The Lakes South Morang College - Issue 3 2023

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter PRINCIPAL REPORT

learner agency and growth. It is our goal that all students will develop and continue to refine Individual Education Learning Plans (IELPs) and accompanying Pathway Plans as they move into secondary education. I believe the resources allocated to support student growth has been vindicated by the data collected in the 2022 School Review. The Teaching & Learning results have been very encouraging and I am very proud of the high level of confidence the students and teachers have with our change in practice. Staff feedback in:

Our aim is to establish a culture where all learners are confidently challenging themselves and their peers to strive for personal excellence in a safe, risk averse learning environment. It is my intention to appoint leaders to responsibility positions who share this goal and who possess the skill set and passion. As College Principal, I will work to provide the resources needed so that our learners are equipped with the knowledge, tools and strategies that will unlock positive conversations that ultimately extend learning. Underpinning this goal will be an environment that provides all learners with opportunities to use facilities that will excite their passions, open their minds and be brave with their ambitions. I am a committed to the professional development and growth of learners across the college so that a positive climate for learning drives our thirst to improve and perform at our best. My plan is to address key benchmark data and develop strategies and initiatives with staff that will propel incidental behaviours and actions that address high expectations in teaching and learning. The 2022 Staff Survey data on school climate is impressive and gives me confidence to continue to challenge staff practices in this area. “ Collective focus ” on student learning has increased from 63% to 73%. The School Review has identified this as an opportunity that our community is prepared and ready to take so that a school culture of high expectation is achieved . The Lakes South Morang College 2022 - 2026 School Strategic Plan summary page is below. It lists the key goals and target areas over the life of the four - year plan. The last column on the right is of a key importance because it presents a range of ways that our parents/carers can clearly work to support the vision of our amazing college, its dynamic community and drive for outstanding student outcomes. Finally, I would like to thank the college community for their wonderful support over the past 12 months. I feel very privileged to have been appointed to the position of substantive College Principal this week. It is a position that comes with incredible responsibilities, expectation and levels of service. I can assure you that the educational needs of every learner in our college will be pivotal to all my actions and decision making. I feel very fortunate to be part of an outstanding leadership team and the staff, led by Marcus on the primary campus and Bonnie on the secondary campus. My motivation for the role is also due to the overwhelming support from parents/carers and the wider college community. We can only achieve great outcomes for our students if we are upbeat, positive, solution based and committed to the college vision.

Monitor effectiveness using data had a strong improvement from 62% to 76%

Skills to measure learning impact rose from 48% to 73%

Using evidence to inform teaching practice improved markedly from 52% to 76%

The Attitudes to School - Student Survey (AToSS) results indicate that:

student high expectations for success have increased from 78% to 81%

student motivation, differentiation, stimulated learning and effective teaching time has grown from 60% to 70%.

Processes for learning will need to change so that timely and authentic feedback is formally integrated and established within and across classes. Assessment and reporting will become progressive, featuring “ point of time ” assessment so that learners can work to reflect, realign and set new goals and targets in their studies. In 2022, I have presented teachers with the challenge to ‘ up the ante ’ on academic rigor across the college. I have asked staff to effectively plan for a full year ’ s growth for every student in every domain. This is a consistent message from leadership as we lead the narrative of high expectations in all facets of our operations. This target is strongly supported by school staff. The 2021 Staff Opinion Survey indicated only 44 per cent positive endorsement for “ Academic Emphasis ”. Additionally, the School Review panel found a degree of variability in teacher expectation and a need to create a college - wide culture of high expectation amongst staff, students and parents/carers. I believe I have led a renewed focus to highlight excellence and to promote “ Academic Emphasis ”, communicating the virtues of our college success at every opportunity and through multiple sources.

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