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July 2018

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You can’t deny that today, we are living in an era of unprecedented technological progress. Particularly in the business world, we find ourselves more empowered day-by-day by the onslaught of fresh applications and features promising to extend our reach and drive success. There’s a reason, after all, that business leaders like Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson argue that right now is a better time to start a scrappy new company than ever. But this trend, in which companies become ever more inseparable from the technologies they depend on, is a double-edged sword. Though tech continues to break down barriers to success in business, its forward motion is naturally accompanied by a newfound vulnerability. Each development is accompanied by a weakness to exploit – a back door through which hackers can wreak havoc on companies and customers alike.

This should be obvious to anyone who has even the barest awareness of the news. As the list of Fortune 500 companies that fall victim to cyber- attacks grows, we all need to learn from their mistakes and batten down our digital hatches in anticipation of a potential breach. Last year, the country was shocked to discover that the personal data of more than 146 million people – including driver’s licenses, passport numbers, Social Security numbers and a wide swathe of other information – had been exposed in an attack on the credit megagiant, Equifax. Hackers infiltrated their systems through vulnerability in a tool used to develop web applications called Apache Struts and proceeded to lift a staggering quantity of customer data. The consequences of this attack are still being unpacked even now, but it’s safe to say that even beyond Equifax’s plummeting stock prices and their trip to PR hell, they’ve put

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