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October 2017

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From Ohio to Idaho, people around the country are enjoying a nice reprieve from the summer weather. They don their favorite sweaters and buy up all the hot cocoa and cider mixes from grocery store shelves. Well, those folks don’t live in Louisiana or the Deep South. We get occasional breaks from the sweltering heat, but for the most part, we’re still warmer than some places get in the peak of summer. I have vivid memories of being in shorts, playing football, and sweating like crazy — on Thanksgiving. Halloween is even worse.

in it for the candy. The mini Kit Kats were the first to go, followed by the rest of the chocolate bars. Eventually, I’d make my way through the gummy stuff. By the time the third or fourth day rolls around, when it’s only hard

But in the Smiley family, we love October for two key reasons:


It’s Halloween, of course!


It’s my son’s birthday month!

candy and Bit O’ Honeys left, you might as well ditch the candy and gear up for the Thanksgiving turkey. The candy bars ruined all other candy for you. Now, as an adult, my wife and I love to walk the neighborhood with the kids, collecting candy. We see all sorts of strange costumes and decorations here in New Orleans. People really love to go all out for Halloween. My kids, Jude and Luke, like most boys, love to dress up as superheroes. They’ll probably be their favorite superheroes — Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, or Superman. But if they’re like me, they care more about the candy. That’s fine by us; as long as they brush their teeth, that is. How are your kids or grandkids dressing up this year? Take lots of pictures and feel free to share them with us via email at contact@ And, as always, let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

Yes. My boy, Luke, turns 4 on October 3. He’s still at the age where he loves cartoons, so when we booked Buzz Lightyear for his birthday last year, his excitement went to infinity and beyond. In the pictures, you can see him holding his hand and just walking around with him. In the other, he appears to care about Buzz so much that he gives him a complimentary eye exam! Do we have a future space optometrist in the family? He always says that he wants to go to outer space and be an astronaut. We use Luke’s birthday as an excuse to go to my in-laws’ lake house in Mandeville. It’s beautiful on the water, and the kids love to visit “Poppy” and “Yaya,” aka grandma and grandpa. Of course, as doting grandparents, they don’t mind the visits either. Add Halloween, and it’s a pretty huge season for my kids. When you’re a parent, your children’s favorite days are often yours too. They love getting dressed up, and we love helping them pick out and put together their costumes.

Happy Halloween!

I remember Halloween near Baton Rouge where I grew up. My mom could have dressed me up as just about anything for all I cared — I was

– Seth Smiley

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