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I found the Hundred back when I was first getting into cycling. A friend of mine was planning on doing the ride that year, and the challenge excited me. There’s something very personal about cycling — it’s just you versus the road. I wanted to see if I could conquer this particular 100-mile stretch; if I could ride through hell, I could ride just about anywhere. So, while I was still new to the sport, I jumped into the deep end. I loaded my bike into my car and made the drive up to Wichita, trying not to look at the temperature display on my dashboard. The ride was as advertised. Not only were temperatures sweltering, but we were also buffeted with dry gusts of wind. Covering flatland and grueling hills, the day-long ride was by far the most brutal I’ve ever experienced. By the time I crossed the finish line, my body was just about ready to give out on me, but my mind was thrilled by the accomplishment. I rode the Hotter’n Hell three more times. I trained throughout the year and managed to make the annual ride slightlymore bearable. I still always seemed to hit mywall around the last 15 miles or so. But as I got a little older and my responsibilities grew, I had to shorten my rides and put my attendance of the Hundred on hold. While I may not be riding through Wichita this August, I’ve got plenty of other great milestones to look forward to. Soon enough, my daughter will be taking the training wheels off her bike, and



When I get a free moment on the weekends, you’ll most likely find me out for a ride along the river. Yes, even in this heat. As someone prone to shin splints, I’ve always prefered cycling to running to stay in shape. It puts less impact on the body and uses different muscle groups. Besides, the speed is a nice bonus. Between my duties as a father and an attorney, I can’t really get out for anything more than a short ride these days. I used to train pretty extensively, but now I just enjoy feeling the wind on my face and the good kind of soreness that comes after voluntary exercise. As content as I amwith this routine, I can’t help but turn my mind to the Hotter’n Hell Hundred this time of year. For the uninitiated, the Hotter’n Hell Hundred is the largest single- day 100-mile bicycle ride in the country, and one of the oldest. Dreamed up to honor the 1982 centennial of Wichita Falls, TX, the ride is brutal in its simplicity: 100miles in 100 degree temperatures. While it may not sound like your cup of tea, thousands of cyclists from around the world flock toWichita every August to push their bodies to the limit. I used to be one of them.

we’ll go on longer rides together. Maybe one day, when she’s older, she’ll want to do the Hundred with her dad. For now, I’ll just enjoy the ride.

Happy Trails, – Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1

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