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“It’s a win-win situation,” saidMarc Cler- mont, public works director for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR), during the counties council’s April 22 session. The annual grant is the solution Clermont and his staff devised in response to the need of UCPR member municipalities for help with their roadwork improvements. Last year, the counties approved road transfer requests from the City of Clarence-Rockland

and the Town of Hawkesbury.This year saw several other municipalities present road transfer requests but the counties council is turning down those applications based

have to maintain. One condition of the subsidy grant is the money has to go towards roadwork proj- ects. Municipal councils can choose what

Good news from the counties for Prescott- Russell municipalities trying to work out road improvement priorities for their capital works budgets this year. All eight member municipalities will now share in an annual $2million roadworks grant from the counties.

on a summary report from its public works de- partment. The report noted that most of the roads listed for transfer to the counties do not

types of projects those are, from building new roads or upgrading existing ones to bridge improvements or sidewalk maintenance, and even equipment purchases necessary for road mainte- nance. The City of Clarence-

The annual grant is the solution Clermont and his staff devised in response to the need of UCPR member municipalities for help with their roadwork improvements.

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meet the guidelines to be classed as county roads because they are not major arterial connections betweenmunicipalities within the UCPR or major traffic links to the main highway running through the counties to Ottawa. Also, the report noted that most of the municipal roads proposed for transfer to the counties are also in serious need of either repairs or upgrading. Included in the report were five options for counties council to consider in dealing with the latest road transfer requests. They ranged from either accept or reject all the requests, to reviewing the current regional road setup.The report urged counties coun- cil to go with the fifth option of creating a special roadworks subsidy fund for member municipalities in the UCPR. The report noted that more commercial and residential development is taking place in Prescott-Russell, which means a larger property tax base for the counties to draw on during budget planning. Option Five would see the creation of an annual $2 million roadworks subsidy fund, drawing on that increased property tax revenue stream.The eight member municipalities in the UCPR would each receive an annual share of the subsidy fund, using a formula that takes account of their residential populations and total kilometres of municipal roads they

Rockland, The Nation municipality, and Russell Township receive the largest shares of the new annual subsidy because of their population sizes and the size of their total overall road network. Clarence-Rockland will get about $456,000 while The Nation receives about $436,000 and Russell Town- ship about $356,000.Themayors for all three municipalities expressed satisfaction with the new UCPR subsidy program. “It’s a happy compromise,” said Mayor Pierre Leroux of Russell Township. “Our public works department will bring out a report later on what our priorities might be.” “It will definitely all go into roads,” said Mayor François St. Amour of The Nation. We have lots of room for where to use that money.”

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Remplacement de toiles et réparations de piscines Liner replacement and pools repairs

Loterie pour la paroisse Le Comité de la loterie paroissiale de Cassel- man organise une loterie pour venir en aide à la paroisse afin de l’aider à payer le chauffage. Il y aura 52 tirages de 100 $. La loterie se tiendra tous les samedis soirs, à l’église de Casselman, avant la messe de 16 h 30, dès le 6 juin. Plus de 500 résidents de lamunicipalité de Russell ont profité de la Journée de collecte de produits dangereux du 9 mai dernier pour apporter des produits dangereux dont ils voulaient se débarrasser au garage municipal de Russell. De l’huile, des pots de peinture, des produits chimiques et plus encore ont été pris en charge par l’entreprise de recyclage Drain All, d’Ottawa. Les membres du comité d’environnement de la municipalité ont agi comme bénévoles lors de cette journée de collecte. Cette première activité ne sera pas la dernière car elle devrait revenir de nouveau l’année prochaine, à raison de deux fois par année si le prochain budget le permet. Steve Tebworth, de Rain All, et Jonathan Bourgon, gérant des services d’infrastructures à la municipalité de Russell, se tiennent au milieu de 425 gallons de peinture répartis dans neuf cages.


GARBAGE AND RECYCLING COLLECTION FOR THE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 20 TH , 2012 Because of Family Day on Feb. 20 th , your regular garbage and recycling collection day will be postponed by one day during the week of Feb. 20 th , 2012. There will be no collection on Monday, Feb. 20 th . Friday’s collection will be on Saturday, Feb. 25 th . We wish to thank you for your co-operation. Customer Service & Information 613-764-9308 Merci de votre collaboraƟon. Services à la clientèle & informaƟon 613 764-9308 Cette publicité est payée par ABC Disposal Lors de la semaine du 17 mai, la cueilleƩe d’ordures et de maƟères recyclables sera repoussée d’une journée. La cueilleƩe du vendredi 22 mai sera remis au samedi 23 mai à cause du gé férié de la fête de la Reine.

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