Robert Kirby returns as warden  gŏđŏ

predecessor, the late Mayor Jean-Paul St- Pierre of Russell Township, with emphasis on following up on economic development priorities for the counties along with get- ting the Highway 174/County Road 17 issue settled with both the provincial and federal governments. “That means seeing that the process moves along as fast as possible.” Kirby has also said that the counties coun- cil needs to look next year at lobbying for expansion of natural gas service to all of the rural areas of Prescott-Russell. Right now heating options for rural landowners are hydro, oil, and tank propane. He thinks hav- ing natural gas as another heating option would help provide more of an economic


L’ORIGNAL | The new counties council have elected an experienced mayor with well-grounded experience in farming and rural affairs to lead Prescott-Russell next year. Mayor Robert Kirby of East Hawkesbury was acclaimed as the warden of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) during the inaugural session of the counties coun- cil Dec. 17. In his inaugural speech, Kirby first paid one final tribute to the example set by his

Officiellement dans la course Estelle Patenaude d’Embrun a officiellement ancé sa campagne officiellement en vue de l’investiture du Parti libéral du Canada dans la circonscription de Glengarry-Prescott- Russell, suite à l’obtention du feu vert des instances du parti. Lors du lancement officiel de sa campagne, il y a quelques semaines, elle a dévoilé le thème de sa campagne, soit La bonne expérience, le bon choix . Elle a aussi annoncé que Réjean Ouimet, l’ancien directeur de la Fromagerie de St-Albert, sera le président de sa campagne alors que Bernard Bou- lerice, de Casselman, en sera le directeur. Elle est la deuxième candidate à recevoir le feu vert. Jacques Taillefer, de Rockland, ainsi que Francis Drouin, de Hawkesbury, sont aussi de la course. M. Taillefer a été le premier à recevoir le feu vert. Quant à M. Drouin, il l’a reçu récemment. Selon Marie-Noëlle Lanthier, présidente de l’Association du Parti libéral de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, la période de candidature est toujours ouverte.. Selon Marie- Noëlle Lanthier, présidente de l’Association du Parti libéral de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, la période de candidature est toujours ouverte.

Robert Kirby is the new warden of the United Counties.

edge to the local agriculture sector. Other business occupying the new coun- ties council during its evening inaugural gathering included confirming committee appointments, and receiving and approv- ing administration’s recommendations for the 2015 budget preparation schedule.

Budget plan reviews have been underway among all the UCPR departments. Presenta- tion of the preliminary report will be in early January with the goal of having all revisions complete and a final budget plan ready for counties council approval before the end of



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