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St. Joseph work overdue and over budget but just about done


completed by the end of August. The road is now 99 per cent complete, with only two small items left to finish: minor landscap- ing and the installation of a water fountain and park bench that was donated by the Lavictoire family. These remaining works will be done in the spring of 2018. A delay in construction that occurred in July led to extra costs. Administration had gone ahead with a construction plan that had not been approved by council. Construc- tion was halted at that point and delayed for a month while the entire design was re- assessed.The final decision was tomaintain the three lanes (two northbound and one southbound) on St-Joseph, eliminating the idea of a bike path on both sides of the road. As for the Clark Road Easement Project in the amount of $100,000, the project saw a sharp decline in costs after the City ran an assessment. The point of the project was to identify low points along the roadside ditch line and to seek out alternative drainage easements with affected property owners. As a solution to several drainage problems on

Final project costs for the reconstruction and extension work done on St-Joseph Street in Rockland exceed the expected budget by $ 75 000, and took double the amount of estimated time. The project, however, is now 99 per cent completed. The initial budgeted cost of the work at the intersection of St-Joseph Street and Laurier Street was $2,470,000.The City has now cal- culated, however, that $2,544,990 is needed to cover all the final project expenditures. Instead of the projected eight-week plan, the work at the intersection ran over the course of 16 weeks. To compensate for going over budget, the City will be re-allocating the needed $75,000 from the 2017 Capital Program for Clark Road Easements, which had an initial budget of $100,000. The St-Joseph Street project was award- ed to STP Construction on December 13, 2016. Construction on the street began in the spring of 2017 and was substantially

Les coûts finaux du projet de reconstruction et d’extension, à l’intersection des rues St- Joseph et Laurier à Rockland, dépassent le budget prévu de 75 000 $ et le temps estimé de huit semaines a doublé à 16 semaines. Le projet est cependant 99% terminé . —photo d’archives

certain properties, the City will be redirecting stormwater to a city-owned unopened road allowance.This will significantly reduce the

amount of money needed for the project and allow for the surplus to bail out the ad- ditional costs of the St-Joseph work.


CORPORATION DE LA CITÉ DE / OF THE CITY OF CLARENCE-ROCKLAND 1560 rue Laurier Street, ROCKLAND ON K4K 1P7 613-446-6022 CLARENCEͳROCKLAND INDUSTRIAL PARK LANDS RELEASED! The Clarence-Rockland Industrial Park is located in the northern district of Clarence-Rockland just off of County Road 17 with access to Ottawa and Montreal. Clarence-Rockland’s expanding population and proximity to major markets makes this ideal for companies looking for state of the art facilities with the potential for expansion. The Park has released two lots totaling approximately 4.17 acres next to the Canadian International Hockey (CIH) Academy. The City is now accepting offers of one or both lots depending upon your industrial development needs.

TERRAINS DU PARC INDUSTRIEL DE CLARENCEͳROCKLAND DISPONIBLE! Le parc industriel de Clarence-Rockland est situé dans la partie nord de Clarence-Rockland, attenant au Chemin de comté 17 donnant accès à Ottawa et Montréal. La croissance de la population de Clarence- Rockland et sa proximité aux marchés importants en fait un endroit de choix pour les entreprises qui désirent des installations à la fine pointe de la technologie avec un potentiel de croissance. Le parc a rendu disponibles deux lots totalisant approximativement 4.17 acres adjacents à l’Académie canadienne et internationale de hockey (CIH). La Cité accepte maintenant des offres pour un ou les deux lots, selon vos besoins en développement industriel.

Specifications: • Zoning: (General Industrial – Exception 2 (MG-2) Zone”/ « Zone d’industrie générale – Exception 2 (MG-2). • Fully serviced with gas, power, municipal water, sewer Conditions: • Minimum 15,000 sq. ft. facility per lot and the Purchaser shall have 12 months following the Closing Date to commence construction of the Project and 24 months following the Closing Date to complete its construction of the Projector or the City will have the option to repurchase the property at 90% of the purchase price • Submission date: Offer to be submitted on agreement form obtained from the City by no later than January 10, 2018 at noon.

Détails: • Zonage: Zone d’industrie générale – Exception 2 (MG-2): • Services de gaz naturel, électricité, eau municipale et égout

Conditions: • Édifice d’une grandeur minimale de 15 000 pi. carrés par lot et l’acheteur aura 12 mois après la date de fermeture pour commencer la construction du projet et 24 mois suivant la date de fermeture pour terminer la construction du projet ou la Cité aura l'option de racheter la propriété à 90% du prix d'achat. • Date de soumission : 10 janvier 2018. Votre offre financière doit être soumise sur un formulaire obtenu à la Cité au plus tard le 10 janvier, 2018, à midi.

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