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Hawkesbury OPP has been investigating an incident of a truck that apparently went through the ice somewhere between Wendover and Clarence Point in the early morning of Friday, February 20; however, information has been limited. An unknown man attempted to get a tow earlier that morning claiming that he had ventured onto the Ottawa River with his vehicle using the Wendover boat dock. The man told the tow truck company that his Ford F-150 had gone through the ice. There were apparently two men involved who made it out of the submerged truck unscathed.The caller told the tow truck com- pany that they were looking for an ice-fishing hut to warm up, as they were soaked. The temperature that morning was around -25 degrees Celsius with the wind chill of -40 C. Officers from the Russell County and Hawkesbury detachments responded to the call. The Russell and Hawkesbury OPP detachments, including the Emergency Response Team, searched for the vehicle, driver and passenger, but found nothing. The OPP Aviation Services, the Papineau- ville detachment of the Sureté du Québec and Alfred-Plantagenet fire department also assisted in the search, to no avail.The search was called off at 2 p.m. The man who called spoke English with a French accent. An investigation of this

Police and rescue crews set up a base station at the Wendover dock while searchers on ATVs and snowmobiles scoured the frozen Ottawa River last Friday for signs of either a pickup truck reported submerged in the river or the two men who were in it and escaped before the truck went under. Aerial search by helicopter turned up no signs of any breaks in the ice-and-snow-covered river but police are not dismissing the missing truck report as a hoax.

matter is ongoing. Information regarding thesemen or the location of the submerged truck, or any other information about this

matter, can be relayed to Hawkesbury OPP at 613-632-2729 or 1-888-310-1122.

Police investigate vandalism in Alfred-Plantagenet


Snowmobile tracks were visible at the scene of the arson.The burnt woodmulching and chipping vehicle was a 2012 Fecon FTX600 worth more than $630,000. The burning vehicle caused a large spill of fuel and oil.TheMinistry of the Environment was called to assist in controlling and reducing soil contamination. The matter is currently under investigation. Any information about this matter can be relayed to Constable Boudreau

at the Hawkesbury OPP at 613-632-2729 or 1-888-310-1122. Break and enter The Hawkesbury OPP is investigating a break-in that occurred in the afternoon of February 19 at a James Street residence situated between Nelson Street East and Gordon Street in Hawkesbury. The investigation suggested someone entered the residence by breaking in through a door. A 55-inch Sony Bravia television and a Sony Skype camera were taken from the residence. The matter is currently under investigation. Any information about this matter can be relayed to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Hawkesbury OPP at 613-632-2729 or 1-888-310-1122.

The Hawkesbury OPP is investigating a fire that occurred in a Division Road field in Alfred-Plantagenet on Saturday night. Officers were called at approximately midnight about deforesting machinery that had been vandalized by graffiti and one that was set on fire. The graffiti read save trees .

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