Trailers targeted

SNC prepares to celebrate

to practise restraint with its program and


project budgeting like all other government

Silver and gold mark 25- and 50-year

agencies at every level.

landmarks. Anything past 60 means

Thieves have been targeting the

“We don’t want to have to dip into our

getting into the jewellery.

campground at the Champlain Township

reserves,” Levere said during an interview

Which is why the South Nation

park in L’Orignal, where 11 trailers have

following the annual general meeting

Conservation Authority (SNC) could

been burglarized. In late February, the

March 22. “We’ll do stuff that won’t cost a

consider a blue sapphire as the official

Hawkesbury Ontario Provincial Police

lot. Now is the time to be lean andmean, and

colour theme for its 65 th

anniversary this


not be extravagant.”


at 772 Front Road West, relates community

But being careful about money does not

as Chairman Lawrence Levere noted that

services officer Constable Pierre Dubois.

mean that the SNC cannot make something

the regional conservation agency is having

special out of its 65 th

year of existence as the

The crooks, who broke down the doors of

Photo Richard Mahoney

oldest and most active conservation group

the trailers, made off with a television set

Fences and locks could not prevent

in the entire South Nation River watershed

and other electronic equipment. If you have



any information about these thefts, call


Staff and members of the SNC

Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or

communications committee are working on

the O.P.P. at 613-632-2729.

several ideas to commemorate the occasion.

They include assembling a 65 th


book for release in the fall, featuring a

collection of personal anecdotes from

“This is simply an attempt

residents about their most memorable

experiences and favourite things about the

South Nation River, its tributaries, habitats,

to instill anxiety and fear in

wildlife, and place in the natural heritage of

neighbouring communities.

“We have certainly increased our

presence in the community,” said Levere.

the community”

Meanwhile the 2012 SNC geocoin is

struck and ready for both souvenir sales to

tourists and also limited distribution at

The Editor,

various “treasure burial” sites in the

I must admit I was not surprised, nor horrified when I read M. Robert D’Auzac’s

watershed as part of the SNC’s participation

letters in the local newspapers (calling for Grenville-sur-la-Rouge to put under

in geocaching, a growing popular hobby


among hikers, amateur treasure hunters,

His comments are replete with inaccuracies, innuendo, and are, in fact, insulting

and other eco-tourists. Levere noted that

to the citizens of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge. He is suggesting that he has the answers to

SNC’s reputation is growing in the global

all questions and that the divided council is causing grave harm to the community.

geocaching community and the region has

It is not.

become a favourite travel destination for

M. D’Auzac talks of respect. He should respect the rule of law. When a council

geocachers south of the border from

member asks for a vote then a vote should be taken by the Mayor. That is democracy.

neighbouring New York and the New

That is respect for the rule of law. To have M. D’Auzac interrupting council members,

England states.

the Mayor and the public by offering his convoluted interpretation of how the world

turns, is not respecting the rule of law or the citizens of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.

I will examine one last item. M. D’Auzac speaks of “state supervision.” His zeal

has superseded his ability to reason. This is simply an attempt to instill anxiety and

fear in the community. I expected more from M. D’Auzac.

However, if M. D’Auzac knows of fraud in the municipality then he has a duty and

a responsibility to take action and report the fraud to the authorities. If there has been

an egregious act that contravenes the law, I assume he will report it as well. If not, I

suggest he apologize to the community for his “odious” actions in an attempt to alarm

the community and to disrupt the democratic process.

I can only assume that the allegations made by M. D’Auzac, as stated in the local

press, are simply a figment of his imagination.





- LA



Bilingualism defines us

The Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts and position on a very

important issue that has been raised recently, here in Eastern Ontario. Bilingualism.

Bilingualism is something that I believe defines us as a region, something that

creates opportunities and something that I andmany others respect but obviously took

for granted.

I am disheartened and surprised that the conversation about providing services in

both official languages in our region has been brought to light once again.

At a time when we should be building upon our successes and gains of the past,

at a time when we should be celebrating and promoting our two cultures, at a time

when we should be respecting our individual rights as Canadians, as Ontarians, we

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are once again faced with the challenge of justifying who we are.

In Ontario, the French Language Services Act was enacted over 25 years ago. It was

supported unanimously by all parties represented in the Ontario Legislative Assembly

in 1986. This Act was important as Ontario recognized in law, that the French

language “is an historic and honoured language in Ontario.”

I support it 100%.

I was brought up in and currently live in a bilingual community, Alexandria, in

North Glengarry where everyone, francophone and anglophone, do business together,

volunteer together, play together and work together. We laugh together, we cry

together and we develop friendships that often lead to marriage.

I recognized early on the importance of being able to communicate in both official

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languages and as such both my children attended francophone schools and are

completely bilingual. I believed and still believe that being able to communicate and

do business in both English and French was an important part of their education.

I continue to work on my French language skills on a daily basis. It’s hard work but

rewarding. Being able to communicate in both official languages is something I

consider to be an asset both professionally and personally. It’s important that we all

move forward…together to build and live in stronger communities in Eastern Ontario.

Language is part of culture, culture is part of people and people are the cells of our 731 9th Street West, Owen Sound, Ontario

vibrant communities. Respectful communication will always be key in the success of

our relationships and our communities and that is what I will continue to value and








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