Johns Creek: Herniated Discs

CONGRATULATIONS, KATE UY! “A Proud Accomplishment At Johns Creek PT!”

For those of you who have come into the clinic in the past two years, you have probably had a chance to meet or work with our Rehab Technician, Kate Uy. If you spent any time at all talking with Kate you would have learned that she was working on getting into physical therapy school. With a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Georgia, she began working at Johns Creek Physical Therapy in January 2016. After applying for the 2016/2017 school year, she was placed on the waiting list at a handful of schools but unfortunately, never got accepted. Not to be denied, she

spent last year taking extra classes, studying and retaking the GRE, and shadowing with other physical therapists in other specialties, Kate reapplied for the 2018 class at a variety of programs. After interviewing at multiple schools, Kate was accepted into Emory University as well as Long Island University in New York. Kate is choosing to stay in Georgia and will attend Emory University this summer. If you are able to stop in the clinic before she leaves, please stop in and wish her well. We will all miss her dedication, enthusiasm, and work ethic in the clinic.

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