Andover Unified Development Manual

Part 3 — Site Plan Review

City of Andover Unified Development Manual

3. Landscape Elements.

6. Street Yard Landscape Area and Plant Requirements Calculation Notes : Show the calculations used to arrive at each solution, as well as the solution itself. a. Number of trees required for Parking Lot Interior Landscaping, as well as the number actually provided. (See 3.4.5-D) b. Average lot depth, length of street frontage, and required area of Street Yard Landscape, as well as area actually provided. (See 3.4.7-A) (1) Required number of trees for Street Yard Landscape, as well as number actually provided. (See 3.4.7-C) c. Number of trees required for Buffers Between Land Uses (screening), as well as the number actually provided. (See 3.4.8-B) 7. A Site Plan Approval Certificate on the first page of the approved Site Plan, as shown below, with both the signature and the printed names of the indicated individuals. Site Plan Approval Certificate These Plans have successfully completed the Andover Site Plan Review process, and were approved by the Andover Site Plan Review Committee on (date). ATTEST: /s/________________________________ (print SPRC Chairperson's name)

a. Location of all existing trees . (1) Location of all isolated existing trees . Differentiate between existing trees having a trunk diameter between 3 and 6 inches, and those having a diameter of 6 inches or more. (2) Location of tree masses may be shown with a diagrammatic outline, and a written description of individual trees. (3) Differentiate between existing trees that will be retained, and those to be removed. b. Location, number, and spacing of all proposed plant materials , shown at mature size. (1) Label all plants , showing number of plants, species and variety. 4. A P lant Schedule of proposed plant materials, which includes the following: a. Common and botanical name of each species, including variety where applicable. b. Total number of each plant species and variety. c. Size of each plant at the time of planting, in terms of: (1) Trunk caliper for shade and ornamental trees. (2) Plant height above the ground surface (when planted), for evergreen trees. (3) Plant container size for shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers. 5. A statement of how water is to be permanently provided to plant materials.

REVIEWED FOR COMPLETION: /s/________________________________ (print Zoning Administrator's name)

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