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Corporate Report for the year ended 30 June 2022

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Our 9.7 million customers engage with us by managing their toll payments, planning their journeys—and even when they’re buying fuel. Customer experience Making it easy More than 96% of our Australian customers prefer to interact with us via digital tools—in FY22, our Australian Linkt and LinktGO apps were downloaded almost 500,000 times.

Service ratings 1

50.6M inbound interactions

96% interactions are digital

48.7M digital sessions (80% of these accessed via mobile)

In April 2022, our LinktGO app hit a record net promoter score (NPS) of +49. NPS is a measure of participant advocacy, and the app averages 38, demonstrating customer satisfaction and loyalty. We continually invest in activities that improve the functionality of our digital channels and this year focused on delivering new personalised features in response to customer feedback. Our digital tools, such as Trip Compare which is available in Victoria and NSW, help customers make informed choices about the best route to take. Over 185,000 trip calculations were made in FY22 using the app. Occasional toll road users have the option to manage their travel on the go using our LinktGO app. More than 5.2 million trips have been taken using LinktGO to date. In the US, our GoToll payment app offers a similar pay-as-you-go option. We’re also upgrading our core customer account and billing systems to leading cloud- based platforms, which will make it even easier for Linkt customers to pay for tolls and manage their accounts. This approach will also simplify our products and fees. During FY22 in Australia, we ran a pilot to see if new technology could help increase automated recognition of non-standard licence plates. The technology improved automated recognition rates to 98% and reduced manual image processing by 50%. We will seek to implement this new technology in FY23.

4.3 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating for call centre

Our Australian customers take an average of 5.7 trips per month and those travelling in a private vehicle spend $6.70 per week on tolls, with 81% spending less than $10 per week. The majority of our Express Lanes customers in the US spend less than USD8 on each toll, with around 7 out of 10 customers spending less than USD20 per month. We gather feedback from our ongoing Voice of Customer (VoC) listening program and use these customer suggestions and insights to improve customer experience, and identify and address emerging issues.

In May 2022, we launched a month-long campaign promoting a limited saving of up to 22 cents per litre 2,3,4 at participating Shell Coles Express when combined with other offers. All up, our fuel discount program has saved our customers more than $3 million since its 2019 launch. We also launched an education campaign to give customers tips on how to save fuel and, in turn, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, by driving economically. In May 2022 we worked with GOFAR who ran a promotion for our Linkt customers to win a device to measure the fuel efficiency of their driving. Read more on page 39.

Service ratings

We also track customers’ account management and service-related complaints to ensure we are delivering excellent service. This year in Australia, the number of complaints recorded per million trips fell by 12.54%. We also saw a reduction in customer service-related complaints (18%) and account management complaints (29%), indicating enhanced customer experiences. Our customers trust us to protect their personal and financial information. We remain vigilant in our cybersecurity measures and programs to keep pace with the changing risk environment, including refreshed customer identification and privacy training.

Showing we care

In FY22, we increased our support for people facing financial hardship by extending our support for the One Stop One Story Hub pilot program in Australia. The pilot, led by charitable organisation Thriving Communities Partnership, focused on supporting people impacted by family and domestic violence, which has increased during the pandemic. This hub allows customers to access hardship support for multiple essential services via a single point of contact. The hub extends the value of our existing Linkt Assist support service by connecting customers with other corporate programs and community support services, making it easier for them to get the help they need. More than 500 customers accessed the service during the pilot and we will be continuing the partnership in FY23. We continued to support our North American customers with hardship and first-time forgiveness requests.

Adding value

With fuel prices rising around the world, we have encouraged our Australian customers to take advantage of a four cents per litre 2 fuel discount at participating Shell Coles Express offered through our Linkt Customer Rewards program. This discount can be combined with other offers to save up to 18 cents per litre. 2,3

1 A ustralian customer data, does not include North America 2 See offer terms for full conditions 3 O ffers are subject to change from time to time. See Coles Express terms for conditions 4 T he “Spend $20 in-store and save 14c per litre” was a limited time offer from 30 March to 25 May 2022 and not valid in ACT or Queanbeyan NSW stores.


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