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MARCH 2020


March 15 is Incredible Kid Day, and it’s strange; when I think about it, it doesn’t seem like having kids changed me all that much. But when I think about who I am now and who I was before I had children, it’s obvious I have changed a lot. The biggest change in me is that I used to be content to work more or less all day every day. Now, knowing my kids are at home gives me a reason to be efficient with my time so I can get home and spend time with them. When it was just me and my wife, we thought we were busy, but looking back, we didn’t even know what busy was until we had our kids. It was amazing because once our kids were in the picture, we started finding time we didn’t even know we had. Becoming a dad has also made me more patient. We have a manager at Janet Davis Cleaners who was with us when I had my first child, and she left for a few years soon after that. Recently, she came back to join us again, and the first thing she noticed about me was that I am more patient. Having kids helped me get that way. I still have big goals, and I still feel impatient about reaching them sometimes, but with the small, day-to-day tasks of being a small business owner, I have much more patience thanks to having kids. We’re a small company, and everybody here has to fill a lot of roles. Sometimes, when we hire somebody, I’m the one who sits down and teaches them how we run our business. And in the past, when somebody had a hard time mastering a process or understanding a concept, I might have made the mistake of deciding too quickly they just couldn’t understand it. But I’ve seen my children grow and change, and because of that, when somebody gets stuck now, the assumption I make is I haven’t done a good enough job teaching it, and I need to explain it in a different way.

at negotiating, and I’m a better manager. I’ve always had an appreciation for parents, especially single parents. But being a father has helped me really understand how brutal it can be to be up all night with your kid who has an ear infection. I can also better identify when an employee is just using their kids as an excuse because they overslept. We’re a fifth-generation business at Janet Davis Cleaners, which means the fathers and mothers in my family have been bringing the lessons they’ve learned through parenthood to the business for a long time. Frequently, my dad and I get compliments from the vendors we work with about how effectively we work together on the business even though we are family. Maybe that’s because most of what I know about management came from my dad. And as I write this, I wonder: What did raising me teach my father about running Janet Davis when I was a little boy?

–Kyle Matthews 1 (248) 543-0340

That ability to slow down and see things from another person’s perspective has made me a better business owner. I’m better


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