Since cell phones are on the list of

What we can

possible apis foes, you might consider

talking less on those essential devices.

Sorry, that is a crazy idea. How about

learn from

an easier solution, such as reducing your

use of pesticides, genetically modified

crops and radiation?


Anyway, May 29 will be a great day to

generations, beekeeping remains a

one bug can be held responsible for colony

buzz about bees. By that time, the chance

traditional part of country life. Hives still


of a snowstorm ought to have passed. It

Even the most cynical among us must

dot the rural landscape. There are still many

“Only by realizing the cause of their

will be a fitting occasion to think of bees,

admit that, every so often, our politicians

apiculturists who work with the little

disappearance can we affect our actions,

while the flora all around us begins to

do get it right.

creatures that have been around since at

behaviour and attitudes towards an insect

burst into new life. If you hear a buzzing

We are speaking here, of course, about

least 6000 B.C.

that, I would argue, beyond all other

sound, that is a good sign.

the Prescott-Russell united counties’

Most of us have a basic knowledge of the

domesticated animals and plants has been

And, if you ate today, thank a farmer,

council endorsement of a suggestion that

life of bees.

the most influential, and important to the

and a bee.

May 29 be declared Day of the Honey Bee.



development and advancement of

This is a serious matter, particularly for

unlucky at love, consider the brief existence

Humanity across the globe,” declares

themany beekeepers who have been stung


Ekdahl on a website promoting his Bee

by colony collapse disorder. Apiculturists


Day petition.


Adopt a

before they die.

“Mankind has learned in the time since

for years, but the general public has been

You have to pity the drones. Once they

many fascinating things about Honey Bees,

unaware of the mayhem that has been

mate with the queen bee, they are dead,

however, if we knew or fully understood

taking place in hives.


literally. (Please feel free here to joke among

what was killing Honey Bees in such

People who are sweet on these tiny

yourselves about the parallels between bee

alarming numbers, I would not be where I

honey producers note that bees are akin to

and human mating rituals.)

am today asking for – no — begging for,


the proverbial canary in the mineshaft. If

However, there is little funny about the

your help.”

the bees are in trouble, better reserve a seat

decrease in bee colonies. The Canadian

He warns: “The true value of the Honey


Association of Professional Apiculturists


Earth is going to be toast!

fears that losses may have become

amounts or even inmetric tonnes of honey.



unsustainable. “This means that if they


a little hyperbole is warranted if it helps

continue to die as they are, there will be

if the Honey Bee continues to die as they

drawattention to the plight of apismellifera.

serious negative consequences for our

are, the saga of Humanity on this planet

These tiny creatures are responsible for 70


will be jeopardized.” He frets that there

The Special Olympics program will

per cent of food crop pollination, county

warns Ekdahl.

will be a food shortage.

benefit from a collection Hawkesbury

economic development director Sylvain


So, what can you do? He urges everyone

Ontario Provincial Police officers and

Charlebois noted in recommending the

on the cause of the sudden death of bee

to support the movement for a worldwide

auxiliary members will hold Saturday,

Day of the Honey Bee proclamation.

colonies around the world. Some of the

Bee Day. It is sort of important: “It will be

April 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Your

Honey Bee Day movement leader

possible culprits are cell phones, pesticides,

this step, the first in many, which may

Independent Grocer, Frescho, LCBO and

Clinton Shane Ekdahl, of Saskatoon, has

genetically modified crops, pollution,


Zellers in Hawkesbury.

been waxing eloquent about bees for some

radiation, or a combination of some or all of

What else can be done? Well, those

“Adopt An Athlete” is the theme of the

time now. He wants to raise awareness

these factors.

colony-killing mites are not easy to detect

drive which will help send athlete to the

about the value of the honey bee, warn the

Many in the knowpoint to amightymite,

and eradication efforts ought to be left to

Special Olympics in Kingston in May,

world about its demise and convince

the single-celled Varroa destructor, a

professionals, plus there are trespassing

relates Nick Musacchio, one of the

governments everywhere to formally

parasite that has been blamed for the

laws that must be respected.

organizers of the event.

recognize the problem.

decimation of thousands of hives.

A hands-off approach may be advisable

It costs about $500 per athlete to

While agriculture has evolved over the

But there is no still no consensus that this

for the many non-beekeepers out there.

compete in the competition.

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