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HOW TO MAKE SURE YOUR BUS I NESS I S EVERGREEN Don’t Let Your Productivity Dip From ‘Unforeseen’ Changes

required paid sick leave to be awarded to employees. Since it didn’t make headlines, you wouldn’t know unless you made it a mission to be informed. Not complying with laws like these, whether out of defiance or ignorance, could result in penalties and fines. To truly make your business evergreen, you need to be thinking and planning far ahead. Any amount of time spent researching the future of your field is not time wasted. If you don’t plan for inevitable change, your business may fail before it even takes off.

names are readily available before making your final decision. YOUR BRAND’S FUTURE When planning for your business, you need to consider whether or not there is a market for it in the future — or in the present, for that matter. Conduct research to determine if new technology could emerge that would render your product ineffective. It’s also important to study proposed laws that could potentially compromise your operations. For example, Washington joined about a dozen states earlier this year that

The typewriter, the horse and buggy, dueling to the death for the honor of your lover — some practices just get phased out, often for good reason. Humans are constantly coming up with ways to make our lives as easy as possible. But, as with all progress, that means the old ways are abandoned in lieu of a new fad, and this can happen overnight. Don’t let this happen to your brand. Don’t let “unforeseen” changes in the marketplace sweep your product into the proverbial garbage can. While some things are simply unavoidable, there are certainly some pre-emptive measures a businessperson can take to ensure their innovations stay evergreen. STARTING OUT Keeping your product relevant for years to come starts with research. At the beginning of your venture, make sure to look into trademarking, even for trademarks overseas. Nothing can derail your brand faster than having to change a product name after working so hard to gain traction. After you think you’ve found the right name, make sure that appropriate domain

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case BEFORE they ever come in for a consult and sit down to talk with you. Best of all, it often obliterates all price resistance. A simple phone script can position you as a friendly authority and help you charge what you’re actually worth instead of quibbling with bargain hunters who mistakenly believe attorneys are all the same.

It all comes down to understanding how potentials feel and think when they first land in hot water. One thing’s certain: They’re frustrated, scared, and confused. You have to carefully consider what you or your admins say, how that makes callers feel about their case, and — most importantly — how they feel about YOU. The way most firms handle their inbound calls makes potentials feel more like a number, and that doesn’t build trust. As a result, they’ll hang up and call another attorney almost 40 percent of the time. That’s why our clients use a proven script that makes potentials feel understood. It’s designed to calm their fears and gives them a sense of relief so they can relax a bit. It also positions you as the best attorney for their

Here’s the kicker: As incredible as it may seem (until you see it in action yourself), some of our clients use this exact same method to convert 60, 70, and even 80 percent of their inbound calls. Just imagine: Depending on your fee structure, a simple change in the way you or your admins answer the phone could be worth multiple thousands of dollars more generated per year. If you’d like a copy of our script so you can boost your closing ratio too, we’re happy to give it to you today — no charge. You can use it yourself or hand it off to your

admins. Just follow the link: speakeasy.marketing/phones

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