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Everybody likes to win awards and be acknowledged in public, right? I was recently named one of SuperLawyers.com’s “rising stars” of 2017, a huge honor that took me totally by surprise. Not only did I not expect to win, but I didn’t even know I was in the running! That’s because they use a nomination process to select the candidates. Other attorneys submit nominations; if someone gets enough of those, the people at Super Lawyers look into them as a candidate for their short lists and awards. It turns out, enough people decided independently that they wanted to nominate me, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m especially excited because solo practitioners don’t usually make the “rising stars” list or win other industry awards. Those usually go to members of larger law firms, which have money and people dedicated to getting their attorneys prestige. Only about 2.5 percent of attorneys in Florida receive this distinction. You’re not supposed to campaign for Super Lawyers, but, of course, it happens — just not in my case. Even if it was allowed, I’ve been too busy helping my clients. Knowing that other attorneys think this highly of me means a lot, and it’s a great way to start the summer. My golf season started off pretty great as well at the club’s tournament over Masters weekend. 36 two-man teams played in six different

“flights,” depending on their handicap. We first played a nine-hole match against everybody in our flight. Once those five matches were over, the top team in every flight advanced to the five-hole sudden death round. Wouldn’t you know it, my partner and I won our flight, so on we went to the final round. It was a new format than in years past; we played off each other’s ball, taking turns hitting. Every hole one of the flight winners was dismissed, so the pressure was really on — especially when you know your partner’s next shot depends on you! The pressure mounted from hole to hole, and although other teams were dismissed, we stayed in the game until the very last hole. It was just us and one other two-man team — and we won! What can I say? I had a great partner, a good game, and a hot putter! I also had a great time, and although the format was new, I really enjoyed it and hope it sticks around. I hope that your summer gets off to as good a start as mine has. It’s time for beaches and family gatherings, and maybe even a road trip or two. Please enjoy this month’s newsletter. And don’t forget to read the article inside on uninsured motorist coverage before that summer road trip!

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