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Inside This Issue Joint Decision and Launch Session Do Your Meetings Matter? By the Numbers What’s Your ONEThing? Summertime, and the Traveling Is Easy Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 3 Page 4 stakeholder buy-in? You’ll need to ensure those same stakeholders are set up to collaborate and make critical, early decisions — the types of early decisions that can either initiate success or cost your special project dearly. Today’s executive is challenged with a project portfolio of increasing complexity and the ever more challenging matrix-based organization. Execution with just the right amount of support from other key executives has become so difficult. The “Goldilocks” scenario of “just the right amount” is challenging, to say the least. Too much involvement and your collaboration turns into a bloated bureaucracy; too little and adoption lacks. Budgets aren’t allocated, or shared resources are withheld. CompassX has a solution, and it’s named the JOINT DECISION AND LAUNCH SESSION (JDLS). JDLSs are seriously different than your typical project kickoff: Extremely interactive and inclusive to ensure those with sharp minds but quiet voices are heard Tackle tough decisions upfront with working ideas and possible solutions • •


Everyone has seen the start of a project. Excitement, energy, and purpose are all

purpose and create vision among collaborators can’t happen soon enough. And even the best project leaders don’t necessarily have the right tools to ensure this happens early enough to launch into the highest possible gear with the highest probability of project success. The CompassX team has collectively worked on thousands of projects, and we have discovered execution can be dramatically held back, stalled, or even misdirected, resulting in the erosion of that ever-important early energy, momentum, and collaboration. It is from the essence of this problem that our team formed the concept of the Joint Decision and Launch Session. No, this isn’t the name of NATO’s latest military exercise, but rather one of our most valuable workshopping methods.

high. But then comes the “what’s next?” moment, and it’s not an easy question to answer. There are often many possible next options. Good project leadership

can help mobilize, organize, and begin a path forward. But knocking down ambiguity to actually cement the

How do you launch a complex new project quickly, with a strong foundation of cross-functional

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