Rock is the more protective of the two, but he’s also the sweeter one. He thinks he’s a big lap dog even though he weighs 75 pounds, and he loves to take up half of Marah’s and my bed every night while Hershey curls up politely in his own little bed to sleep. I bring both dogs to work with me every day, and they have their very own couches to hang out on. Everyone loves them, and they’re so spoiled that we joke about them being our unofficial office mascots. They’ve even picked up some office-specific tricks! Karen, my mother- in-law, trained them to run to their treat box every time they hear the whistle of the train going by. I think I’m beyond lucky to spend every day with Hershey and Rock, and I know Marah feels the same way. One of the most wonderful things about dogs is they live in the moment, and I think I’ve learned to be better at that just from watching them. I heard somewhere that even though dogs only live 10–12 years, the amount of time they spend living in the present is probably greater than what most of us humans manage in our long lives, and I certainly believe it. If you’re considering getting a dog, now is the time to head down to your local shelter. You won’t regret it for a minute.

Labrador face. She sent it to me along with a message that said to bring a leash, collar, and some food

to work. We met that morning, and Hershey has been part of the family ever since! When we adopted him, he was

only 25 pounds, and the vet told us he wouldn’t grow past 40 — clearly the joke is on me, though, because today he’s a giant 80-pound goofball. Two years after we adopted Hershey, Facebook brought us Rock. Marah, my wife, was scrolling

-Josh Walker



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