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Welcome to issue 3 of the college newsletter for 2023! IN THIS ISSUE: - The Lakes Strategic Plan 2022-2026 - Reflections from students in Year 5 & 8 - College Connection with - La Trobe University - Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy at The Lakes


Term 1, Week 7 Issue 03 - 2023

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The Lakes South Morang College respectfully acknowledges that beneath the significant River Red Gums that feature across our school's landscape lay the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri - Willam people of the Kulin Nation.

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Hello Lakes Families,

In this edition of the Newsletter I will be sharing our exciting and new four - year School Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026. The Strategic Plan is based on the results of our school review late last year. The development of the plan is a collaboration between school leadership, Department of Education reviewers, principals from other schools who were challenge partners, teachers, parents/carers and school council representatives supported by the diagnostic analysis of official school performance data. Please take the time to read this overview as college success will undoubtedly be based on ALL stakeholders working together to realise our college goals and targets. A common term that you will read and hear about at our college is “ Learner Agency ”. In our context, this includes students, teachers, education support staff, principals and PARENT/CARERS.


• The Lakes Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026

• Reflections from students in Year 5 & 8

• College Connection with La Trobe University

• Student Engagement & Wellbeing Policy at The Lakes


Our intent is to build a culture of high expectations for learning with all “ learners ” so that learning and growth is a shared journey amongst all key college partners. A distributed leadership model is our priority in leading and managing the quality of learning and a culture that embraces academic rigor, high expectation, school pride and high - level community connections at the college. Our students are central to the learning process. Curriculum planning and delivery must be differentiated and targeted to engage, challenge, and excite learning. Students at the college have a good understanding of their academic levels across domains and work with their teachers to facilitate the next challenge in their learning programs. Students are accepting more responsibility for directing their learning path and are becoming better informed through accurate and relevant performance data that is presented to them. Our aim is to fast track training programs that will facilitate learning plans that are equipped with tools and personalised data that support the important step towards

Secondary Campus 80 Jardier Terrace, South

Morang 3752 (03) 9401 3919

Primary Campus 275 Gordons Road, South Morang 3752 (03) 9400 9000

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter PRINCIPAL REPORT

learner agency and growth. It is our goal that all students will develop and continue to refine Individual Education Learning Plans (IELPs) and accompanying Pathway Plans as they move into secondary education. I believe the resources allocated to support student growth has been vindicated by the data collected in the 2022 School Review. The Teaching & Learning results have been very encouraging and I am very proud of the high level of confidence the students and teachers have with our change in practice. Staff feedback in:

Our aim is to establish a culture where all learners are confidently challenging themselves and their peers to strive for personal excellence in a safe, risk averse learning environment. It is my intention to appoint leaders to responsibility positions who share this goal and who possess the skill set and passion. As College Principal, I will work to provide the resources needed so that our learners are equipped with the knowledge, tools and strategies that will unlock positive conversations that ultimately extend learning. Underpinning this goal will be an environment that provides all learners with opportunities to use facilities that will excite their passions, open their minds and be brave with their ambitions. I am a committed to the professional development and growth of learners across the college so that a positive climate for learning drives our thirst to improve and perform at our best. My plan is to address key benchmark data and develop strategies and initiatives with staff that will propel incidental behaviours and actions that address high expectations in teaching and learning. The 2022 Staff Survey data on school climate is impressive and gives me confidence to continue to challenge staff practices in this area. “ Collective focus ” on student learning has increased from 63% to 73%. The School Review has identified this as an opportunity that our community is prepared and ready to take so that a school culture of high expectation is achieved . The Lakes South Morang College 2022 - 2026 School Strategic Plan summary page is below. It lists the key goals and target areas over the life of the four - year plan. The last column on the right is of a key importance because it presents a range of ways that our parents/carers can clearly work to support the vision of our amazing college, its dynamic community and drive for outstanding student outcomes. Finally, I would like to thank the college community for their wonderful support over the past 12 months. I feel very privileged to have been appointed to the position of substantive College Principal this week. It is a position that comes with incredible responsibilities, expectation and levels of service. I can assure you that the educational needs of every learner in our college will be pivotal to all my actions and decision making. I feel very fortunate to be part of an outstanding leadership team and the staff, led by Marcus on the primary campus and Bonnie on the secondary campus. My motivation for the role is also due to the overwhelming support from parents/carers and the wider college community. We can only achieve great outcomes for our students if we are upbeat, positive, solution based and committed to the college vision.

Monitor effectiveness using data had a strong improvement from 62% to 76%

Skills to measure learning impact rose from 48% to 73%

Using evidence to inform teaching practice improved markedly from 52% to 76%

The Attitudes to School - Student Survey (AToSS) results indicate that:

student high expectations for success have increased from 78% to 81%

student motivation, differentiation, stimulated learning and effective teaching time has grown from 60% to 70%.

Processes for learning will need to change so that timely and authentic feedback is formally integrated and established within and across classes. Assessment and reporting will become progressive, featuring “ point of time ” assessment so that learners can work to reflect, realign and set new goals and targets in their studies. In 2022, I have presented teachers with the challenge to ‘ up the ante ’ on academic rigor across the college. I have asked staff to effectively plan for a full year ’ s growth for every student in every domain. This is a consistent message from leadership as we lead the narrative of high expectations in all facets of our operations. This target is strongly supported by school staff. The 2021 Staff Opinion Survey indicated only 44 per cent positive endorsement for “ Academic Emphasis ”. Additionally, the School Review panel found a degree of variability in teacher expectation and a need to create a college - wide culture of high expectation amongst staff, students and parents/carers. I believe I have led a renewed focus to highlight excellence and to promote “ Academic Emphasis ”, communicating the virtues of our college success at every opportunity and through multiple sources.


Goal 1: Optimise Learner Growth




Target 1.1

By 2026, increase the percentage of students achieving above NAPLAN Benchmark Growth in:

Provide a safe and engaging learning environment at home

Numeracy Years 3 – 5 from 16% (2021) to 22%

Support and assist with individual student education learning plans (IELPs)

Numeracy Years 5 – 7 from 14% (2021) to 21%

Support and assist with student intermediate goal setting and reflection

Numeracy Years 7 – 9 from 3% (2021) to 12%

Writing Years 3 – 5 from 17% (2021) to 21%

Provide regular feedback to teachers regarding student progress at parent - teacher interviews

Writing Years 5 – 7 from 32% (2021) to 36%

Writing Years 7 – 9 from 12% (2021) to 16%

Target 1.2

By 2026, increase the VCE

Attend VCE Information Evenings

Median study score from 23 (2022) to 26

Support students with important VCAA & VTAC correspondence

Percentage of English study scores at or above 30 from 18% (2022) to 25%

Resource visits to careers days at further education providers

Resource students with essential learning requisites including laptops and all textbooks

Respect increased study needs by being calm and being flexible at home

Proactively support your child ’ s wellbeing

Contacting teachers and welfare staff to assist with complex matters

Target 1.5

By 2026, increase the percentage of positive endorsement on the AtoSS for:

Check that your child is being challenged with their learning and program

Students in Years 4 – 12 for Stimulating learning from 60% (2022) to 66%

Monitor student progress against individual student learning goals

Students in Years 4 – 12 for Differentiated learning challenge from 68% (2022) to 74%

Contact teachers or wellbeing support staff when you feel that your child is experiencing difficulties at school.

Students in Years 4 – 12 for Effective teaching time from 70% (2022) to 76%

Key Improvement Strategy 1.a

Build a culture of high expectations for learning with all staff, students and parents/carers.

Support 21 st Century learning skills: curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication

Challenge your child to perform at their best every day

Ensure they bring the right resources to school eg technology

Be consistent with the language around school values and protocols so that high expectation is routine and promotes a high level of school pride

Goal 2: Optimise student wellbeing.




Target 2.1

By 2026, increase the percentage of staff positive endorsement on the SSS for:

Working to build student independence and resilience

Promote student ownership of learning from 52% (2021) to 60%

Providing strategies that encourages student ownership of issues at school

Collective efficacy from 50% (2021) to 55%

Build confidence in your child so that they proactively engage in their learning and wellbeing responsibilities Work in partnership with teachers at the school to problem solve and maximise student performance

Target 2.2

By 2026, increase the percentage of student positive endorsement on the AtoSS for:

Attend Assemblies and other key college events to support their child ’ s education

Students in Years 4 – 6 for Sense of connectedness from 75% (2022) to 79%

Engage in college wide feedback forums held regularly at school

Students in Years 4 – 6 for Student voice and agency from 74% in (2022) to 78%

Read the College Newsletter and other official accountability data

Students in Years 7 – 9 for Sense of connectedness from 46% (2022) to 55%

Send through “ Hot Topics ” to School Council members for discussion

Students in Years 7 – 9 for Student voice and agency from 41% (2022) to 50%

Join our official social media pages on Instagram & Facebook

Students in Years 10 – 12 for Student voice and agency from 50% (2022) to 60%

Check, note and participate in upcoming school events on the Sentral calendar

Students in Years 7 – 9 for Effort from 69% (2022) to 75%

Actively support college policy and procedures.

Target 2.3

By 2026, decrease student absence for:

Ensure your child attend ’ s school each day and are punctual to school

F– 6 students from 25.4 days average per student (2021) to 22 days.

Provide a note for all absences and medical certificates where applicable

F– 6 students with 20 or more absences days from 28% (2021) to 24%

Contact teachers for school work on teams where your child is likely to have an extended school absence Follow up to make sure tasks at home are completed at the expected level for your child.

Years 7 – 12 students from 15.6 days average per student (2021) to 12 days per student.

Years 7 – 12 students with 20 or more absences days from 24% (2021) to 20%

Goal 3: Optimise community partnerships.




Target 3.2

By 2026, increase the percentage of student positive endorsement on the AtoSS for:

Maintain high levels of positive communication with your child and their teacher Take an evidenced based approach to your child ’ s performance at school and help them set achievable steps for success Provide opportunities for your child to grow socially and emotionally by encouraging participating in leader ’ s programs, sports, performing and visual arts, lunchtime clubs, camps and excursions

Years 4 – 12 students for Sense of connectedness from 57% (2022) to 65%

Year 7 – 12 for Community connections from 44% (2022) to 55%

Target 3.3

By 2026, increase on the POS:

Read your child ’ s Academic School Reports

Parent overall general satisfaction from 65% (2021) to 75%

Complete the DET Annual Parent Opinion Survey

Participation rates from 9% (2022) to 30%

Complete school - based surveys

Key Improvement Strategy 3.a

Strengthen community partnerships in both learning and wellbeing •

If you are an ex student join the new college Alumni

Attend school networking and social functions

Support, encourage and assist with volunteer work, community and part time/ casual work placements

Support to enhance school programs using your professional expertise

Promote the virtues and achievements of our college and students in the local and wider community Participate in school improvement programs and fundraising to develop facilities and grounds

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter SCHOOL COUNCIL REPORT

Hello all,

A very (belated) warm welcome to all our new families and returning families to The Lakes in 2023. Hope everyone has settled in OK – amazingly we are already halfway through Term 1! For our new families, School Councils play an important part in Victorian schools and is made up of parent representatives, teacher representatives, students and the Leadership Team. We are essentially the number one, leading parental/carer voice of the school community and act as that conduit regarding school issues between the parent/carer community and the school. Council meets twice per term on a Tuesday and visitors and observers are always welcome!

Our February meeting was our last meeting for the 2022/23 Council term. At this meeting we:

• Discussed the placement and need of the school bus stopping at the Primary Campus;

• Discussed our school ’ s 2022 VCE results and student 2023 pathways;

• Endorsed 2023 proposed student free days and a hybrid model of delivering parent/ carer teacher interviews; and

Reviewed the inaugural College Awards Night held last December.

Also stay tuned for an exciting end of year fundraiser scheduled for later in the year!

Our next meeting will be the AGM on March 28, where the results of the recent call for nominations will be announced and the new 2023/24 Council will be formed. A huge shout out to this term ’ s parent/carer and staff members and observers for their time, dedication and enthusiasm, it has been a privilege to lead an aligned group, whose hearts are in the right place. It has certainly been a team effort and everyone has added value with varying perspectives and backgrounds.

As always, if you have any issues, ideas, questions that you would like raised at our next Council meeting, or any other support, we are more than happy to hear from families so please feel free to send me an email to


Amanda Farrelly School Council President



Your feedback is valued. Please use the following link to provide our College Council and Leadership Team with feedback to help make The Lakes a positive learning community for all.


The Lakes South Morang College will utilise the following information and tools to identify students in need of extra emotional, social or educational support:

The Lakes South Morang College is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students. We understand that students reach their full potential only when they are happy, healthy and safe, and that a positive College culture, where student participation is encouraged and valued, helps to engage students and support them in their learning. Our College acknowledges that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are closely linked. Supporting both wellbeing and engagement at the College, we boast a multi - disciplinary wellbeing team, comprising Leading Teachers, Learning Specialists, School Nurse, Mental Health Practitioner, and Youth Workers. This team is further supplemented by Departmental student support resources and external organisations (e.g. Austin CAMHS). The Lakes South Morang College is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure our students are supported intellectually, emotionally and socially. The Student Wellbeing team plays a significant role in developing and implementing strategies help identify students in need of support and enhance student wellbeing.

personal, health and learning information gathered upon enrolment and while the student is enrolled

attendance records

academic performance

observations by College staff such as changes in engagement, behaviour, self - care, social connectedness and motivation

attendance, detention and suspension data

engagement with families

self - referrals or referrals from peers

information obtained through the MARAM Information Sharing Scheme

For more information on our tiered - response model visit

Policies are available to all families via the Sentral Portal (under Resources) or via our website -- reports.html

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter PRIMARY CAMPUS AWARDS


Prep A

Prep B

Prep C

Jasmine B

Ellie M

Pranav N



Ray T

Dhven M



Isla J

Aydin R



Neve L

Amani B



Hudson U

Isaac H




Grace T

Maddie R

Tinaye C




Neha P

Kruze C

Uriel W






Anorah C

Tass G

William P

Year 1

Mason B

Crew K

Remi T

Year 2

Aleen A

Lovya D

Arjun B

Year 3

Thaemela S

Amani B

Isaac A

Year 4

Eloise C

Trinity A

Connor P

Year 5

Skye L

Hunter E

Jasper O

Year 6

Cade S

Ryan L

Elliston T


Week 9: Friday 24th March

Week 11: Thursday 6th April



Hi everyone, our names are Phoenix and Asha, and we are your Year 5 SRC students. We have loved our 5/6 sport this term. We ’ ve been going up to the Secondary Campus for sessions 1 and 2, which is something different but fun. We ’ ve gone to different schools and have had schools come to our school to compete in soccer, basketball and cricket. We ’ ve also been having lots of fun with our new Year 5 teachers, Liv, Dylan, Nancy and Sue. They have been teaching us lots of new things, especially in writing. We ’ ve been doing lots of different types of writing, narratives, summarising and main idea pieces. We are excited to go on 5/6 camp, which is happening in Term 2, at the end of May. We ’ re hoping the camp has lots of activities and games and good food as well.


Hi, We are the Year 8 SRC representatives for 2023. We are here to inform you about how Year 8 has been for us so far this term.

Year 8 is our second year of Secondary School and we are settling in well and adjusting to the higher expectations that Year 8 brings. We are excited to share some of our most memorable highlights of the term so far:


On the 20th of February the Year 8s went on their first city excursion via train to ACMI at Federation Square. We viewed the film Coraline, then we discussed the making of the film, got to walk around the museum and do fun activities.


Eric Agyeman is a youth mentor and speaker. The whole school had the opportunity to experience Eric ’ s speech and backstory. The Year 8s got to have a session with him learning all kinds of bullying, resilience and overcoming adversity the next day. We got a lot out of his speech

Thank you for your time and we appreciate you reading our reflection of Term 1.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COLLEGE CONNECTIONS



The Lakes South Morang College is very excited to have formed a strong partnership with La Trobe University. This partnership involves students engaging with the University, its campuses, courses and lecturers. Additionally, The Lakes has a strong representation through the University ’ s Aspire Early Entry Program.

The Aspire Early Entry Program is a way for students to access an adjusted Aspire ATAR for their preferred course and secure an early conditional offer. For some Aspire programs, students can also gain a La Trobe Entrance Score as an alternative to their ATAR. Many of our 2022 graduates obtained entry into La Trobe University through the Aspire program. This year, we have three Year 12 students that have been accepted into the program, which will see them receive an early conditional offer into both Education and Business courses.

La Trobe is currently taking applications for:

Aspire Year 11 Conditional Entry - which allows students to use their performance in Year 11 to secure an early conditional offer into a range of La Trobe courses Aspire Advance – which rewards Year 11 performance with an opportunity to study a first - year uni subject in Year 12. As an alternative to their ATAR, completing the subject unlocks a La Trobe Entrance Score and early conditional offer, while earning credit towards their degree. Aspire Prepare – is a short program that gives students the opportunity to study free micro - subjects during Year 11 and 12, unlocking a La Trobe Entrance Score.

Congratulations to Alexsandra, Adrian and Laura who have received conditional offers into courses of their choice based on their Year 11 results.

We send a huge Lakes congratulations to those students who have already been accepted into Aspire, and throughout the year we expect that many more of our current Year 12s and Year 11s will be successful in their applications into the program.


The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter WHAT ’ S ON @ THE LAKES

Breakfast Club on Both Campuses

Every Tuesday & Thursday - 8.15am

(Except for the first week and last week of the term)


Tuesday 14th

Out of Uniform Day - Easter Raffle

Wednesday 15th - Monday 27th

Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 NAPLAN Testing

Thursday 23rd

Harmony Day Dress Up Day

Monday 27th

Year 2 Westgarthtown Excursion

Primary School Leader Conference

Tuesday 28th

6pm School Council AGM

Wednesday 29th

Whole School Athletics Carnival

Thursday 30th - Friday 31st

Dental Van (Secondary)


Monday 3rd - Thursday 6th

Dental Van (Primary)

3.30pm Primary Parent/Carer Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 4th

Thursday 6th

12pm Primary End of Term Assembly

1.15pm End of Term 1

Book Now for Primary Tours on 9404 9000 for individual 2023 School Tours

Book Now for Secondary Tours on 9401 3919 for individual 2023 School Tours


ATTENDANCE - EVERY DAY COUNTS If you are aware that your child will not be attending school due to illness or other circumstances, please ensure that you contact either office to ensure our attendance records are accurate. Ways of communicating absences include:

MEDICATION USE AT SCHOOL If your child requires medication, prescribed or over the counter (including paracetamol) whilst at school, there is some important steps you need to take. Please access our Administration of Medication Policy, which includes The Lakes Medication Authority Form. Fill in and return the form to the school office. administration_of_medication_policy_2022.pdf Medication brought in by a student needs to be in original packaging and clearly labelled with the: Parents and carers are reminded that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and carers of students who do not have student accident insurance/ ambulance cover are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs. NO HAT - NO PLAY We will be enforcing our ‘ No Hat, No Play ’ policy in Term 1 and Term 4 on the Primary Campus. Wide - brimmed hats (with the school logo), are available at the uniform shop. BELONGINGS, AMBULANCE & INSURANCE Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department of Education does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage.

Placing a future Absence Request through the Parent SENTRAL Portal;

Calling the office;

Sending an SMS on 0427 226 537.

As required by the Department of Education, all schools must notify parents informing that their child is absent. Please inform the office of absences before 10:00 am each morning.


The Sentral Parent Portal is the primary method for home - school communications at The Lakes.

We are excited to say that most families have access to the Parent Portal. The portal allows students and parents\carers to keep up to date with important information and communication. This includes student academic reports, parent - teacher interview bookings and permission for students to attend camps, sport and excursions.

The Student and Parent Portal can be accessed at school, from home and from mobile devices. If you are experiencing any issues with Sentral, please contact either office to assist you.

Students name

The dosage required

The time the medication needs to be administered.

Be in date for use

Some things to be aware of: - Medication such as paracetamol and other analgesics are NOT kept in the First Aid Kit as can mask signs and symptoms of serious illness. Medications should not be with students unless needed for emergency access. i.e. Ventolin inhaler or epi - pen.

Sentral Portal


The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD


This year the school canteen is offering lunch orders through the Flexischools app.

Scan the code below to setup an account and select The Lakes South Morang College.

Orders need to be in by 8am on the day.

MATHS EXTENSION – HIGH ABILITY PROGRAM During Term One, a group of select students in Years 1 - 3 and 4 - 5 will be meeting on a weekly basis to participate in a Maths Masterclass on a Tuesday during class time as part of our High Ability Program at The Lakes. Students who performed well above level (6 - 12 months) will have the opportunity to work with like minded peers to participate in problem solving tasks and open - ended tasks to challenge and extend their thinking.


The focus will be on the Maths Proficiencies; Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning.

Students will be developing their ability to adopt a range of problem solving strategies, explain their thinking and prove that their answer is correct. Some students may be required to finish off some tasks at home. Students in Foundation and Year 6 will have opportunities to participate in an extension program during Term Two.

Please contact Sue Ritson if you have any questions.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD

We are always looking to build new or foster current connections within our community!

Please call Karen on 9404 900 to discuss further, if you have a service or upcoming event you would like to promote through our Newsletter.

To thrive, children need a safe and supportive environment at school, at home and in the broader community; no exceptions. At The Lakes South Morang College, we believe meeting the physical and emotional needs of our students is paramount in laying the foundations for a fulfilling future. We pledge to provide an environment that has zero tolerance to child abuse and will strive to work in partnership with our parents and community members to keep our students safe every day, in every way.

The Lakes South Morang College Child Safety Statement

PRIMARY CAMPUS: Telephone: 9404 9000  275 Gordons Road South Morang 3752 SECONDARY CAMPUS: Telephone: 9401 3919  80 Jardier Terrace South Morang 3752 ABN 52 938 171 499  PO Box 207 South Morang 3752 

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