2024-2025 Warm Weather UnCruise Adventures Brochure

Local. Fresh. Inspired. Taste where you travel. Along the Sea of Cortés, a dedicated plot of land supplies your boat with the brightest beets and a rainbow of carrots. In Hawaii, a small organic Molokai farm grows your purple sweet potato—then it’s roasted with chimichurri sauce—and their pineapple, topped with mascarpone ice cream and a banana bread crumble. Yum. In Costa Rica, locally grown plantains, patacones, are sliced and fried for a tasty treat. Further north in Alaska, a micro-grower out of Juneau provides greens with a sweetness and spiciness that makes what’s on your plate pop. Small greens, BIG flavors. In the water yesterday, and in the galley today, we believe in keeping it fresh and sourced from the best local partners in our communities. At sea in our tropical destinations, red snapper and seabass are hand caught by local fishermen—one line, one hook, and live bait. Fish caught within miles of where you sail. Shift your latitude, and Alaska’s Icy Strait provides sustainable seafood caught by generations of locals. As the first cruise line ever to participate in the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program, we’re proud to be a

sustaining partner serving only seafood they list as a “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” aboard our vessels.

Our “local” means relationships with local families and small-scale fishermen that support the community. Good for our land and oceans, as well our chefs who prepare it—and good for you, too. Inspiration is from our hearts: ocean-friendly, field to table, and baked- onboard breads and desserts with the pastry chef’s personal flair. Sample the region and taste the love. Follow us on YouTube for more local, fresh, inspired videos and travel inspiration.


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