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U.S. Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence was authored quickly, in about a month during the summer of 1776. It was written almost a year after the war broke out with Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson was the primary author. The document was ratified on July 2, but the language was formally approved and signed on July 4, 1776.

EFFORTLESS TRAVEL, FROM YOUR DOORSTEP TO YOUR How Luggage Forward Does the Heavy Lifting for You As a parent traveling with young kids, you know how quickly your personal belongings multiply. It often means carting additional items through the airport and either jamming them into the small overhead compartments or spending the time and money to check them. puts the luxury back in travel. Born out of the simple idea that “we should all be able to enjoy the journey as much as the destination,” Luggage Forward offers door-to-door delivery service. Those traveling with young kids can use Luggage Forward to send some of their items ahead or keep non-essentials a few days behind to make for a much lighter load. In a word? Effortless. DESTINATION

The cost is about $100 per bag for a standard- sized bag you would check at an airport. When you factor in that most airlines now charge $25–35 per bag, you are looking at around $75 for the service. As a traveling parent or someone who requires more than a small carry-on, the service is well-worth the first-class feel of traveling without the hassle. Luggage Forward isn’t a new company; they’ve been around for more than a decade, but they’ve stayed relevant by utilizing technological advances. Thanks to strategic acquisitions and industry consolidation, Luggage Forward is one of the leaders of the luggage shipping industry. For customers, this can equate to better pricing and better results. Whether you’re sailing, flying, or just dreaming about your next vacation, Luggage Forward is there to take a load off you.

Travel stresses like these are exactly what Luggage Forward aims to solve. With the tagline “Venture far, carry nothing,” Luggage Forward

The service is relatively easy to use and is accessible through Luggage Forward’s website. You’ll enter some basic information, including the legs of your journey and the size of your luggage. You can even indicate if your luggage requires pickup from a cruise. From there, you’ll select your shipping preference. After you’ve submitted your order, an overnight envelope will arrive with tags and labels for your luggage. Place your bags outside your residence, vacation rental, or hotel front desk, and they’ll be picked up, shipped, and will arrive within 1–3 days at your destination or return location.



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