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Aches and Pains Everyonedevelopsachesandpainsfrom time to time. After a long day out in the sun,orafteranafternoonoftryingtokeep up with household chores, sometimes the tasks that we expect of our bodies can get the best of us. Helping To Relieve Your

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1.Usehotandcoldtherapyappropriately to reduce inflammation. After a good workout or a day of doing chores out in the yard, your muscles will likely feel sore. Apply ice directly to the area that hurtsonandoff for20minutesata time during thefirst24-72hoursafter thepain develops.After that,considersoaking in hot water, such as taking a warm bath, to further soothe your muscles. 2. Don’t underestimate the power of resting! Your body relies on sleep just as much as your brain. You need to get plenty of sleep to keep your stress level at a minimum—and that includes your physical stress level. Aim to sleep between7-9hourseverynight.Themore activity you engage in, the more sleep you need. 3. Keep your body in good shape with regular exercise. It may seem counterintuitive to cut down on pain by moving more, but exercise is a really good way to reduce aches and pains. When you exercise every day, you are able to train your muscles for more movement, and thereby reduce aches and pains.

Whether it isa lingeringache inyourback, feet that feel swollen and tired after a long day in your shoes, or a crick in your neck that just won’t go away, dealing with aches and pains can really take a toll on your overall feeling of wellbeing. If you stopped and asked around, you’d be amazed to see howmany people are strugglingwithachesandpains, just like you.Whatmaysurpriseyouevenmore is howmanypeoplearecopingwith those painswithoutdoinganythingproductive about it. Painmedicationscanreducetheseverity of aches and pains for a little while, but they don’t do anything to resolve the issue. There are things that you can do at home that can alleviate your aches andpains,helping to reduce theseverity of your discomfort while also reducing the likelihood that the pain will return. Here is a quick rundown of things that you can do at home that can reduce your daily pain: How to Deal with Aches and Pains

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