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“I wish I would have come sooner!”

“I wish I would have come sooner!”

Last month’s T-Shirt Contest Winner was Christine Farrell! Christine will receive a FREE Kroger Gift Card!

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Healthy Habits for Living is a lifestyle management program that combines weight management and disease management with education on mindfulness, relaxation, and exercise to create a healthier you! Our mission is to train, coach, and counsel individuals in appropriate and effective skills in exercise, basic nutrition, and mental strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients are educated on the disease processes that effect their overall health and on how diet and lack of activity leads to medical issues and premature disability. The goal is to assist patient’s in managing their hypertension, diabetes, inflammation and breathing problems through diet and exercise. Our 10 week program costs $200! In some cases insurance may cover the cost! For those patients’ whose insurance will not cover the program, the program is available on a cash pay basis. Check our website and your monthly newsletter from us, for dates on this program. Call 740.325.1120 now to learn more about this unique program!

The state of Ohio is a Direct Access state for Physical Therapy. This means that clients can opt to see a physical therapist without a physician referral, as long as the physical therapist notifies the primary care provider. The patient can receive physical therapy for up to one month before seeing their primary care provider. Once the patient is seen by one of our therapists and is on a plan of care, we do have the option available to provide e-visits. If you know of anyone who finds themselves in need of care and do not have the option to see their primary care provider, please pass this information on to them. We will be glad to assist them in any way possible.

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