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TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT The Gilbert Gazette Meet Our Newest Physical Therapist, Dr. Abbey McMillen, DPT!

W hen I was a junior in high school, I felt the pressure of choosing what to do after graduation. For me, college was the answer, but choosing a major was daunting. I had always been drawn to medicine and enjoyed science classes, but the medical field was broad, and I wanted to narrow down my options before I entered my senior year. After thinking about what was really important to me, I realized that above all else, I was passionate about the healing and rehabilitation process. After tearing my ACL, I had knee surgery and physical therapy, so I had already been on the receiving end. After some consideration, I knew that I wanted to help people through physical therapy the same way my therapist had helped me. So I began to look at programs in the area. Once I graduated from high school, I enrolled in a six-year physical therapy program at Lebanon Valley College. I completed three years of my undergraduate degree, then immediately began three years of my doctoral degree. When the time finally came for me to start clinical rotations, I was excited and relieved. I had spent years studying and learning new material, and now I was finally going to put my education to practice. As a student, I was most interested in manual therapy, so I took time to research clinics in the area that specialized in manual and spinal therapy. Once I found Gilbert Physical Therapy, I put in a request. Thankfully, I was placed exactly where I wanted to be.

will have in the future. Right now, I am fascinated by prenatal and postnatal physical therapy. I am looking forward to learning how to treat pregnancy-related back pain, and I am excited to continue my education on the subject. I also can’t wait to learn from the best physical therapists around. When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my parents, brother, and sister, and of course my dog, Cusco. I enjoy being outside, hiking, biking, swimming, and taking Cusco on walks — he’s a bull mastiff, so our walks are an arm and leg workout. I also enjoy

Now that I’ve completed all of my clinical hours and earned my doctoral degree, I am proud to say that I am the newest therapist at Gilbert Physical Therapy! I was hired officially at the end of May, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love the atmosphere of our clinic, I love our team, and I love our patients. There’s no place I’d rather be!

playing games; anyone in my family will tell you that I’m competitive by nature. I also play a few musical instruments in my free time. I am so excited to start my career at Gilbert Physical Therapy, and I am looking forward to getting to know my patients and starting them on the path to recovery. I love meeting new people, so don’t be afraid to say hi and chat me up the next time you’re in the clinic.


I hope you had a great Independence Day. See you soon!


–Dr. Abbey McMillen, DPT

I know that my career has only just begun, but I am so excited about the opportunities I | 1

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