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for reelection. Leroux was the new Liberal candidate while Simard ran for and won the seat for the Progressive Conservatives. Several months later, Simard announced she was leaving the Progressive Conservative Party to sit as an Independent MPP, in pro- test against the Ford government’s policies towards Ontario’s Francophone sector. Leroux dismissed Simard’s suggestion that he might want to challenge her again for the GPR seat, during the next provincial election. He indicated that he is busy enough with his work as mayor of Russell Township. and also now with the added duty of being warden for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell in 2020. “For me, the provincial election is in the past,” he said. “It’s time to move on.” 5IF3FáFU/FXTMFGUSFRVFTUTGPSDPN - ment at Simard’s legislative office and two constituency offices and by email. The three offices are closed for the Christmas break.

the media. However, if the mayors had similar complaints about Crack, they were always expressed “discreetly” and not through local media. i8JUINF  JUT B EJGGFSFOU USFBUNFOU u Simard stated. “Double standards, double standards.” Simard then alleged that two of her mayoral critics have “political ambitions” and want to replace her as MPP in the next provincial election. “So there are games being played,” she stated. “The more they attack me, the more chances they have.” Both Leroux and Simard sat on Russell Township Council in 2018, when Ontario vo- ters went to the polls in spring and replaced UIFJODVNCFOU8ZOOF-JCFSBMHPWFSONFOU with Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives. Leroux was mayor of the township at the time while Simard was a councillor. Both ran as candidates to become the MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell as the incumbent, Grant Crack, decided not to run

Pierre Leroux has no interest in taking Amanda Simard’s job as MPP away from her. “I ran once, I got rid of my election signs,” said Leroux. “I’m not doing it a second time.” Leroux’s comments were in response to a feature interview with Simard, in a regional daily newspaper, earlier in December. In the interview, Simard complained that there was a “double standard” in the kind of criticism she has received during the past year, since she was elected MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, compared to the complaints her predecessor, Grant Crack, received when he represented GPR as a Liberal MPP. Simard alleged that complaints from Leroux and other mayors about her not being visible in the riding, or available to attend certain events are all done through The next decade will see more demands for housing in Prescott-Russell, which includes affordable and social housing. “It’s very clear, the numbers show that affordable housing will continue to be an important issue in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell,” said consultant Ryan 5VSOCVMMPG&DP&UIPOPNJDT*OD EVSJOHUIF /PWFNCFSTFTTJPOPG6$13 DPVODJM “I’m very happy to say that your community seems to be very involved in working on this important issue.” Turnbull presented UCPR council with an 88-page report showing the results, along with recommendations of a mid-point review on the 10-year prevent plan for dealing with the issues of social housing and homeless- ness in Prescott-Russell. He noted that most of the population GREGG CHAMBERLAIN

Pierre Leroux n’a aucun intérêt à concurrencer à nouveau Amanda Simard pour le poste de député de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, malgré ce que Mme Simard dit de ses ambitions politiques. M. Leroux a indiqué qu’il est assez occupé en tant que maire de la municipalité de Russell et maintenant préfet des Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell en 2020. —photo Gregg Chamberlain SOCIAL HOUSING WILL ALWAYS BE A GROWING DEMAND IN PRESCOTT-RUSSELL

increase in Prescott-Russell has been in the western part of the region, around the City of Clarence-Rockland, Russell Township, BOE5IF/BUJPO.VOJDJQBMJUZ)PXFWFS BUUIF FBTUFSOFOE JOUIF)BXLFTCVSZBOE&BTU Hawkesbury areas, there has been a decline in population numbers. But Turnbull observed that most of the available social housing is around the Hawkesbury area, because there is a higher concentration there of the kind of services, social, financial, and government, used by the people who need social housing. Social housing needs During the past five years, the UCPR supported two affordable housing projects GPSTFOJPST POFJO5IF/BUJPOBOEUIFPUIFS in Clarence-Rockland. But, Turnbull noted, the waiting lists for seniors, families with children, people with disabilities, and other groups continue to grow. “The need to build more affordable

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Le consultant Ryan Turnbull a présenté aux maires de Prescott-Russell un résumé détaillé des résultats obtenus jusqu’à présent, dans le cadre d›une stratégie décennale visant à résoudre les problèmes de logement social et d›itinérance dans les Comtés unis de Prescott et Russell. Le rapport de 88 pages indique que le logement abordable continuera d›être un besoin important et croissant dans la région. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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IPVTJOHJTDMFBSuIFTBJEi8FEPOFFE better public awareness of a definite need to increase the amount of affordable housing across the counties.” Based on population growth statistics gathered for the review, Turnbull told UCPR council, that the Prescott-Russell region will need almost 10,000 more housing units by 2035. A large percentage of that figure will include affordable housing, and much of that social housing will be needed in areas outside of Hawkesbury. 0OFTVHHFTUJPOJODMVEFEJOUIF&DP&UIP - nomics report was the creation of a “housing coalition” involving the UCPR, local non-profit

housing and social services groups, and also private-sector landlords willing to participate, to work on “more proactive solutions” to reduce the risk of individuals or families becoming homeless because of eviction situations. The report also recommended more attention to the social housing needs of people with mobility issues, due to age or physical handicaps. “Local planning departments will play a critical role in solving some of this pro- blem,” Turnbull said. “I think you have a lot of strengths to build on, and a lot of committed, dedicated people.”

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