LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202


Step  11 

Cleaning From Outside:

1. Thread 4” Auger Brush onto flexible rods.

2. With the vacuum/blower running, go to the exterior and begin spinning the rods & brush into the vent. Important: a) Be sure the clutch is set on in the mid range (or lower). (See drill operation) b) ALWAYS  spin  the  drill  in  the  “ CLOCKWISE ”  direction. c) Use duct tape on all Brush/Rod connections.

3. Connect one rod at a time until you reach the opposite end. Note: If your vent is longer than the included length of rods, finish cleaning from the opposite end. (Included rods will clean up to 18’ of venting when used from each end.

4. It is recommended that you spin the drill at a moderate to high speed while using a back & forth motion. 5. If the brush binds up, stop immediately. Important  Note: Use caution and take your time to avoid breaking the rods or damaging the vent.  Never  Force  the  Rods!  Always  Spin  Drill  Clockwise! 


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