Mortgage Marketing Animals Issue 3

At the end of the questions, if their answers show us that they are a good lead, we send that information back to Facebook and tell the algorithm, “Find us more of these people!” Sweet! While your competition continues to pour money into general targeting each month, your campaigns will get smarter and more targeted. Eventually, Facebook will be able to tell exactly who your perfect customer is and show your ads to only those people. Your cost per lead decreases, and the quality of the leads that come through your funnel increases. Now, I understand this is a complicated process to understand and that visuals help. So I have recorded a video for you that

lets you watch over my shoulder as I build out a campaign. You can get it for free by going to

targeting-workshop. Go forth and profit!

P.S.Would you like us to build this for you? Email me at chris@ with the headline “Freedom Club,” and I will set aside some time for us to get on the phone and discuss your strategy.



Almost three years ago, my family and I set out for an adventure.We were in search of a new start.We wanted freedom from a small town where everyone thinks they know your business, freedom from the long hours we were giving to our employees and clients, and freedom to reprioritize our lives and live out the core values we preached throughout the week.We needed a hard reset, and that is exactly what we did. Now, not everyone chooses to sell all of their worldly possessions and move into their 42-foot fifth wheel in order to get their family back, and I wouldn’t recommend it without a lot of thought and planning. However, this decision has been life-changing for us, and we’re living a life most consider impossible. With the help of the Freedom Club, I have grown my mortgage branch from a team of two to a team of 10 from my camper’s dining-room table. I have systems and processes in place and use technology to huddle with my team almost every day. I have done this from campgrounds near Bar Harbor, Niagara Falls, Indiana Sand Dunes National Park, the upper peninsula of Michigan,Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Orleans, Austin, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah,Washington, and many more around the continental United States. My kids are not only learning math, science, and spelling, but they also know how to make plans and execute them. They can shake your hand, look you in the eye,

and have an engaging conversation. My 9-year-old daughter joined me on a coffee appointment last week with a fellow branch manager. She worked on her math while we all had a drink at Starbucks. She asked some really great questions and told a few stories during the hour-long meeting. Freedom is a state of mind and a conscious way of living for us. For me, it means I am focused on my highest producing activities, and I surround myself with a team who can do the rest. It means that I am not a slave to my phone and email. Most importantly, it allows me to acknowledge God and his purpose for my life while making my family my foundation — Shinpaugh Team core values No. 1 and No. 2.

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