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FRANCIS RACINE COUNCIL IRKED BY COSTS FOR UNBUILT FIRE AND PARAMEDIC HALL These oversights included security cam- FSBTBOEMBSHFSMPDLFSTi8IFOUIFQMBOT for the two halls were first drawn up, did we go and ask paramedics what they wanted?” asked ward seven Michel Levert, to which NBZPS(VZ%FTKBSEJOTBOTXFSFEZFTi8IZ did they not tell us about the changes they wanted then?”

“If they want extras, they will have to pay for it.” Councilors voiced their displeasure with learning of yet more changes requested by paramedics for the yet unbuilt Fire/ Paramedic stations. Council was told that oversights during the planning phase of the building were to blame for an added $58,000, 50 per cent of which the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) hoped Clarence-Rockland would cover. i8FXFSFNBEFBXBSFPGUIFN PWFS - sights) approximately three to four weeks ago, that there was a shortfall in the actual costs,” said Helen Collier, Chief Administra- tive Officer (CAO). “They (United Counties of Prescott and Russell) asked for us to cover the cost because we’re making the building.”

Changes requested so far have included a punch clock, wiring to illuminate a sign and a more elaborate eye washing machine. “The Counties approved what was there,” started Desjardins, “and now they come back saying they want the lockers bigger.” “To which I reply, too bad, so sad, you signed off on it, that is the deal,” added ward two councilor Mario Zanth. Council decided to approve the changes, estimated at $58,000, granted that the counties of Prescott-Russell pay them.

Le conseil municipal de Clarence-Rockland a décidé d’approuver des ajouts aux futures casernes de pompiers et d’ambulanciers, à condition que les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell en assume les couts. —photo Francis Racine GIVING A HELPING HAND TO OTHERS


Cette année le Club Optimiste de Rockland reprend une activité qu’il parrainait dans le passé. Il s’agit de la Semaine d’appréciation de la jeunesse. C’est une occasion pour le Club Optimiste de saluer les jeunes pour leurs efforts à l’école et dans leurs activités parascolaires, en appuyant un de leurs projets ou en leur offrant de participer à un évènement organisé pour eux. Cette année, le Club de Rockland a remis une commandite au spectacle ShowBizz de l’École secondaire catholique l’Escale, qui aura lieu les 11 et 12 avril prochain à la Salle de spectacle Optimiste. De plus, le Club offrira la présentation du spectacle de Kalimba, ça déménage , soit une présentation

Kelly Robertson, owner of Robertson Family Pet Products in Rockland , was recently moved by the plight of the growing number of homeless individuals in Ottawa. She therefore organized an event which aimed at collecting clothing, blankets and toiletries, on March 9. She then went out and distributed the goods to the homeless. It was Robertson’s first but not last attempt at doing an event of this kind. She is pictured, on the left, with young Samantha Campbell, Dona Robin and Mathieu Chakra, who helped her with her event. — photo Annie Lafortune

à l’École élémentaire catholique Sainte- Trinité et à l’École élémentaire publique Carrefour Jeunesse, le 24 avril prochain. Le Club Optimiste de Rockland investit 1000 $ par école pour célébrer la Semaine d’appréciation de la jeunesse. En photo, on reconnait deux membres Optimiste Gaëtan Filion et Monique Lalande, le directeur de l’école Christian Lortie, le président du Club Optimiste Denis Vaillancourt et un membre Eddy Mainville. —photo fournie


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