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What Every Cyclist Needs to Know

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Summer Grilled Halibut

4. The Strangest Holidays inAugust

AUGUST’S SILLIEST HOLIDAYS Are These on Your Calendar?

February has Valentine’s Day; September has Labor Day; December, of course, has Christmas; and August has, um, National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. August may not host any major holidays, but it doesn’t lack for some of the goofiest on the calendar. August 6: National Wiggle Your Toes Day While the origin of this holiday is uncertain, it’s held every year on August 6. To celebrate, people are encouraged to wear sandals, flip flops, or other toe-exposing footwear. You can also frolic barefoot in the grass or simply stretch those digits throughout the day. Just don’t expect to see any Hallmark cards devoted to National Wiggle Your Toes Day anytime soon. August 13: Left-Handers Day About 10 percent of the population is left-handed. Lefties may be stuck in a right-hand-dominant world, but on August 13, they rule the roost. Originally founded in England, Left- Handers Day has taken off in the U.S. Righties are encouraged to try out a left-handed approach for the day. Lefties, for their part, are free to be themselves.

August 17: National Thrift Shop Day Thrift shops are a staple of American commerce, so it makes sense that there is a day devoted to them. Take the day to hunt for lost treasures and screaming deals. Many thrift shops also benefit nonprofit organizations, giving you even more reason to frequent them. August 27: National ‘Just Because’ Day This celebration is really scratching the bottom of the holiday barrel. Joseph J. Goodwin created National “Just Because” Day in the 1950s. It’s a day to do something “just because.” Be spontaneous and have a little fun. There’s no one way to celebrate, which is fitting, given that the existence of the holiday seems to defy logic altogether. | Pg. 4

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