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his team for the first time. Baseball is my favorite sport and it’s fun to watch Russell follow in my footsteps. Of course, it’s also baseball season for the professional players. With spring training underway, I’m eager to see how my favorite team, the Oakland A’s, is shaping up this year.

and I think Evie got our performance gene. She’s a chip off the old block. She loves to sing and act — most days, you’ll find her singing or playing music from one musical or another. It was an exciting moment when she got the lead in her final high school show, “Anything Goes.” As much as theater is all about having fun, Evie also works hard to learn the songs and get into each new character. As her senior year comes to a close, Evie is preparing for the next step in her life. After performing songs for the director of the drama department at Weber State, Evie has been accepted! We’re all so excited for her. I know her drive, passion, and talent for theater will take her far. We’re sure going to miss Evie when she heads off to school, but in the meantime, we’re busy celebrating all these milestones, including watching her final high school performance. Beth and I are also looking forward to our time together in New York. The change of seasons means changes for all of us. Our other kids have been feeling a bit restless as we’ve anxiously awaited spring, a season when we get to play outside and be a little more active. Russell just started baseball, and I’ll be at his practices — I’m helping to coach

At the end of March, Beth and I are taking our eldest, Evie, and heading to the Big Apple. It’s part of Evie’s senior trip to New York. Beth and I decided that if we’re going to spend the money, we want to go, too!

Evie in “Copa Cabana.”

Evie staring in “Happens Every Summer.”

It’ll be a busy and fun-filled spring around our house. We’re grateful for new adventures and to see what lies ahead. In the meantime, you’ll probably find us outside throwing a ball or at the next local musical performance. To a happy spring for all of us,

This trip is a bit of a tribute to Evie’s No. 1 passion, theater. We’ll see two Broadway shows while we’re there — “Anastasia” and “Dear Evan Hansen”— and we have tickets to a dinner-theater performance. It should be a lot of fun. Of course, we’re excited to visit some of the big New York sites, but I know seeing live theater will be the highlight for us, especially for Evie. Theater has become a big part of our daughter’s life. Beth and I love to sing,

–Dr. Elkins

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