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June 2018

FATHER’S DAY WITH 2 SONS Being a father is one of the most important jobs I have. Before I had Conor and Liam, my life revolved around my business and marriage. But now that I am a father, my priorities have shifted dramatically. Every day, I strive to be a better person so that I can be a good example for them. It’s important to be a positive reinforcement to help shape and influence their lives.

of the week, and then I have a three-day weekend. It’s great, but I think about how hard she has it because she’s with them all the time. I am so appreciative to know that I have someone who will be a good mother while I’m at work. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that, personally. Nicole does an amazing job holding down the fort, and I’m glad that I can provide for her and the boys. Looking back to my childhood, I feel like there are a lot of similarities and differences. When you become a parent, there are a lot of things that you want to do differently than what you remember your parents doing. When I’m interacting with Conor and Liam, I can spot the similarities between my dad and me. The most important thing is how big of an impact I have on their lives. Father’s Day never meant much to me when I didn’t have kids. It was just another day. Now that I’m a father, it’s a unique feeling knowing that I have two amazing sons and I get to watch them grow into astounding individuals.

Fatherhood is very different from anything I’ve experienced. On the one hand, you lose all your free time, but on the other, it’s not disappointing at all — quite the opposite. Conor is 2 1/2, and watching him start to understand the world around him is really rewarding. He’s growing and learning so much! It’s exciting to look ahead and know how much more is in store for him. My free time is now all about my sons, and I love every moment.

- Dr. Todd P. Sullivan

When Liam came along, I was thrilled to have another son, but I learned pretty quickly that two kids is no walk in the park. Everything feels balanced when you have one, and you feel like you’re really busy, but with another you only realize how busy you hadn’t been before. Now, with two, I understand the true meaning of “busy” — there’s so much that goes on! Sometimes, I look at my friends who have four or five kids, and I can’t even imagine how busy they must be. Having two kids has been just a mind-blowing experience overall. It’s been delightful to create a bond with Conor and now to establish the same relationship with Liam. Both of them are incredible, and they’re both very different people. I’m looking forward to watching their personalities develop and seeing who they become.

I’m very thankful for my wife, Nicole, who always has my back. Nicole stays at home with the two kids while I’m at work. I’m away for four long days

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