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Council reaches compromise on high garbage pickup rates


Council has come to a compromise regard- ing a highly debated budget item: resi- dential and commercial rates for garbage pickup in Clarence-Rockland. Themunicipal council of Clarence-Rock- land has made changes to the residential and commercial rates for weekly garbage bag and pickup. This decision is to accom- modate home-based businesses that were getting the short end of the stick. Not only did they have to pay the large commercial rate, without producing as much garbage as larger businesses, they also had to pay the residential rate. Council has also decided to reimburse those who were affected last year. The residential rate for garbage pickup will remain constant at $187.50 a year. Com- mercial properties with bags received a 30 per cent reduction, for a fixed rate of $400 a year. The rate for commercial properties that use bins is at $70 per ton with a mini- mum rate of $1000 per year. In addition, an amendment has been made to ensure that owners of home-based businesses will only be charged the commercial garbage pickup rate, and not also the residential rate. Ten home-based businesses in Clar- ence-Rockland will be receiving a refund of $358.50 for the unjustly cost they paid last year. Having had to pay the residential and commercial rates, these home-based businesses were charged $758.50 for garbage Gagnante Winner

Le taux résidentiel pour la collecte des déchets demeurera lemême à 187,50 $ par année. Une réduction d’environ 30%a été accordée aux propriétés commerciales avec des sacs, pour un taux fixe de 400 $ par année. Le taux pour les propriétés commerciales qui utilisent des bacs est de 70 $ la tonne, avec un taux minimal de 1000 $ par année. De plus, une modification a été apportée afin que les propriétaires d’entreprises à domicile ne paient que le taux commercial. Dix propriétaires qui travaillent à domicile recevront aussi un remboursement pour les taux de l’année passée. —photo fournie

collection. Now that the rate is fixed at $400, council unanimously decided to reimburse the difference. This item was the source of debate dur- ing the council’s 2018 budget discussions as the budget initially proposed a 75 per cent increase – from $571 to $1000 – for the commercial bag rate. Upon reevaluation, council has issued a reduction – from $571

to $400 – for commercial bag rate but has increased the rate for commercial bins from $35.50 per ton last year to $70 per ton. The initial budget proposed an increase to $50 per ton instead of the now-established $70. These new rates for weekly garbage pick- up will be effective beginning in the new year, on January 1, 2018 and will stay in effect every other year after that until repealed.

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