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SPRING HAS SPRUNG Four Factors That Might Be Affecting Your Business’s Growth This Season

We have a battle-tested method for doing this, and it recovers at least one extra “lost” client per month for our clients; usually many more. We know quite a few attorneys who do this, and they’re always shocked at how much money it generates every month. In episode 147 of our podcast, we lay out three versions of the method in detail so you can start recovering otherwise “lost” clients right away. Listen in now, or save it for when you have a 10-minute break. Here’s the link: speakeasy.marketing/recover A SIMPLE WAY TO RECOVER “LOST” CLIENTS ...continued from page 4

Spring is here, and watching flowers sneak up through the soil in your front yard may remind you to consider growth of a different kind — the growth of your business. Regardless of whether you soared over your revenue goals the previous quarter or you took these last few months to recover from failed marketing efforts and missed opportunities, spring provides a great opportunity for overall growth. Still, it’s hard to know where you should focus your energy. To aid your efforts, here are four factors to consider for strategic business growth. 1. LEADERSHIP Similar to nature’s processes during springtime, business growth begins far below the surface through good leadership. Your employees’ perception of you and your company’s mission is what determines their motivation to work hard. Take a step back to evaluate your leadership tactics and determine if they match your ideal business model. Often, replacing poor leaders with stronger ones makes all the difference in a company’s success. 2. EMPLOYEE TRAINING Business growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Just as leadership from your management team should be a major focus, your employees need a standard but solid foundation of knowledge in order to cultivate their own growth in the company. This spring, consider revamping your training programs by moving to online platforms that customize learning paths for each new employee based on previous employees’ feedback. 3. CUSTOMER LOYALTY While it is important to increase brand awareness and expand your customer base, it is essential to also increase sales potential with your existing customers. Look for opportunities to grow your profits with the customers you already have through add-on sales, customer loyalty programs, and referral business. 4. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY When you adopt policies of social responsibility, you affect your community — and therefore your customers — in a positive way. Take the month of March, for example, which is National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Month. You can get your business involved in various organizations geared toward raising awareness. Through sponsoring events and donating money, you can increase your client base while simultaneously helping others.


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