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“ Are Your Methods For Neck Pain Relief Failing You? ” Getting To The Core Of Back & Neck Pain

If you suffer from an aching back or neck, it could simply be that your core muscles are weak. You may have heard of the term “core”, but what is it? Your core is the foundation of your body and like a building, needs to be strong and supportive. If your foundation is weak or crooked, then the other parts of your body, which rely on this, will not function properly. The timing and strength of various muscle contractions is critical for your proper body function. If your timing is off and your muscles are weak, abnormal strains occur to your spine, causing a lot of common aches and pains. (continued inside)

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Getting to The Core Of Back & Neck Pain | Relieve Back & Neck Pain In Minutes | Patient Spotlights | Free Analysis | Staff Spotlights

“Don’t Let Back Pain Slow You Down!” Getting To The Core Of Back & Neck Pain

“Getting an MRI before physical therapy can cost $4,793 more than getting PT first. ” DID YOU KNOW?... - buildpt.com How does the core become weak and stiff? A simple answer; use it or lose it. Our lifestyles today put us at risk for back and neck pain with prolonged sitting at work, sitting in the car, bending forward, watching TV, poor posture and many other factors which contribute to core weakness. Once the core is weakened, the weight of your body rests on your spinal discs, joints and ligaments causing long term damage. At Centra Rehabilitation we know the right movements and manual techniques that have been proven to help patients get back to and active and healthy lifestyle. Your core muscles consist of a wide variety of skeletal muscles that keep you erect and help you move around on two feet. The core is a group of muscles in the pelvis, spine, abdominal and upper thigh areas. These muscles are arranged in different angles that are layered to give you support and stability. Most people suffer from back pain at some point Most people will experience back pain some time in their life due to core muscle weakness. When the spinal joints, hip joints, sacroiliac joints and the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, spine and hips don’t move well, a resulting strain occurs on the spine. This causes pain and can occur at any stage of life. However, this typically happens as we become older and less active as adults.

“We Thoroughly Evaluate Your Movement, Alignment & Strength!” The Blueprint To Beat Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, you have probably seen that lots of different types of treatments are available. Medication, injections and other treatments can help with pain control, but do not address the root cause of the problem, which is core weakness. If you have ever had a surgery that involves cutting through the abdomen or pelvis, this weakens the core. In addition, prolonged illness and bed rest also weaken the core. Another common reason for core weakness in women is from childbirth and c-sections. This severely weakens the core. The “blueprint” or plan to helping most back pain sufferers and preventing future injuries, is to strengthen the core with professional help. Specialized training and exercise techniques can be done to strengthen your core, relieving stress on the spine. Physical Therapists are the medical professionals most uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat back pain resulting from core weakness. Working with your physician, we thoroughly evaluate your movement, alignment and strength. After we determine where the root cause of the problem is coming from, we then put together a comprehensive treatment plan to help restore core strength and movement. This helps you not only have relief from back pain, but teaches you the right exercises, posture and movement to prevent future problems and maintain a strong, healthy core. To see how our SPINE Program can give you a strong core and relieve your back pain, call us today or go online for more information.


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Healthy Recipe

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Patient Spotlights

Gave me my life back! “Centra Rehabilitation gave me my life back after my shoulder injury. I thought I had completely lost all the skills I took for granted - from brushing my teeth & hair, paddling a canoe to picking up my grandchildren. Centra Rehab gave everything back to me! There’s nothing I can’t do now!”


Mary H., Farmville, VA

Helped improve my motion! “I have had chronic neck pain and headaches for a long time and tried a variety of treatments over the years. My therapists, Krista and Brigid outlined a detailed plan for me that included 8 weeks of visits and a targeted home exercise plan to strengthen my weak neck muscles and build upper body strength. The manual treatments really helped improve my motion and release painful tightness I experienced everyday. With commitment on my part and their expertise, my neck feels 100% better than when I started treatment. The new Atherholt clinic is great and the whole team is wonderful!” - Diane P., Forest, VA

Staff Spotlights

Jackson Connell, PT, DPT Clinic: Nationwide Drive Jackson is a Lynchburg native who graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise. In 2016, he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Lynchburg College. Jackson completed numerous clinical affiliations during his time at Lynchburg College where he

Kelsey Shelton, PT, DPT Clinic: Nationwide Drive

Kelsey received her Bachelor of Science from Lynchburg College with a major in Biomedical Science and minor in Sport’s Medicine in 2013 and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016. She has worked with a wide variety of injuries including acute and chronic injuries, post-operative, and sports- related. She has a special interest in spine and orthopedics and enjoys working with athletes.

developed a passion for treating patients with orthopedic injuries. His primary areas of interest are manual therapy for the spine, treatment of the shoulder, hip and knee, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

Do you want a natural solution to your pain? Gain your freedom from pain medication and avoid costly surgery with physical therapy!

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People who go to physical therapy experience: Natural relief for aches and pains Less difficulty in reaching or bending More social activity More energy More strength Better days at work


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“Is It Possible That You May Be Suffering From Pain Due To Your Phone? ”

TEXT NECK: Smartphone Use Causing Neck Pain Virtually unheard of two years ago, “text neck” is a repetitive strain injury that’s becoming more common as more people hunch over smartphones. Aggravating muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, and sometimes lower back, is occurring even in teens and adolescents. “Typically, incidence of neck pain increases with age. But today we’re seeing and treating more patients — younger patients — who never reported neck pain before,” says Robert Bolash, MD, a pain specialist at Cleveland Clinic. are designed to support the weight of your head, about 10 to 12 pounds,” says Dr. Bolash. “Research shows that for every inch you drop your head forward, you double the load on those muscles. Looking down at your smartphone, with your chin to your chest, can put about 60 pounds of force on your neck.” Besides muscle pain, text neck can cause a host of other health concerns. Sitting in a slumped position restricts your lungs’ ability to expand, impairing your lung capacity. Inhaling less oxygen means your heart needs to pump harder to distribute more oxygen-carrying blood through your body.

3. Look forward. Rather than tilting your chin down to read your mobile device, raise the device to eye level. The same goes for your desktop computer. Your monitor screen should be at eye level so your head isn’t perpetually dropping and causing muscle strain. By Chronic Conditions Team

A load of hurt How can using a smartphone or other mobile device cause so much hurt? It’s all in how you look at it. Literally. Looking down, dropping your head forward, changes the natural curvature of your neck. Over time, that misalignment can strain muscles and cause wear and tear on the structures of the neck. According to Dr. Bolash, three things happen when you drop your head: 1. Your neck moves forward. 2. Your shoulders round forward or lift up toward your ears. 3. Your neck and shoulder muscles spasm (contract).

Three tricks to nix text neck To nix text neck, improve your posture. Dr. Bolash recommends you: 1. Straighten up. Learn proper posture and neck alignment by peeking at your profile in a mirror. If you’re standing correctly, you should be able to draw a vertical line from your ear to your shoulder. 2. Arch back. If your posture isn’t perfect, try doing shoulder extensions. Arch your neck and upper back backward, pulling your shoulders into alignment under your ears. This simple stretch can alleviate stress and muscle pain.

“Neck muscles, in their proper position,

Do you have pain while reaching or bending? If you are not moving like you once were. Please don’t hesitate to come in for a check up and get back on track to feeling great again. Call the clinic nearest you today!

Relieve Back & Neck Pain In Minutes Without Pain Medication! Try these movements if you are experiencing pain.

PLANK While lying face down, lift your body up on your elbows and toes. Try and maintain a straight spine. Do not allow your hips or pelvis on either side to drop. Hold for as long as you can work up to holding it for a minute a day.

BRACE SINGLE KNEE EXTENSION While lying on your back with your knees bent, slowly raise up one foot a few inches and then set it back down. Next, perform on your other leg. Use your stomach muscles to keep your spine from moving. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

Helps Improve Core



Helps With Back Pain

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

WELLNESS TIPS: Diet & Your Core

Diet is a big part of a healthy core. Your core muscles need the energy to work all day long and work even harder when you increase your activity level or do any form of exercise. Here is one great energy snack idea to use during your day and best of all it is an excellent healthy choices that can be used to supplement your diet as well. ENERGY DRINK Ingredients: · 2 cups of water or coconut water · One lime or lemon · 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds

Directions: 1. Pour water / coconut water into a container with a sealable top 2. Squeeze the juice from lime, lemon, or orange into the water 3. Spoon chia seeds into the mixture 4. Cover with a sealable top and shake 5. Let sit for at least 30 minutes prior to drinking 6. Chill with ice or refrigerate as desired.

** Now you have a homemade power / energy drink without all the cost

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